Good Morning Saturday-St. Patrick's Day

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<span style="color: #009900">Top of the Mornin',

Happy St. Patrick's Day! After work this morning we are taking difficult child shopping for clothes for the wedding next weekend-cross your fingers it goes well as he had an extremely bad night (I can't post about it yet-it has me too upset-but it's more of the same stuff). We are also planning to get our own shopping done in shifts and easy child is shopping as well as has a birthday party tonight. Of course, I've also planned a nap and a workout and any day with a nap isn't all bad. :grin:

I hope everyone has some fun in their day!</span> :princess:


Good morning everyone.

Sharon, sorry difficult child had a bad evening. Hope the shopping goes well for all of you today, and that you get your nap and workout in.

It snowed last night!!! Where is spring?

easy child has dance class this morning, and difficult child 2 and I are having coffee with a mom and her daughter who attends one of the schools difficult child 2 was accepted to (we're still trying to decide where she should go to middle school next year). difficult child 1 is hanging around. I hope he calls a friend to keep himself occupied.

Enjoy your weekend. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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G'day,everybody. Happy St Patrick's Day!

Sharon, I hope difficult child holds it together for you while you're shopping.

Smallworld, you got snow again? I hope you get some useful information over coffee.

We just got home after attending a birthday party for a girl we met while filming "The Black Balloon". Her mother wanted her to have a big party but like a lot of Aspies, she really doesn't have a lot of friends to invite to a party. It was good to catch up again and really interesting being in a room of mostly difficult children. One family left early - they had the youngest crowd there and a couple of the kids got close to meltdown level and so they slipped away early. We left when easy child 2/difficult child 2 began to really feel unwell with her appendix. She sees the surgeon on Monday. I can't wait.

We're getting weird weather too. We got some rain today - heavy in places, very light in others. It began raining while I was at the beach with difficult child 3. The sea is still an enjoyable swimming temperature and the air is still comfortable when you come out. Our nights are cooling off, though. I wore a sleeveless t-shirt tonight and by late evening in the car coming home, I couldn't have the window as far down as usual - I felt too cold. Otherwise OK though. So autumn for us is only a few weeks away now. OK, it's here already by the calendar but summer was late this season too.

I've got a writing class to give tomorrow, I have to pack it all into one hour. I've got a number of loose ideas but I really won't know what I'll be doing until I get there and see who and what is in the class. Hopefully I'll also sell some books. Hey, I can hope! The other good thing about the class - it's near one of Sydney's unofficial Chinatown areas. I'll be able to pick up some supplies of special ingredients I can't get anywhere else. Some custard tarts would be nice, too. Barbecued pork, barbecued duck, lychee water, pork buns, gow gee - love the place. And maybe another bulk bag of jasmine rice - I've got mother in law sold on it as well.

Have a good Saturday. Tomorrow is the 75th birthday of Sydney Harbour Bridge, you might even see a second or two on your news tomorrow. They're closing the Bridge for the day so people can walk across it (and all over it too, I gather). Last time it got closed was to keep :censored2: Cheney's security men happy. Sydney residents were NOT happy - it was like sending a message that the US doesn't trust Australians. We don't even close it for the Queen or any of our political leaders. Closing the Bridge isn't done lightly, it's a main conduit for the city. We have a tunnel under the Bridge now, or it wouldn't be done at all. The time before :censored2: Cheney that it was closed, was for the marathon in the 2000 Olympics. That was a happy day.

And tomorrow will be a happy day too.

Don't forget to wear green today!



Good morning everyone!

Sharon - Sorry to hear you had a rough night. Enjoy your nap today.

smallworld - Enjoy your day today.

Marg - let us know how the class goes. I'll be looking for the bridge. I'll have to do an internet search.

I'm home from the hospital (I'll be posting about that on Watercooler) and doctor's orders are to take it easy for the next week to 10 days. So that's exactly what I'll be doing. I already have cabin fever though. It's going to be a long week.

Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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HAPPY ST. PATRICKS DAY EVERYONE!!! <span style="color: #009900"> </span>

I hope you all have a very nice day.

I have been awol for a while, have a lot going on but don't really want to get into it, lets just say difficult child screwed up real bad last week, and we are paying the price. Well wednesday here it was 72 out, and yesterday we got over a foot and a half of snow :rolleyes:, oh the joys of living in New England, i was so surprised when difficult child called me at work at 2:00, turns out they dismissed early, so all the kids could get home safe. Well tonight difficult child has bowling, then needs to work on painting his mini bobsled he made for school. I am off to work up the nerve to start digging out, yuck. Have a nice day all!!!

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Good morning all,

Sharon, I'm sorry you've had such a rough night - is there anyway you can do the shopping trip with-o difficult child? Is it really worth the outing?

smallworld, sounds like you have your day planned - enjoy.

Marg, glad that difficult child 2/easy child is getting in soon for a check on that pain. This is been too drawn out.

Heather, sorry to hear you're not feeling well.

Coffee is brewing, kt is still in bed & snoozing, as is husband. I'm getting some quiet in before the day begins.

PCA supervisor is coming in this morning to update (once again) kt's care plan. Then kt & I are off to pick up a few items for spirit week at school next week. I believe that Monday they will be doing everything backwards.

"hi" if you snuck in typing very slowly this morning.

Enjoy your Saturday - keep it calm.


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Good morning, everyone,

Sharon, I'm really sorry to hear about difficult child. Did you call the crisis number the psychiatrist told you to? I hope everything is okay. Keeping good thoughts for you, my friend.

Smallworld, enjoy the coffee date. Sounds like fun. Give difficult child 1 a video game, that always keeps my difficult child 2 content lol.

Marg, the food at your Chinatown sounds wonderful. Good luck getting everything in an hour!

Heather, hope all is well. Please make sure you take the doctor's advice and rest up.

Jen, sorry to hear about difficult child. I was wondering where you'd been. If you want to talk, feel free to PM me. Hope you have fun shoveling.

Linda, hope you enjoyed your quiet time this morning. Have fun shopping with kt!

We did the majority of our shoveling last night. 9" was what we had at last count, but it snowed more after that. We have more to shovel out this morning.

easy child and Dylan are off to their dads again this weekend. This is his 2nd weekend, he's been keeping to it. I love the every other weekend break, as long as he's an appropriate role model. So far so good.

Maybe SO and I will do a quiet dinner out. I'm trying to watch what I eat.

Oh, update on Dylan, he started the Concerta two days ago. So far so REALLY good. Whew!

Everyone enjoy their day.



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<span style="color: #009900">Happy St. Patrick's Day!</span>
Sharon, so sorry about the bad night. But glad to see you were the 1st one here to post! Let us know if we can help. Lots of soft shoulders here. :smile:
Marg, interesting about the bridge. :confused:
So sorry about the :censored2:-up, Jen. Your weather sounds like ours, in VA. 72 and sunny, then 35 and rained, rained, rained all day. A big mess. Sunny again today. That's spring for you. :whistle:
<span style="color: #33CC00">Hi to all... have a great St. Patrick's Day. </span>


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OMG, LOL! I just noticed that a word in my note was censored. I wouldn't have typed it if I'd have thought it was bad. It's actually another word for a tool or accoutrement of that genre, like a nail with-threads. :hammer:


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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Terry ... don't feel bad about being censored over that word for a "nail with threads"! :blush:

If you scroll up to Marg's post, you will see that it censored out the first name of the Vice President of the United States! From now on he will be known as "(Censored) Cheney"! :grin:

:nonono: :nonono: :nonono:


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I'm sorry, I know it's late your time, but I just HAVE to comment - the way Sydney-siders felt about having the Bridge closed back when the US VP visited - yes, they felt it was definitely a censored up, and they weren't thinking of the word for a nail with threads. And whenever the name got mentioned in connection with the bridge closure, it was also another, stronger word that could easily have been substituted to suit people's mood. It was nothing to do with political parties or anything like that - the leader or representative of ANY country making such a request would lead to the same adjective being applied to them.

husband & I have been laughing about the ":censored2:" problem. We were also wondering - our PM's first name is John (that's J O H N, in case it gets censored, since in some countries the word is another euphemism for lavatory). And a lot of us feel the same about him too, and he doesn't have to close the bridge to make us feel that way.
"Why do we hate John Howard on sight?"
"It saves time."

And once again - nothing really to do with political parties. There are good people in Australia on both sides of the political fence. And bad ones.