Good Morning on Saturday

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Good Morning All!

I hope everyone is sleeping in for a few more hours on this Saturday morning. I'm up because difficult child's wrestling club is hosting the regional tournament today. I have to be there before 7 and will be done whenever the tournament is done (they're predicting by 6:30.

Hopefully difficult child will have a good day as he will have lots of time to run around with other kids from the club and his cousing is picking him up at one thirty to take him to a movie and will keep him til we are done. He had a good night last night-was very tired. The little stinker took off his Clonodine patch yesterday at school when he noticed it. I'm hoping husband can convince him he has to wear it and keep it on.

Enjoy the day and I hope everyone finds some time to do something nice for themselves today. :salute:


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Good morning Sharon. I hope the tournament goes well for you & the family. Wishing you luck with difficult child's patch.
I've got to quickly get on some housework this morning before heading back to the hospital. I'll be taking a break this afternoon by going to an traveling indoor planetarium, should be fun & informative.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in.


Good morning everyone.

Sharon, hope the wrestling tournament goes well. Glad difficult child gets to go to the movies and you get a respite.

TM, continuing to send prayers to your grandmother. The planetarium show sounds interesting.

This afternoon we are celebrating difficult child 1's Bar Mitzvah. We are doing it very simply with a short afternoon service followed by dinner at a restaurant with family and a few close friends. Tomorrow we have all the out-of-town family at our house for brunch. I'm going to be one tired but proud mama when it's all over. This is a kid we never thought would go through with a Bar Mitzvah.

Have a great weekend. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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G'day, everyone.

Sharon, sorry about difficult child finding the patch. What about sticking it to the soles of his feet next time?

TM, enjoy the planetarium. I hope you get a good show, not just one of those cutesy laser light shows that doesn't really teach anything. I'd rather go back to the old days of the planetarium being a ball with holes stuck in it for the light to shine through... I loved those.

Smallworld, congrats on the Bah Mitzvah. Remember, you got him there!

I took easy child 2/difficult child 2 in to the Emergency Dept this morning. The place was empty when we got there, and overcrowded by the time we left. The docs were very sharp but felt that she's not in need of emergency surgery. However, they now say there's no doubt that her appendix has to come out. They reckon she'll last until the private surgeon can see her, which I know is what the GP wants - this private surgeon is very good at not leaving a scar.
She's feeling better tonight because she's had a quieter day. I do think her job is aggravating the pain.

Our village art show is on this weekend, culminating in a big fair tomorrow. husband & I went to the art show this afternoon, it was wonderful. The hall was empty except for two artists on door duty, both of whom we know well. I was admiring one of the artist's work on red roses (a charity theme for cystic fibrosis = "sixty five roses") and she came over to explain her technique. She remembers me because I was one of the very few who visited her on our local artists open day on New Year's Day, 2006 when it was so hot that everybody stayed indoors. I happened to be out on my scooter and desperately needed to stop and rest on the way home because the heat was so bad that day - it reached 48 degrees C. Amazingly, she was working in her garage studio that day (an electric fan rearranging the heat) and we had a lovely talk. Now we're good friends.
Looking at the paintings, husband and I were dreaming about the ones we'd buy. It's wonderful seeing world-class artwork that happens to depict people we know and places we live in. mother in law's house is on the edge of one extra-large painting. The beaches where we swim are a common feature too. I was wishing I could share it with you guys. I don't think the village website has the artwork on it, though. Maybe later.

The big fair tomorrow should be fun. difficult child 3 still has some work to finish but he's got the worst of it completed. I don't want him at the fair unsupervised, considering the recent bullying problems, but this is the first year for some time that I'm not helping out any groups. I'm not tied to any stalls, I can wander at my leisure.

Fair weather is forecast, although autumn is creeping in. Tonight the air was cool enough for me to think I should be wearing longer sleeves. Swimming days are numbered for us, unfortunately. But at least it means you guys will be soon finished with your snow. husband is happy, though - it means we can go back to snuggling at night without risking heat rash.



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:coffee: Good Saturday Morning Sharon, TM, Small, and all to follow!

Sharon, I know you have a long day today - hope difficult child has fun and keeps busy. Respite is coming...............

TM, hugs and prayers for you and your grandmother. Have fun this afternoon.

Small, congratulations on difficult child's Bar Mitzvah!!! A meaningful time for your family. Try to enjoy the molment and enjoy the family and not work too hard.

difficult child's school is having their 5K and carnival today. easy child and her buddy are out the door shorty to do the 5K. It became a tradition for bonehead to take difficult child and then I would go seperate (kinda something started to force the time he spent with difficult child a couple years ago). Last night bonehead said "we'll pick difficult child up at 10"

I said "we, you are bringing honey to difficult child's school?"

"Sure, why not?"

"Well, for one, we are not divorced yet and I don't think you should going to his school with your 1/2 your age honey." (ok, ok, I didn't say 1/2 your age honey, I just added that for you'alls benefit!)

"Oh, they don't know me!"

:grrr: Bonehead, he's only been difficult child's father since birth and difficult child has attended this school since kindy. I have made the choice not to go until they return (because I know it won't last more than an hour or an hour and a half). I'll take difficult child back up there with me. I just don't feel comfortable. And understand, I don't really have anything against her. She was very nice to difficult child when I was away a month ago and really tried to make him feel comfortable. I blame bonehead - he should know better - she's only 25 :grrr:.

Anyway, after that it's just a nice healthy dose of nothing! But tonight when the sun goes down I'm taking easy child driving. I want her to navigate the interstate system from various places at night without directions from me. She'll be on her own on the 23rd :surprise:.

Wishing everyone a little downtime this weekend :smile:


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Good morning family,

Sounds like everyone has a nice day planned.

WO, keeping fingers crossed for difficult child today.
TM, enjoy the time out at the planetarium.
SW, congrats to difficult child (and you) on his & his Bar Mitzvah.
Marg, I wish, for difficult child/PCs state that they would just yank that appendix out.
Sharon, how embarrassing for DEX to be seen strutting around with a "child". It's really a sad comment on his ego.

kt is still sleeping - I'm sure working up her energy for the one allowed tantrum a day. kt did very well yesterday but was begging for thing after thing & outing after outing this weekend.

We've done our best during home passes to make home life as normal as possible; we cannot possibly compete with the level of activities provided at Residential Treatment Center (RTC). If anything will take this family down it will be that we cannot possibly have that level of structure nor do we have the time & money for all the activities.

Ah well.... off my soapbox.

Enjoy your day all - keep it calm, out there folks.


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I know it's officially already Sunday here in Israel, but I just read this thread so first of all, I hope everyone had a good and meltdown-free Saturday.

Smallworld, I just wanted to wish you mazal tov on difficult child's bar mitzva.

Oh boy, I remember my difficult child's bar mitzva. Somehow he managed to behave himself at the synagogue. He still had encopresis then, so I was so scared he would crap in his pants in the synagogue, but he didn't. But when we got home from synagogue and sat down to a festive meal here at home, about 25 people, he disappeared and when he emerged from his room he had thrown off all his good clothes and was in short pants and a T-shirt, and he crawled around under the table, occasionally raising his head up from under the tablecloth and cursing everyone. What fun, I DON'T THINK!

That's 7 years ago. He no longer has encopresis, but he still swears like a trooper, and still drives us all crazy!

Love, Esther