Good Morning on Monday!

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Good Morning All,

I'm awake early because I can barely breathe from this stupid cold! I would love nothing better than to stay home today but I really am trying to build up some sick days and easy child already has the cold which means if difficult child gets it I will have to stay home with him.

Yesterday our furnace went out while husband was at the tournament with difficult child. It was only 58 in the house-brr. easy child and I stayed in my room with the electric blanket and a bunch of candles which helped. Thankfully once the guy got there it was something minor-still cost $182 because it was weekend call. :faint:

husband goes to see the podiatrist today-his foot has been in incredible pain for quite some time now-we're guessing Planter's Fasciitis. Keep a good thought he gets some relief soon.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful start to the week! :smile:

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Good morning Sharon & all who follow,

Sharon, sorry to hear you're feeling so miserable. When you get home tonight make yourself a hot toddy & climb directly in bed.

kt is sound asleep & I'm sipping hmj at a precarious rate. May have to switch to decaf to finish our drive home this morning.

Looking forward to getting home & back into the daily routine. (I've missed my daily early afternoon naps!)

Have a safe, warm day all - I plan on it (at least the safe part)


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Good morning Sharon and Linda :coffee:

Sharon, sorry to hear you're so sick. I like Linda's cure LOL! I'll keep positive thoughts for husband. I hope you both feel better soon.

Linda, be safe driving home. I'm so glad you had a nice time with kt.

SO if off again today, this is the start of week 3 :nonono: I know it's not his fault, it's his stupid profession, but ugh, he needs to go back to work. I keep trying to find things to keep him busy, but he's bored out of his mind. Today he'll finish painting our living room, rearranging the furniture, and hooking everything back up. I guess this week he can paint the family room :rolleyes:

I know today is a holiday, the kids are off school, but I am going into work. I missed 3 days last week, so I'm going to make up for it. They'll stay here with SO, which will be nice. They can take their pellet guns out in the snow and practice. They've been looking forward to that.

Hope everyone enjoys their day.



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Good morning! :smile:
Sharon- Feel better. Moms don't get sick days. :ill:
Linda- Drive safely. I'm glad this weekend was a success. :smile:
Janna- Can SO pick up any odd jobs in the area? I'm surprised he doesn't have a plow hooked up to that monster truck. :hammer:
Well we didn't go shoe shopping yesterday because Duckie was a little (gee, what's that word I'm looking for...) DIFFICULT yesterday. :rofl: We'll try again today. I've also got to pop into the grocery store and do some baking for Wednesday's Daisy meeting. I'm already running late and it's not even 8 o'clock, lol! :slap:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :kisses:


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Good Morning Everyone!

Sharon- i hope you feel better

Linda- have a safe drive home

Janna- i hope work is ok

Tm- have fun baking for the meeting

Well today is the first day of Feb. vacation, and a holiday for me. difficult child got a call last night from a friend who wants to go to the movies. There are four boys going, this other boys parents are drving and paying. I can't argue with that. difficult child is nervous, as this is his first time out with as he calls it normal friends, thses boys have no clue that difficult child has bad adhd, he said i hope i don't blow it. I told him be himself, and polite and you'll be fine. He is so excitied, i hope it goes well for him. Have a great day everyone!


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:coffee: Good Monday Morning All

Just having my first cup of hmj. Got in about 11 last night and ended up sitting in my chair by the fire watching a movie with my little boy curled up with me. Yes, he missed his mom.

Sharon, I certainly hope you feel better soon - this has been a slow growing cold/long hanging on cold. Get to bed early.

Linda, glad you had a good trip - hope you get that afternoon nap!!!

Janna, I know my difficult child would love hanging with your crew and using a pellet gun today. My uncle let him use his bb gun over the christmas holiday and now he's asking for one!

TM, little difficult girs and shopping don't mix! I've got to get to the grocery too - I've no milk, or juice, and worse of all, I'm out of coffee cream!!

Jen, hope difficult child has a good time. This is an important event for him - bet he has a great time!

Kinda in recovery mode here - unpack, laundry, easy child has a suprise birthday party to go to, difficult child wants to go to the movies, my sister is in town for the day and I hope to meet up with her today, must get to the grocer as well......

Wishing everyone a great Monday!