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Hi everybody, have a great day! :smile:

I have been running late the last couple of mornings, so have not been on. The rain has stopped and we have very nice weather in the 60s now. difficult child does not have a soccer game today as it is the tail end of vacation and the other team did not have enough players. Today is my niece's babay shower that i have been planning for five months. difficult child will come and help set up, and i think is going to hang around, heck it's 2007 i do not care if guys are their, i do hope difficult child, and my 14 year old nephew will get along as they do not like each other, i don't blame difficult child my nephew is a jerk! Well got to run, enjoy the sunshine if you have any where you are! :wink:

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Good Morning,

Razzle-Sounds like nice weather and a fun day planned. Hope all goes well at the shower :smile:

I'm leaving for work in a bit. I'm not sure I'll weigh in though as unexepectedly we went to dinner at a Mexican restaurant. Usually I only eat a very light dinner on Friday nights. Oh well!

After work a nap is in order and then a visit to the health club-not sure about the rest of the afternoon. It is supposed to get up to 75!!!!!! Tonight a good friend has convinced me I should make a scrapbook for easy child for her 8th grade graduation (you have no idea how not good I am at that type of thing-it will be my first scrapbook). I'm going to her house to work on it-visiting should be fun even if the scrapbook part makes me crazy.

I hope everyone enjoys some fun in their day! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :kisses:


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Good morning. :coffee:
Jen- Have fun at the shower! I'm glad your weather has finally improved. :princess:
Sharon- You are too funny about not weighing in, lol! :rofl:Have fun with the scrapbook.
husband and I will have a quiet day as Duckie is spending the day with her music teacher having a workshop. She's very excited. :kisses:husband is happy that the Buffalo Sabres beat the NY Islanders last night, to advance to the second round. I gotta tell you, though, The Sabres better up their play if they want the championship. The 8th seeded Islanders gave them a run for their money each & every game. :warrior:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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G'day, everybody.

Jen, I hope it goes well with difficult child & nephew - I hate it when I have to put up with kids who push my difficult children' buttons!

Sharon, our scales got a flat battery, I haven't weighed myself for some time. hate to think... plus, with easy child 2/difficult child 2 and BF2 still sick with colds I cooked comfort food for dinner tonight. Never good for a diet. I hope the scrapbooking session isn't too traumatic.

TM, enjoy your time with husband. Are you as sports mad as he is?

I had a quiet day today. Never went to the folk night last night, still trying to find out what the story is. It's a bit sus. Got some vegetable gardening done, all I need now is guaranteed rain... yeah, right. husband is planning to play trains tomorrow, I was going with him but might stay home, I've got a lot of little things to do.
More planning for our trip - husband was checking the domestic flights that easy child booked for us - easy child is terrified of flying, but with no alternative she organised flights for our transfer. But what a shock when husband finally looked it all up - he had easy child on the phone, I could almost hear her scream from the next room - she's got us books on a 19 seat plane! She HAD said to be, before we discovered this, "I'll be OK flying, as long as I don't sit next to a window seat."
Well, in this case the aisle seats are also window seats - the plane has two rows, one down each side. We ALL get an aisle seat, AND a window seat. Even the single lavatory has a window seat!

But if SHE gets panicky, we'll have a hard time getting difficult child 3 onto the plane. And husband did some calculating - our small family group (five of us going) will take up more than a quarter of the seats. I wonder if we'll be the only passengers?
It's only a forty minute flight, then we transfer to a 707.
A lot more planning yet, though. We still have to get our passports.

Enjoy your Saturday.



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:flower: Good Morning on a beautiful Saturday Morning in central Virginia :flower:

The sun is bright, the birds are singing, the temps moderate - a perfect combination for a weekend morning!

Jen, enjoy the shower - I'm hosting one next Saturday and there are no men allowed among 37 of us woman!!!!!!!!!!

Sharon, here's a scrapbooking tip of mine that will, hopefully, ease your anxiety - be simple and uncomplicated. It's not a competition to see who has the most creative pages. It is a memory for your daughter. What she will love, in years to come, are your words, in your handwriting, and the fact that you cared to make this memory she can carry with her. Keep it simple and to the point.

TM, you and husband enjoy your day. Hope duckie enjoys the opera!

Marg, years ago I went down to Key West Florida - big plane from Difficult Child to Miami, little "prop" plane from Miami to Key West. The only good thing was we were flying really low over the water so I figured I would survive if anything happened!!!!!!

Going to do some puttering outside in the patio/garden area. easy child and hit up Lowes yesterday and filled the entire back of my suv with plants!

Going to do some prepping for a baby shower I'm hosting next Saturday. easy child, God love her, enjoys cleaning the silver - so that is her job this morning! Not one of my favorites because I can't stand the smell! But, she loves it! She will also be taking promo pics for a local band. Her dad is meeting them at an old warehouse downtown he owns. The inside is covered with grafitti and they (she and the band) felt it would be a cool place for the pics. Then she and her bud will attend their show tonight.

difficult child will hang with me. He'll probably be up and down the driveway and sidewalk with his skooter and bike while I'm outside. Maybe I'll play a game of Life with him this evening.

Wishing everyone a great Saturday :salute:!


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Good morning friends,

Jen, enjoy the shower.

Sharon, I like the day you have planned.

TM, enjoy your day of quiet.

Marg, I'm a bit uncomfortable on those small planes as well - good luck with the vacation planning.

kt slept in this morning but has been talking a mile a minute since she's been up. I'm enjoying my hmj & appreciating the weather forecast. Won't be long before I'm sitting out at our picnic table talking to you guys.

It's shopping day - can't wait another day before investing in new clothes for kt (big growth spurt going on). Then on to a haircut together & a new pair of shoes & sandals for the summer.

Enjoy your Saturday - keep it calm.


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Sharon, about our plane - we'll be flying over mountains (and a volcano or two, probably) and not water. Maybe we can pray the snow will be deep enough... probably not, not anywhere outside of Antarctica!

I like the sound of the graffiti warehouse - at Sydney University there is a place called the Graffiti Tunnel, it's where students put all their advertising of various shows, revues and groups. A lot of it is very colourful, very creative and very Gothic, because it's in a very old part of the university, built in the original sandstone hand-hewn blocks. That would make a fabulous backdrop for a band, especially if they were standing in front of their own graffiti-ed advertising.



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Good morning all! Sounds like everyone is finally getting some nice weather...Yay! We're expecting a good weekend here weather wise. Mostly sunny with temps in the 70''s about time! lol

husband was supposed to have today through Monday off but had to work just a few hours this morning. Then, we are ditching difficult child at my dad and stepmom's house and going to a hotel for the night. It's just a one night get away but I can't wait! We've needed something like this for a long time. difficult child has been wanting my brother (he and difficult child are only 9 months apart) to spend the night for ages so this makes us all happy! :smile:

Hope everyone has a good weekend with your baby showers, shopping and other plans. Enjoy the weather!