Good Morning on Monday

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Good Morning All,

I hope everyone enjoyed a peaceful and restful weekend. difficult child had fun at his wrestling tournament but was a bit overexcited! He didn't win anything but that is totally o.k. with us and with him.

I did a lot of shoveling yesterday afternoon. I'm guessing we had 4 or 5 inches (sorry LDM).

It's the beginning of a busy week for me. We have something every night after school. I dread those kind of weeks but am going to keep a positive attitude about it. Tonight isn't so bad I just have to drop difficult child off at his Faith Formation class. Maybe I'll even squeeze in a workout!

I hope everyone enjoys a great day! :smile:


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G'day, Sharon. I hope you didn't get sore arms from shovelling all that snow.

husband & I went to the beach this afternoon but changed our minds about a swim when we felt the water - there are cold currents reported at the moment (hence - no rain) but the forecasters tell us the water is as warm as ever. It was certainly warm enough to walk along the beach in swimwear, just not really warm enough to go in (apart from difficult child 3 who seems to be part Inuit). I'm hoping the cold current will pass - the water was beautifully warm on Saturday evening when we last went for a swim.

I've been slaving over a hot computer tonight, drafting some ideas and researching for an article on bullying. I have to collaborate with someone else tomorrow and get it completed - it's my last day free before the deadline - I only got asked to do it this evening! Nothing like a bit of notice... husband is taking difficult child 3 into Sydney for some dad and son stuff. I'm staying put for a quiet day before the filming rush on Wednesday & Thursday.

Have a good Monday, everyone. It's our last week of summer holidays, school's back next week.



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Good No Meltdown Monday Morning *

Sharon, thanks for the sentiment!!! We got the ice but not the snow. Schools are on a two-hour delay so I think the kids will take it. Sounds like a busy week for you - take some time for you Sharon :princess:

Marg, g'day to you and yours! Sorry the water was too cold for your evening swim. Here's hoping you get your article finished in record time and can take your swim tomorrow.

Kids are still sleeping as they are both on a two-hour delay. No, no snow - just a layer of ice covering everything. We started with snow yesterday around noon and we were all hopeful. But, it quickly turned to sleet and freezing rain - just bothersome - not fun. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/919Mad.gif

Usual Monday after I get the kids off - little re-straightening the house after the weekend, couple light loads of laundry and a quick trip to the bank and grocery. difficult child has his first "Mad Science" after school today. Last week he started a cartooning class after school and loved it. Crossing my fingers for this one. He's never asked to do so much after school stuff......

Have a great Monday - remember it's No Meltdown Monday - take care.


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Good morning Sharon, Marg & Sharon,

I got very little sleep last night - just restless & pacing most of the night.

I have very little on my plate today. Planning to deep clean the kitchen & bathrooms. I may pass getting on my hands & knees to scrub today.

Enjoy your day all - I plan on it. Keep your loved ones close in your heart.


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Morning all! Got difficult child off to school and am just taking care of a couple of things before I get ready for the day so I don't have time to address everyone individually.

LOTS of excitement in our house last night as the COLTS ARE SUPER BOWL BOUND BAYBEE!!!!!!!!!!!! (sorry......had to throw that in!!!) I think husband actually had a tear or two in his eye last night!!! My stomach is a mess right now. I was so nervous at the end of the game last night and now I'm nervous about my job interview this morning. I'll be meeting someone for lunch afterwards so hopefully it settles down! lol

Morning to those who snuck in!

Here's to a meltdown free Monday.


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Good morning Sharon, Marg, Sharon, Linda & mstang,
Duckie is still a little excited from her birthday festivities, so I've really got to corral her this morning. Other than that I'll be cleaning, puttering and meal planning. Have a great day! :smile:
Good Morning Everyone,

Sharon, I hope you get to do your workout.

Marg, I hope everything is going smoothly with your article. It sounds like a busy week!

Sharon, I hope difficult child enjoys "Mad Science" after school today. Think warm thoughts... Maybe Marg could send some warm, sunny weather your way...

Linda, I hope everything is ok. Please take care extra good care of yourself today.

Mstang67chic BEST of luck with the job interview!!!

Tiredmommy A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Duckie!!! Sounds like she had a great time.

Hopefully, today I'll be able to speak to the teacher who runs the Daily Living Skills After School Program. I really think it would be a great opportunity for difficult child 2. If only I could get the teacher to return my calls...



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Good Morning- no meltdown Monday it is.
Mustang, I thought you were referring to some "colts" of yours that are going to be in a half time show at the SuperBowl. Duh! on my part. :hammer: Guess I should have paid more attention to husband's shouts and screams in the game room.

It's Monday, so it's laundry, mail, and house work. easy child is having final week of play practice. Something the kids call h e * * week. I want to call it he** month. He will be gone until 11PM all week. I hate it but the play starts on Thursday.
difficult child's friend returned home. I saw him for all of 15 min. I'm pleased I was involved in difficult child's play date. :rofl:

I'm going to get to work and enjoy my :smile:


Hi, Wiped Out, Marg, LDM, Timer, Mstang ( that was an exciting game!), TM, WFEN, and Fran ( our kids call the last week of practice h*ll week, too).

This is a late Good Morning to all -- I drive my difficult child to his Special Education school and the drive was l-o-n-g today due to icy conditions.

Gotta get moving. I'm definitely in the post- holidays, Monday morning slump ! Enjoy your day, all!