Good morning Saturday


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G'day, people.

Well, after me 'complaining' that Warragamba Dam in flood looked wimpy, they really opened the floodgates today. Yesterday was just the spillover from the overflow. Now - they opened the sluices. Now THAT'S what I remember from my childhood!

Downstream - yes, it's flooding, but evac is all organised, SES (State Emergency Services) are all in place and doing a marvellous job. They're rescuing animals too where they can. Volunteers all swinging into action.

Before people get worried - we're all okay. Even our road (which usually flood) was clear when I drove over it today, although if I'd spit upstream it would have gone over. I saw an SES volunteer working on clearing the grate (which, when it fills with debris, makes the flooding worse).

The rain is not heavy here, although it's been heavy upstream. Here, it's not even enough to wear a raincoat or bother with an umbrella. It's a warm rain, the roads are steaming.

Tonight is Sydney's Mardi Gras - I suspect the crepe paper and feathers all got a bit wet. We'll see the TV footage tomorrow although mother in law probably won't want to watch it - it's too overt a celebration of gay pride.

It's almost midnight Saturday here, I don't often get to post a morning thread because of the current time shift. When our daylight saving stops, I'll be better able to post.

Truly they say, it never rains but it pours!


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Good morning Marg and all who follow!

Marg, I'm glad you're safe and dry. I have to admit that when things like that are going on, the energy in the air is exciting to me-must be the difficult child in me!

I've arranged for difficult child and E to clean my house today so I can lay low and focus on my knee. I think I may try to hit the gym and use the recumbent cycle there and pop in a visit with my mom later today. easy child is laid up with a horribly stiff back. I'm hoping H as estimates to do today, I don't like when he's home all day on a Saturday-he becomes antsy and drives me nuts.

Have a good one!

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Good Morning,

Marg-Glad you and yours are safe!

Jo-Glad you have difficult child and E to clean the house. I hope your h goes off to work and that you are able to get to the gym (just take it easy).

difficult child has been awake for hours so he has been in and out of our room so I finally just got up. Lots to do around the house today-major cleaning and husband is taking in our W2s to our tax guy. We are also hoping to get to the club and hoping to take difficult child bowling (hopefully that won't mean major joint pain tonight).

We have about 4 inches of wet heavy snow to be shoveled as well. I told easy child/difficult child yesterday that she would need to do that while husband and I were cleaning in the house.

Wishing all a peaceful day!:)