Good Morning on Thursday

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Good Morning All!

It's back to work for me today. I ended up going in yesterday only to come right back home. Stomach was majorly not feeling well. Ended up taking a two hour nap in the afternoon! I hope today goes better as I'm still not 100 percent.

After work difficult child has his weekly t-doctor appointment. Then it's home to clean, clean, clean (easy child doesn't know it yet but she is going to be roped into helping)and then off to the store as Dad and his wife are coming and we have no food in the house. It's going to be a long night but it must be done!

It's been really warm here and we have one more day before the heat is expected to break and then we'll have temps back in the low 70s which would be great!

Enjoy your day-I hope it's a peaceful one. :flower:

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Good morning Sharon & all who follow,

Sharon, hope you make it through the day.

kt's in home therapist starts today - it's been a scheduling nightmare but this piece is in place. As I get older, I find that I'm less willing to put up with nonsense from difficult children or tdocs so I let them know that there are topics that are off limits in my home. Personal topics. It didnt' go over big - oh well.

Today is to be a wet & stormy day. Golf league is off - tomorrow I'm playing 9 holes on my own.

Have a calm day.
Morning everyone! :coffee:

Hope you are feeling better today, Sharon. I'm with you, waiting for a cool down. Enjoy dinner tonight with dad.


Pixie has gone from being petrified of the cicadas, to being intrigued, to fascinated, to obsessed. She is the neighborhood brave kid who picks them up now. It is really cool to watch.
Other than a doctor appointment for me, a pretty quiet day today. hope everyone else's is equally as peaceful.


Hi to anyone who snuck in. Find something beautiful to look at today!



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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- Good luck with roping in easy child later, lol! :smile:
Linda- I hope the therapist comes to understand that your house is a home and not just a work site. :warrior:
BBK- I imagine both Duckie & Pixie would have fun with the cicadas... :hammer:
The field trip was fun yesterday, the kids had a blast! :bravo: The weather is going to be beautiful today, so I'm going to run some errands to be out and about. :thumb:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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:coffee: Good Morning Sharon, Linda, BBK, and everyone to follow :coffee:

I need that coffee this morning!!!! A friend stopped over last night and we ended up talking on the patio into late into the night /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sleep.gif.

Sharon, hope you are able to make it through it the day and survive the inlaw dinner :smile:

Linda, how nice that the therapist comes to kt - difficult child's is across town and across the river - would love it if she came to my home!

BBK, I can't believe Pixie is enjoying those bugs :surprise:

It's Thursday, so it's payroll day. I got a lot done on Tuesday so I may just work 1/2 day today. I had a great day getting little things done around the house yesterday. It's amazing how quickly the hours went by - but I got a whole lot accomplished.

Have a good Thursday everyone - the three day weekend is close at hand :smile:


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Good morning all - sounds like a mild day for everyone.

difficult child was crying the other night because she's afraid to graduate. She will miss her friends and her routine, now that she has finally accepted it (lol). She's driving well and learned the 5 speed no problems.

My back is still out since last Friday - chiro again today and I'm praying it's better for the weekend so I can get some gardening in. We're also supposed to uncover the pool this weekend.

easy child is coming home from college for the weekend to go through all her stuff and pack what she will need for her extern. Ugh.

H is still sober and things are going well.

Have a good one everyone!


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Heat, coffee, cicadas and bad backs - what a mixture this morning!

I'm glad you're enjoying your summer, I hope it doesn't get too hot for you. The cold weather is expected to be back for a few days, then sunshine again. A weird winter we're having!

I'm very late tonight - it's already Friday morning here with a busy day coming up. I just remembered to post the charity photo link to easy child, so she could see the masterpiece with her baby brother in it, in aid of cystic fibrosis. The auction closes tomorrow afternoon our time, it's likely that by then the link with difficult child 3's photo will drop into cyberspace, never to be seen again.

I posted the link in Watercooler, if anyone wants a last minute look - I'm so proud of my boy. And he's proud of this photo, too - he said the composition is well-balanced, which pleased the photographer no end!

Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.