Good Morning on Thursday

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Good Morning,

It's almost Friday! difficult child was up in the middle of the night with a nasty nosebleed, he had a really bad one the other day too. Another day of work ahead. After that difficult child has his therapist appointment. Then I might go to the health club although the author of this great book I just finished is coming to our Borders Store tonight so I'm tempted to go hear him speak.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day. :flower:

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, sounds like another busy day for you & yours. I hope difficult child has a calm day.

HMJ is brewing & it looks like it will be another beautiful day weather wise. I have a couple of appts today along with piano lessons this afternoon. I hope I find time to practice today.

Have a calm day - hug your loved ones & find a reason to laugh.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- Could the nosebleeds be related to difficult child's medications? I hope you have a good day at work and at the health club or book store. :smile:
Linda- You sound better rested this morning! Enjoy your lesson. :thumb:
I'm going to go into the school early today to help train a new volunteer in the library. The weird thing is that an aide was incredibly rude to me the other day (her bad day, nothing I did). So this morning will be interesting... :grrr:
Sssh... Duckie told me that they are practicing a surprise song for the volunteer appreciation breakfast next week. I guess it's not a surprise for me. :hammer:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in.

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It's amazing what 9 uninterrupted hours of sleep will do for a person. :wink:

Have fun with your volunteering today.


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Wiped Out: My difficult child#2 gets bloody noses too. Have you tried the moisturizing nasal drops? It seems to help my son.

This is supposed to be the last day of the nor'easter. Sunshine is on its way for later this afternoon! Thank God!

Wishing everyone a peaceful day!
Good morning all

Sharon, nlg319 said what I was about to suggest. My difficult child gets nosebleeds pretty often, so we use saline nasal spray. Also a humidifier works very well.

difficult child started cheerleading practice last night. I believe we finally found an activity that she can participate in without much of the problems we get when she tries to do a competitive sport. Yay, us.

Have a beautiful day, everyone.


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Morning all. We had a loveley one here.....not. difficult child just did NOT want to get up and had no reservations about yelling at me any chance he got. He was especially nasty when I wouldn't let him lay back down after he finished getting ready. Don't you just loooove mornings like that??? :hammer:

Nothing much on tap for today. difficult child had his next to last probation appointment yesterday. He will be off next month assuming that husband and I pay the.....wait for it......$800 in probation fees. :faint: I'm definately seeing a job in difficult child's future.

I have a conference call today to take care of. I went in yesterday for it, sat there waiting on hold for 15 minutes before I realized that I was only 24 hours early. :hammer: Oh least I remembered it! lol

Hope everyone has a calm day!


Good morning everyone. So far things are ok because I haven't woke difficult child up yet. lol

Today will be busy. Drop difficult child off at school at 8:20. Puppy goes to vet at 8:45. (I will have to have her checked out in addition to just shots since she jumped out of the car!!! She does seem fine, and seems to have no sore spots when touched)

Then bring pup home and attend meeting at school to go over collected "data" from FBA (observed in ONE class for 1/2 period). Go over the schedule change that difficult child told me was changed yesterday without my knowledge.

easy child lives two hours away, and is driving home today to take me to lunch or dinner for birthday yesterday.

Must pick up difficult child 30 minutes early from school for a therapy session. This is more of a theraputic (spelling???) session. Massage and relaxation.

Then a stop at home for a snack and off to baseball practice.

Somewhere in this schedule I need to make room for my time with easy child who is driving all the way home to take me out. (I am sure he has other motives also. I believe his work week is complete so he will just hang out at home until Sunday evening.)

I am really afraid of going to this meeting. As angry as I am at difficult child for "sleeping" and not following rules, I am also angry that his schedule was changed and it was affective yesterday, AND was only observed for 30 minutes. And they don't allow him to have text books...not that it would do him much good, he may never open them. AND he does "misplace" things. The bell will ring at end of class and he just leaves, with no papers, no supplies. Just leaves them all in the previous class???? Don't get it.

Well enjoy our days, who knows, I may get good news all day.


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G'day, everyone. I'm in a rush, trying to get to bed before it gets too late again, but I still have some kitchen tidying to do. easy child 2/difficult child 2 and BF2 are both snuffling through the first bad colds of the season; my immune system has gone into overdrive (probably why I've been feeling lousy for days) and I got the bone scan results today - I now add arthritis in hips & spine to my medical resume. Oh joy, oh rapture. Not.

Got difficult child 3's passport photo (re)done today - another bloke there was getting his international drivers licence photo - he's heading Boston way, then up into Nova Scotia. Lucky b***ard. He said we'll love NZ, I'm really getting excited.

I hope all who have been unwell (bleeding noses, insomnia etc) feel better soon, and those in cold areas can warm up soon (but not too much!). Our days are still comfortably warm, only cool in the evenings, enough to throw on a shirt. I optimistically bought a rain gauge today - it was dry and dusty on the shelf, in old packaging. let's hope it doesn't stay dry and dusty after we hang it up!

Have a good Thursday, everyone.


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Good Morning!
I am laying in bed drinking coffee trying to get the energy to get up and get ready for my orthopedic doctor appointment. Hopefully he will take this monstrous brace off my leg today.

My difficult child gets nose bleeds occassionally too. Some medications can cause them. Hope you get to see the author tonight!

I hope you have a calm day too.

That's so cute that Duckie is practicing a song for you. Even if it isn't a surprise. :rofl:

Glad to hear your weather is finally clearing up. I saw the floods on the news. What a mess

Glad to hear cheerleading is going well for your difficult child.

Yes, I can see that job in difficult child's future also. Wow! I must be psychic. :hypnosis:



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning kids. It's a glorious day in this neighborhood. The sun is shining and it's very green outside the window.
difficult child and I are going to the grocery store. He is getting pretty good with the calculator and with planning his shopping. Today we introduce coupons. Keep a good thought that it will not be too much for him. We are getting into a routine finally. He still has some applications out there but nothing yet. :rolleyes: Still 2 days a week is working out for now.

easy child and I head to the dentist for a check up and then it's running errands.

I have so much sadness for the people directly affected at Virginia Tech. Such an unnecessary loss of life and talent.
Appreciate those around you since there are no guarantee's. </span>