Good Morning on Tuesday

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Good Morning All,

I hope most of you are still sleeping away. Another busy day ahead. Today after work we have to take difficult child to wrestling and there is a parent meeting going on while he wrestles. I am making a barbequed pork roast in the crockpot (LDM-I had to laugh when I saw that's what you just made-I already had one in the fridge). It's the kind that's already in a sauce so I just have to throw it in there this morning. Hopefully we'll have time to eat it before we leave for wrestling.

I hope everyone enjoys some fun in their day! :kisses:


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:salute: Good Morning Sharon and all to follow,

Sharon, last night we had pulled pork bbq sandwiches with cole slaw! My favorite part is the leftover pulled bbq-you can't beat a bbq made with a roast :smirk:

Office for the first 1/2 of the day and not sure what I'll get into in the second half. I could come home and do some stuff around here......but I stayed in and did housework from 9 until 3:30 yesterday - I'm up for a change!

Wishing everyone a great day :smile:



Good morning everyone!

Sharon, sorry your days have been so busy. Hope you get a little breathing space today.

I'm up early -- couldn't sleep. Believe it or not, difficult child 1 is going ahead with a small Bar Mitzvah on March 10. He turned 13 last May, but was in no shape emotionally to go ahead with it. So we're doing it now before he turns 14. Just family plus a few close friends. Needless to say, my mind is filled with all the errands, cooking and cleaning I need to do in preparation for the big day. My "to do" list is pages long!

Hi to anyone who snuck in. Hope you have a great day!


Wrestling - - -how is it working. That is what my difficult child just started. all was fine until he lost. (in practice) threw his head gear across the gym, yelled and screamed that the kid was choking him. He was so worked up when he called he could not breathe..weezing. then he had weekend to rest, and Monday's practice was horrible. He said he was getting "beat up" he called to be picked up even before practice started. We did not go get him. His coach is his "escort". Has worked with him last year and this year. Has seen him at his worst and his best. Just wondering if it is just my difficult child that can't handle losing. Does the same in all sports. Even though he is talented in most sports, flips out when he misses or loses!!! And he flips out on the wrong people, the officials. Tonight is the first match. Wondering if we should make him continue, or just pull him out.

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, so what time is dinner?

LDM, I vote party at your house for the second half of the day. Course I may be stretched a tad thin getting out toward your area cause I have to make dinner at Sharon's! :rofl:

Sorry if I missed the rest of you - had a computer glitch & cannot remember all of the GM posters.

Stay warm & safe today. I'm pretty sure there are no meltdowns, tantrums, rages, etc allowed today. :warrior:


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G'day everybody. I'm running late - it's nearly Wednesday here. Oops - just checked the clock - it IS!

We've been running a bit late today - the road to the mainland has been flooded all day, it has finally dropped by late tonight when easy child 2/difficult child 2 came home. We had to take the south road out of town instead. There has been no rain here, but the west of Sydney has had more rain today. Here it is hot and humid again, so we're in for another warm night.

Tomorrow is a binge cooking day with my home help, then I've got to drive out to a doctor's appointment for three of us (we do things in bulk in our family). I'll have to stay out to meet husband because easy child 2/difficult child 2 needs his car tomorrow night. And I'll have to pick up easy child 2/difficult child 2's boyfriend as well.

We booked difficult child 1's first driving lesson today - he goes next week. So we may soon have another licensed driver in the family, wanting the car. Will that poor car survive?

Gotta dash - I should have been in bed some time ago.



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good morning all.
Sharon, sorry to hear your days have been so busy during wrestling season. Hope you get to find some time to relax today.

Sharon, there will always be time for housecleaning, perhaps do something just for you today. :smile:

smallworld, maybe you can find some time today before the bar mitzvah to get a bit of a nap in so you won't be too tired. Hope all goes well.

kjs, hope the wrestling goes well.

TM, hope the day slows down enough so you have time to relax. :smile:

Linda, glad the computer glitch didn't keep you offline. Hope your day is fantastic.

Marg, Hope you get a good night's rest. I probably put a few extra grays in my mom's hair when I started driving. Hope your days stop being so humid soon.

Not too much going on here today. difficult child off to school, husband going to work in a couple hours, besides cleaning house I can't think of much more I have to do today till difficult child comes home anyways.

Hi to those that sneak in after this and anyone I may have missed.
Here's hoping the day is meltdown free and great for all.
Good Morning Everyone :smile:

Sharon, Hope your busy day goes well! What time is dinner?

Sharon, I think you should do something just for you after you're done at the office. Take a bit of time for yourself and ENJOY :flower:!

smallworld, I hope your bar mitzvah planning goes smoothly!!! It's nice that difficult child 1 is going to have a special day!!! Try to take a bit of time for yourself :bath: during all the excitement, cooking, cleaning, etc...

kjs, I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time with difficult child!!! difficult child 2 can't handle loosing anything either!!! We tell him over and over and over again, that as long as you have fun, do your best, etc..., it doesn't matter if you win or lose!!! It doesn't really help... Maybe you should post this problem separately. Others would be able to offer you more help then. Take a bit of time for yourself. :bath: difficult children can cause so much STRESS!!!

TM, Have an excellent day!!! I'm still thinking about how well Duckie is doing!!! It is so nice when others have success stories to share!!! :bravo:

Linda, Enjoy your day. I'll make sure I tell my difficult children that there are no "melt-downs", tantrums, rages allowed today :rofl: What time is the party :smile:? I'm ready NOW!!!

Marg, Sounds like you are too BUSY!!! I'm glad you're planning a vacation!!! I'm glad you've got some help. So, what are you cooking? I'll pray your car makes it... :angel:

Today I have some cleaning to do, more calls to make, etc... I also want to check on husband's elderly aunt...

I think I'll just have a bit more :coffee: first.

I hope everyone has a good day :flower:! WFEN


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'><span style="color: #000099">Good Morning all. It's a bright sunny spring like morning. The daffodils are in full bloom. Texas springs are usually glorious for months. Too bad it's followed by summer. LOL. (whine, whine, whine.LOL)
Wiped out the pork roast sounds yummy. I think we are going to do a stir fry with leftover roasted chicken tonight. Good luck to difficult child at wrestling practice.

LDM,you are welcome to come here this afternoon. My kitchen is piled with mail and debris from a weekend of not being here. Besides a pulled pork sandwich sounds yummy.

Smallworld, I'm so glad difficult child is going ahead with the BarMitzvah. The rituals are important to family as well as difficult child. I know you are excited about it. Fingers crossed that it goes smoothly.

Kjs, hello! I didn't meet you before. Sorry to hear that difficult child isn't displaying good sportsmanship. This is why we call them difficult children. Hope today is better. It's great that the coach is working with him.

TM, have fun whatever you are doing.

Timer, have a good day today.

Marguerite, glad you are getting some rain even if it isn't on your little stretch of paradise. I hear you about hot and humid. Enjoy the binge cooking.

Jodyice, good morning to you.

WFEN, good luck with your phone calls. Hope you are productive.

Today is laundry and errands and a work out. Seems like forever to get in shape.
difficult child had a fever and was sick over the weekend. He seems to have survived without me. He is down 22 lbs since he started to watch his eating. He looks good. He stopped by. He had been pondering(his word) something I said to him at Christmas. Guess he hears it but he takes a looooong time to process. He said he didn't get it and needed more explanation. Heck I was impressed that he remembered at all. I am grateful for crumbs as always.

Hope your day is productive and healthy. </span></span>


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Hi all. It's interesting to read all the diff types of weather hear!
difficult child is in school, was in a good mood but very hyper, gets on a roll with-a song tune or whatever, repeats 16 bazillion times, louder and louder... arrrgh! I worked on my f-i-l's obit for awhile... it's hard to make it long enough to actually say something with-o selling off the farm.
doctor yesterday said my sinus infection was just tenderness, not a bona fide infection. Gave me antihistamines and antibiotics but said not to take the antibiotics unless it got worse. He was just being nice so I could go out of state and not have to worry about a dr appointment.
I treated myself to a sushi lunch yesterday, sat and read all by myself in the restaurant. It was great!
I'm off to paint.