Good Morning Saturday

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  1. Marguerite

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    G'day folks.

    Today was slightly cooler. difficult child 3 seems to have the bug that husband had (that I hope I don't get). Tomorrow is a busy day for us but I'll have tostay home with difficult child 3 is he's still sick. We're supposed to be heading to Wollongong for the last trains public day for the year, I've been asked to help out in the ticket box. They really need help on busy days like we're expecting. Oh well...

    I did leave difficult child 3 at home on his own for about half an hour while I went to the beach. I used my mobility scooter because I was on my own, it makes it easier for me if I don't have to alk too far and on a hot summery day in our village, the tourisgts are in. But the beach wasn't too busy, it was lovely. A cooler breeze, the sea was gentle, I paddled a bit but it was still a bit too cold for me to get in any deeper. There were some small children playing on the edge, I warned te parents about the rip we usually have there but today was safer.
    I collected some shells, lay in the sun for a while (Vitamin D again, doctor's orders) then headed home. It was the middle of the day so I still have to be careful to not get burnt, it would be worse than midsummer midday in the northern hemisphere because the ozone hole is a problem for us.
    But no problem, no trace of a burn. husband said I've got a bit of tan line on my back so I seem to be judging the sun exposure about right.

    It's late afternoon/early evening here, my favourite gardening program is about to start on TV. difficult child 3 is watching Simpsons in our room while I hog the computer.

    Tomorrow - very hot, it could break records (again). Storms forecast in the afternoon/evening. These storms are a common event in Sydney (in NSW) after a hot day - they tend to develop over the Great Dividing Range and come either from the west or blow up the east coast. These latter ones are called the "southerly buster" and can be spectacular. Also very short. You can see the ground steaming as the rain hits it, people often stay out in the rain (unless the lightning is close). But afterwards, if it hasn't cooled things down much, the humidity makes things even more unpleasant. Usually though, things are cooled briefly and it is more pleasant for a little while. When I was a kid you could almost set your watch by these summer storms, they would hit just as I was walking home from school after a muggy, sweaty, searing day.
    When I was a uni student my favourite place to be during one of these stomrs was at the rocks on the northern end of Bondi Beach. There were a couple of places there where a rock slab had fallen to provide a rough shelter, where you could watch the storm and stay dry (mostly). Unless the seas were also running high, then the waves would reach you. It could be dangerous, but that was half the fun.
    Down at our little beach (not the one in the filmed interview, but the wilder one I went to today) the waves can get very wild with a storm driving it. There's nowhere there to shelter.

    difficult child 3 says the wild lorikeets are in to be fed. Time to go.

    Enjoy your Saturday, everyone.

  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :autumn: Good Saturday Morning!

    Hi Marg, glad you made it to the beach for awhile. Bet the doctor didn't have to order the Vit D testing for you to need an excuse to go to the beach!

    I'm all ready for the cousin weekend! Nothing left to do here at the house but await the arrival of the girls! I might run out to HHGregg - they just opened two stores here Thursday after our Circuit City stores closed last year - I need a new receiver for my sirius radio and they have some big sales going on.

    Hope everyone has a great Saturday and a fun and relaxing weekend!

  3. Fran

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    Good morning Marguerite and LDM, nice to see you both.
    Marguerite, hope the heat isn't too brutal for you. A little sun does feel good on your skin doesn't it?
    LDM, have fun on the cousin's weekend. I love get togethers like that. Relaxed and with good company.

    Today is a second cloudless beautiful autumn day. Not too hot but not too cold. I think rain is coming in.
    husband is at his annual boys weekend away. They tell old college stories, eat tuna grinders(ugh!) smoke a cigar or two and drink beer. Poor husband barely drinks and smokes very little of the cigar but he has fun. They will go to the football game today then he will head home tomorrow morning.

    difficult child continues to wait for calls from prospective employers. : ( He is going out with girlfriend today. Not sure if that relationship hasn't cooled down. : (

    We head to Orlando on Tuesday since easy child is scheduled to work. I didn't want him to be on his own. So the three of us are driving down. The puppies are going to the dog hotel. I'm never 100% comfortable with that but then I was never 100% comfortable with my preschool kids going to daycare/baby sitter. Just a quirk I guess.
    Anyhow, today I'm baking some pumpkin choc chip cookies to take along to easy child. In between I'm starting the long process of decorating for Christmas. It's a long ordeal but if I start now, hopefully I won't be too overwhelmed.

    I'm looking forward to the holidays this year. It seems pretty well paced although by the weekend before Christmas I feel like I want to crawl into bed and stay for a week.

    I finished 10 wks of boot camp. Sigh. It's good. Not pretty and not easy but I feel like I'm getting stronger. I did sign up for 3 more weeks but not everyday. 3 days a week at getting up at 4:30 is plenty. I'm happy to feel the muscles getting stronger.

    Hope you have a great day. I'll be humming along with Christmas songs on the I Pod.
  4. TPaul

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    Good saturday morning everyone!!!

    Marq. That ride and then being a the beach sounds wondeful. So relaxing and peaceful. Ok, I am jealous, LOL LOL;)
    Morning little dudes mom, hope you get some good deals!!!

    Fran hope you survive more boot camp, left left left right left, Keep going girl!!!! :whiteflag:

    Hope everyone else has a good weekend. I work at the Antique Shop for a full day today. Owner usually works a full day, but her dad died about a month ago. They are scattering his ashes along with his wife who died many years ago together today. Thought it was sweet that they made arrangements before they died to have thier ashes scattered together when they both where gone. Will be hard on my boss though.

    I am finished decorating the lake house for my client. With the exception of hanging old licence plate up as a border in the bathroom which is very rustic. Also waiting on the carpenter to come and hang the bracket for the 42 inch flat tv that is going up on the wall in the main room. I have ornamental iron that is going up as a frame around it. Then in a couple of weeks will add some fall and winter plants to their wooden tubs on the lake property for some outside color.

    I start on Xmas decorating at thier pharmacy the beginning of next week. We are having the wall paper removed in their main house entry, living area and dining room combo. It is a long long room. Having the walls floated and painted. That should be done my monday and then I start redecorating those areas and the rest of the house for xmas. Will be a busy few weeks.

    Well enough chatter from me,
  5. trinityroyal

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, the sunshine sounds lovely. Hope difficult child 3 is feeling better soon.
    LDM, the cousin weekend sounds like a blast. Hope you have a great time.
    Fran, your dedication to fitness is inspiring. Way To Go.
    TPaul, sounds like you have your hands full, but it also sounds like the project is very rewarding.

    This morning we're having a nice quiet time. Little easy child is playing with the babies, I'm making breakfast, and husband is having a well deserved lie-in. He's been doing the night-shift with the babies for the last couple of days so we're trying to let him sleep as long as possible.

    And tonight, husband and I, sister in law and brother in law, other brother in law and other sister in law are going out on the town. A famous blues musician, cousin to husband, sister in law and brother in law, is in town for a concert and he was kind enough to put us on his guest list. I've never met him, but have loved his music for years so I'm very excited. I won't mention his name because he has the same last name we do, but he was very influential in the 60's British Invasion. Whee!

    Have a great Saturday everyone!