Good Morning on Tuesday

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Good Morning All!

I surprised myself yesterday by getting both my lawn mowed and a workout in. I mowed the lawn right away after work and then had a fun watergun fight with difficult child. Later after difficult child was asleep husband and I went to the club while easy child babysat.

Today is Tuesday which means I have door duty before school and recess duty. That means I play the game of horse (a basketball game) with some of my students-I'm surprised at how much fun we have!

No appointments after work tonight-the only night this week! So hopefully we will go straight to the health club!

LDM-yesterday you asked if we saw Shrek. We did and really enjoyed it-we laughed a lot and didn't ever feel like it dragged!

Enjoy the day-find reasons to smile and luagh! :flower:


Good morning everyone!

Sharon, you sound chipper this morning. In spite of difficult child's "mouth" (from your other post), it seems as if everything is going well. My husband took the kids to see Shrek 3 over the weekend; they all enjoyed it, too.

I traveled to Massachusetts over the weekend for my 25th college reunion. It was amazing not only to be away by myself (!), but also to reconnect with old friends and even make a few new friends. I'm feeling very mellow and relaxed after my weekend away, but I know that feeling will dissipate soon enough as I get back into the daily grind with the kids.

On the agenda this morning is a 5-mile walk with one of my friends. I'm desperately trying to get into shape. difficult child 1 has his checkup with the pediatrician this afternoon, and I know he's going to give me a hard time. He just hates going to the doctor.

Have a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


Good morning everyone!

Sharon - Enjoy your night "off".

smallworld - Enjoy your walk. Sounds nice.

I literally slept all day yesterday. I was up for about an hour and a half yesterday evening. I think I had some kind of bug. I feel much better today.

Today is my first day back to work. I'm very nervous. I've been off for I think 9 weeks. It will be nice to get back among the living again, but my life has been pretty sheltered since my heart attack. I haven't even driven that far since. I'm sure I'll be just fine. I just have the jitters and want to crawl back into bed and hide. Silly, huh?

I hope everyone has a peaceful day.

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, I'm impressed - lawn work & a work out.

smallworld, isn't it nice to get away by yourself? I hope the transition to the grind isn't too harsh.

We lost power (for some unknown reason) for 3 hours last night. Of course this threw kt off her routine & is still a bit off this morning.

Keep your finger crossed - we have that truancy thing today. Mental health case manager is meeting us there with a boatload of information as well. I hope kt gets how important this is - she's more hacked off because we had to re-appoint therapist & was supposed to get a stuffed animal.

Have a good day - keep it calm.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- Enjoy your workout tonight. :smile:)
Smallworld- I'm glad your reunion went so well. :thumb:
Wynters grace- Fingers crossed every goes well today. Don't push yourself! :flower:
Linda- I hope court goes well today. :warrior:
I think I've been overdoing it lately, I was still up after midnight last night completing tasks and now I'm very tired this morning. It doesn't bode well for the day. :rofl:
I volunteer at school today and Duckie has piano. :princess:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


Good morning everyone.
IEP now behind me, do not have a hard copy yet. Will ask about Alphasmart and Occupational Therapist (OT). Very tired. By the time I got home from IEP I had been up 21 hours. Then only slept 2.5 hours and up again with issues with difficult child. Then tried to sleep again but didn't work. Missed difficult child's baseball game last night. Thought he had 7:30 game tonight, giving me a little sleep, but found out he has a double header. 5:30 and 7:30. So, If I rush home from work, I can be in bed by 1pm. That will give me 4 hours if I sleep. Could do that right now.

Sharon - go fo that good workout.

Smallworld - Glad you enjoyed your reunion.

Wynters grace - take it slow, and leave if you feel tired. 9 weeks isn't a long time.

Linda - good luck at Court. Get some sleep

Have an extremely good day. Smile
Good Morning :coffee:,


I'm glad you got the lawn mowed plus a workout yesterday. It's so nice that you're able to enjoy spending time with difficult child!!!


It's so nice that you were able to attend your college graduation and forget about difficult child for a little while... The walk with a friend is a great way to start the day - of course some :coffee:is always nice too!!! in my humble opinion, making the decision to get in shape is half the battle!!! YOU WILL DO IT!!! :bravo:


I hope your first day back at work goes smoothly. Wanting to get back into bed and hide isn't silly - it's just human nature!!! Take things slowly and don't try to do too much at once!!! I'll be sending positive thoughts your way today...


I've got my fingers crossed. I hope things go smoothly at the court today!!! My difficult children would be at their absolute difficult child "best" if we lost power for three hours!!! :grrr: It would definitely be a test of my ability to remain CALM!!!


I hope you get to fit in some "me" time somewhere today in your busy schedule!!! It sounds like lots of:coffee:is neededed!!!
I'm glad Duckie's allergies are better today and she is back to school and activities.

Today I have to go to a large discount warehouse where I buy alot of meats and snack food for the kids. My kids definitely know how to drain my budget when it comes to eating!!! I don't have to worry about unappetizing things lurking in the back of my refrig with my difficult children, especially difficult child 1!!! Nothing lasts long around here!!! I also want to take my favorite sanity saver on a long walk if I have time. difficult child 2 is going to the library after school today. I hope he holds it together since his daily schedule is being rearranged...

Hi to anyone who snuck in... I hope everyone has a reason to laugh or smile today... :flower: WFEN

I hope you're able to get some rest ASAP!!! How did the IEP meeting go??? If you've already posted something about it, I apologize. I haven't been around much - extremely BUSY!!! I'll look for an update later... Anyway, I HOPE things went the way you wanted them to!!!

It sounds like you really need some "ME" time!!! Please take care of yourself!!! :flower: WFEN


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Good Morning My Friends :smile:

I took a mini vacation this morning and just lay in bed and listened to the radio instead of getting up, getting coffee, turning on the computer. I was interested in a story that was on when my alarm went off, and ended up just relaxing and listening to the radio for an hour!

I'm having a cup of hmj right now to prepare me for the day.

Sorry I can't address everyone this morning.

Wishing you all a great day :flower:

Well, this stinks.

If I click "new reply" instead of "quick reply" (just so I can put in these things :devil:
I can't see all the posts before me. So I can't say hi to everyone by name.

I remember that Timer Lady has her court hearing today. Good luck!

And Heather is going back to work. Hope it goes well!

But that's about all I remember. Hi to everyone else anyways!

I went to refill Pixie's Metadate yesterday. I'm way too new for this stuff. I had no idea that the rx had to be filled within 7 days of being written. She will be without the medicine today (Lord help me) and I need to get a hold of a doctor to write me a new rx today...


Hi to anyone who snuck in. Have a great day. Find something beautiful to look at!


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G'day everyone,

husband & I just got home from the art exhibition. I'll post separately in Watercooler about it. It's late, we've had very little to eat but as much champagne as we wanted (which really isn't that much - one glass and my middle ear problems suddenly became much harder to handle).

It's turned really cold here today, the cold wind is blowing from the snowfields. Winter clothes at last, although I could still feel the sting of the sun at midday. But the cold bite of the wind is definitely here.

Lots of deer in the village tonight, on our way home. They really are becoming a big problem.

Have a good Tuesday, everyone.


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Good morning everyone,

Busy morning, hard to get out of bed today as my back is still out and crooked and painful. Dropped the pups off at the groomers and now I am at work - ugh.

Today difficult child took her car to school for the 2nd day in a row! She's driving the 5 speed very well - really learning how to use that clutch without burning it out. lol.

It's lovely here today, I wish I could walk at lunchtime.

Have a nice one everyone!


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Good morning everyone--

Can I just cancel today and start over? Yesterday was bad enough, with difficult child getting sent home from school and a meeting with the school psychologist, but today started with a coughing, sniffling difficult child crawling into my bed at 5:30 a.m. but insisting he wasn't sick and could go to school, followed by the new puppy having a seriously disgusting accident on difficult child's bedroom floor (yes, cream-colored carpet...) And husband having a melt-down about how awful it is to have a dog. (Yeah, as if he was the one cleaning it all up!)

Okay. Life is getting better now, right?


nope. Can't start today over. I have one more day left of my workweek and don't want to re-work today. lol.

aahhh, new puppy. For some reason I decided to get a new puppy to liven up my 6 year old lab. (who is overweight). 6 year old is so laid back, never was a problem. Queen of the house. Center of attention. And I bring home a new puppy. NOT a popular choice by 6 year old lab. Wouldn't even look at me for two - three weeks. Would walk as far away from puppy as she could. In the meantime we find out she is overweight because of thyroid problems. Puppy...I don't seem to remember having any of these puppy issues with other dog. House training seemed to take forever, and I still don't trust her. Fell asleep yesterday and she destroyed the living room. Anything she could reach was on the floor chewed up. She just doesn't get it. Jumped out the car window going 40 mph when she was just10 weeks old. Chloe, older lab now will play with her, when she is in the mood. Puppy MUCH more work than I remembered.


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yep, I wouldn't go back to puppyhood, if i did the puppy would be crated when I wasn't there to "attend" it...

We have a seven year old dog and he likes the way things are...he's got me trained....


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Ahh, coffee is kicking in now and the smell is dissipating...

The puppy managed this misbehavior while I was only one room away, in the bathroom, so it wasn't like she had been left alone to get in trouble! Oh, well, she just got spayed a few days ago, so I'll cut her a little bit of slack this time. And I have hopes that behavioral techniques will work better with her than they do with my son.