Good Morning Saturday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Dec 15, 2007.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, everybody.

    We had a surprisingly relaxing day today. husband was off playing trains (got in even more driving hours on a miniature live steam locomotive) while I got on with the more pleasurable chores such as local grocery shopping (always a social event), some gardening chores and taking difficult child 3 to the beach. AT LAST!

    Today (and yesterday) the weather was warm and sunny. After so many months of no rain, we've been suddenly getting so many storms and cloudy days that it's as if the weather is trying to make up for it all. We're still officially in drought, but when you have a storm that dumps an inch of rain in ten minutes, you really get wet. The garden is full of plants with old, dessicated leaves all sporting lush, young growth. My wisteria is flowering AGAIN, a second flush of flowers several months late, as if to say, "Oh, all this rain - it must be spring again."

    The beach was warm, the sun was biting deep but the water was clear, warm and energetic. The beach was strewn with shells, pumice and cuttlebone (which I collected for the budgie - budgerigar). When husband got home I dragged him back down to the beach, but he felt the water was too cold. Says I'm part walrus.

    There was supposed to be a cool change (with another storm) this evening, but nothing yet. We often find storms don't materialise, or they turn up out of the blue. Tomorrow is our church Christmas party, we're hoping to get there. I have to talk to a few people about plans for the upcoming Carols night (next week! Time flies). If there's no change in the weather, then we take our swimming gear to church tomorrow. We often swim after church in summer, the church adjoins the beach (it's perfectly placed for baptisms; biggest baptismal font in the world, the old Pacific Ocean).

    Tomorrow I'll finish my Christmas cards so we can mail them on Monday. We're now in the more fun part of the rundown to Christmas - we can begin to enjoy what preparations are left.

    Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

  2. timer lady

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    Good morning Marg & all who follow.

    Marg, sounds like a wonderful day for you - a day at the beach. What a luxury.

    kt is at respite this weekend; so far no phone calls which is good. I think we pounded into that bright, beautiful head of hers 2 calls a day.

    I spent last night & much of this morning painting; I also got a crossword puzzle game for my nintendo ds & have been working on puzzles. husband spent the night in his office finishing up on work from the office so his weekend is free.

    Today husband & I have a couple of errands to run - one is to the butcher store to pick up a couple of rib eye steaks for dinner. That with a big chef salad & garlic bread should suffice for husband's craving for steak dinner.

    I have nothing but the above planned for today - just a type of go with the flow day. I'm on a couple of new medications that are making me a bit groggy anyhow so I really cannot count on much for the next week or so.

    Enjoy your Saturday - hope it's calm & you enjoy your family's company.
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marguerite-It sounds like you had the perfect day! Any day at the beach sounds like a good one to me!

    Linda-Sounds like a nice weekend planned. Glad husband will be getting his steak dinner!

    Last night we went to Texas Roadhouse because I had a craving for a steak dinner. It is usually one of my favorite places to eat. It took forever for our waitress to come. Then after she brought our drinks it took forever for her to come to take our order-in fact when she stopped back she thought she had taken our orders! Then when my steak did come it was way to rare-and I usually like it medium rare. She took it back and it came back well done-I don't like my steak that way. By this time I was full from the rolls, salad, and potato. They gave me a free meal and the next time we go there I now have an express pass so even if it is a two hour wait we get to go in front of everyone! I still haven't had my steak craving satisfied!

    Today the club, a movie-the new Will Smith one, nap, shopping and watching a Christmas movie at home is on the agenda! easy child is going to a movie with a boy. Since she had no money husband told her to earn it when she comes home she has to be pleasant and watch a Christmas movie with us. She, of course, had to ask why? :rolleyes:

    I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day :rudolph:
  4. happymomof2

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    Good Morning all,

    easy child daughter spent the night with a friend. difficult child was the only one at home so it was a peaceful evening. He had no one to fight with. I am sure when she comes home this afternoon they will make up for time missed!

    Have a couple of errands to run today - the dreaded grocery store. That is one of my least favorite chores. Especially on the weekend.

    Hope everyone has a peaceful enjoyable day.