Good Morning, Saturday


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Good morning, sleepyheads!

I see Marg online. I wonder if she's making a post also. If so, I'll delete mine. I liked it when you could see not only what forum someone was in but if they were making a new post or replying, that way I'd know if Marg was making the post.

Anyhoooo, I woke up this morning, went out back to feed my lovely cats (we have 4) and found a dead bird beside their dish :smile: Blech, I hate that. Should be used to it by now, I've found a dozen or so mice this year :slap:

Dylan has karate this morning again. He's so excited. Up and eating already, wants to go! The boys go with their father this afternoon, they don't come back until tomorrow at 3. Let's hope he keeps his word this time. It's still early enough for him to cancel.

SO has a banquet for his son today, so today is all me. I'm going to do some shopping, get my nails done, and enjoy some peace and quiet.

I hope you all enjoy your weekends!



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G'day, Janna. You DID beat me to it! I WAS drafting a thread but I checked first to see if I was doubling up.

Sorry about the bird, but cats will be cats. I remember a cat we had once - always had to be let in to the house when he'd caught something so he could parade round the living room with his trophy and be admired, before he'd take it back outside again, from where we could hear crunching. One night my mother heard a muffled, "Mrrww" from the back door and went to let the cat in. He was trying to miaow around a very annoyed red-bellied black snake. The cat was most offended that my mother wouldn't let him in. Meanwhile my dad, finding the back door blocked by my mother, raced down the front steps and around the house, grabbing his spade on the way. He got there just as the cat dropped the snake, which slid off under the house.

I guess we had a Steve Irwin cat.

I hope Dylan keeps on enjoying his karate. It's great when they have something they enjoy and look forward to.

We've had a very full Saturday. easy child 2/difficult child 2 got the ultrasound done, as well as the blood tests. Looking at the u/s I was thinking it's a grumbling appendix which would fit with our family history. The radiologist didn't think so because she has no rebound tenderness and wasn't jumping through the ceiling when they pressed on the abdomen. But I could see she was in real pain, especially when the scanner was pressing on her appendix (I could see it on the screen). She was in a lot more pain and a lot more nauseous immediately they finished the test, which I remember is exactly how my appendix was when I had the problem. The report said that blood tests would help pinpoint the diagnosis - I'm not so sure. A sub-acute appendix will often have a normal white count and no rebound tenderness. It's not in danger of bursting anyway, but she can't keep going like this. I'm going to book her in to see the doctor much sooner than the six weeks I had originally organised.

We got some shopping done before and after the test, then headed home by early afternoon. She settled down to her craft work while I took difficult child 3 for a swim. I found that yesterday's 'stingray' was actually a circular rock which has been uncovered by the shifting sand of the beach floor. I got chatting to a young couple who moved to Sydney from Hawaii two years ago. They were visitors to the village, they visit us often they said. He said our little village reminded him of Hawaii, in spirit, while the rest of Sydney is much more impersonal. I'll agree with that about the city. He reckons that Sydney is the biggest city in the world, in terms of how spread out it is. I'm going to have to check that out, I'm not sure of that one.

The storms have been forecast to return by tomorrow afternoon. The hot weather is still around, the nights are almost as hot as the middle of the day. The longer we go without a storm the bigger it will be when it eventually hits. The waves were much rougher this afternoon, probably the edge of storm surge from the cyclonic depression off Queensland. The water was full of churned up weed and timber, too, which happens when it's getting wilder.

No beach tomorrow - it's time to play trains again. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is staying home to rest but the rest of us are going with husband.

Enjoy your Saturday.


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Good morning Janna, Marg & all who follow,

Janna, enjoy the day to yourself.

Marg, hope you can find some answer for easy child 2.

It's a chilly morning here; though very pretty. The snow, while a PITA, makes a very beautiful picture.

The agenda today includes not much of anything; going to put on a pot of homemade pasta sauce & a loaf of peasant bread.

Can you guess what's on the menu for dinner?

Enjoy your day all - stay warm & safe. Hold your loved ones close to you.


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:salute:Good Saturday Morning Janna, Marg and all to follow!

Janna, so happy Dylan is so excited - this may work out to be absolutely wonderful for him! Hope your bonehead ex (one of the things we have in common) shows up and doesn't disappoint the kids. Have fun pampering and spending time on you :flower:

Marg, I certianly hope they figure out what is causing pcgfg2 her health issues - sounds like she's miserable. You know I am a beach fan like you, I do love the rough water. But, I hate when the little pieces of wood and seaweed/grass fill the water. I don't enjoy it as much. On one of our trips last year, there were tons and tons of jellyfish. Not harmful, no "stingers", just little blobs of jelly. When we returned 3 weeks later, they were gone but they lasted the week we were there.

Got to sleep in until 7 today. Last night difficult child was playing a new game on his 360 and easy child and I were watching tv. I feel asleep in my chair and the next thing I knew it was 1 am. easy child had gone upstairs but difficult child was still going at it in the play room. I stumbled out of the chair, gave difficult child his medications, and he and I stumbled up the stairs.

Not much on the agenda today. Going to hot iron easy child's hair after she washes it and I need a grocery run. I normally do that on Mondays, but am out of too many things already. A little catch up school work with difficult child as well. Yesterday while the cleaning team was here, he and I forgoed (is that a word?) the school work and watched "How to Eat Fried Worms". Naturally it is a kids movie, it was cute and I enjoyed hearing him belly laugh so much. Music to a mother's ear.

Have a great Saturday all - find that relax time - and if you don't find it - MAKE IT!!!!!!!!!!! :smile:



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I hope you all have a great day.

Well our sleet storm has ended, and now it is sunny as can be with high temps. today in the 50's, so cool i can not wait until spring. I am heading out soon, to go shopping with my mom and sister to buy stuff for my niece's baby shower, that i somehow wound up throwing. difficult child is at the age where he doesn't want to go anymore, so that is fine, tonight he has bowling, the state tournament is in April so they start doing 5 strings tonight, i'm hoping he will do fine becuase that is 50 balls he will end up throwing tonight! Well got to run, hi to all who come in later!


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'><span style="color: #6633FF">Good Morning on a chilly Saturday.
Janna, glad to see the kitties are still bringing in the kill. Guess they don't lose their primitive roots. Good luck to Dylan. Hope his dad doesn't back out. Have fun on your day off.

Marguerite, hope your daughter is on the mend and won't need her appendix removed. Funny about the stingray turning into a rock. I did something like that while riding horses in the brush. What I thought was a bear was a cow. Scared the pants off of me. I probably scared a few of the fellow riders as well.
Hope your rains help the drought conditions.

Timer, dinner sounds yummy. What time should we all arrive? I'm sure a weekend of the beautiful snow will be enough for all of you.

LDM, you must have been exhausted to fall asleep so soundly. Enjoy your trek to the grocery store. I try to avoid it on the weekend.

Razz, hope the baby shower shopping goes well. It's nice of you to do such a fun thing. I'm sure your niece will appreciate it.

Today the to do list is long as we are all heading out for spring break on Monday. Lots of errands to run. First a work out on the treadmill. Ugh.
The house is painted at long last. Looks like it has it's new spring coat on. LOL. Now to attack the landscaping.
husband and I went out to dinner with another couple. I really need to get out more with adults. It's nice to trade in my house rags for grown up clothes. :princess:

Have a productive Saturday. Keep a good thought for my difficult child. He is starting his job washing dishes. :surprise: It's an honest job but it's just part time. We will see how it goes. </span></span>


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Morning all. I hope anyone in storm paths over the past few days are doing well.

husband is working today so difficult child and I will be going to friend's daughters birthday party just the two of us. Not that it matters though. My friend's daughter (who will be 5) only cares that difficult child is there....she could care less if I'm there! lol Fortunately for my ego her 1 1/2 year old brother is excited that I'm coming at least! After the party, we'll all chip in for pizza and probably play some cards. Should be a fun evening and husband can come to that part of it after he gets off work this evening.

Have a good weekend all!


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Good morning!
I'm about to start off on another busy day, but I want to check in and wish all a happy & wonderful day! :kisses: