Good Morning Sunday


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G'day, everyone.

I'm really loving this summer, finally. It's my best friend's last week off work this week. She's difficult child 3's godmother and today we got to the beach for a sunbake and chat. Very impulsive - I tend to wear my swimsuit in summer, especially on the weekend. I dragged a skirt on over the top, had my towel with me because I'd just pulled it off the line, and scooted down to visit. Then after an hour of talking about her kids, she said, "I need a swim. Or a nap."
I gave her the heads up and said, "I'm dressed for the beach - wanna go?" So we did. I love living here! We've got at least another week of pure summer, but not too hot. Nothing over 35 C, thank goodness.

Meanwhile, husband was back home posting to people on this site - I've created a monster!

There's a post in Watercooler about meeting today on the beach for a virtual get-together. We're a bit ahead of you down here.

I'm still fighting my cold - could be why I didn't actually want to get more than my feet wet at the beach - but I reckon fresh air and watching the sea eagle is good for that, too.

Enjoy your Sunday. I've got to hit the showers and wash off some sand (from lying on the beach).


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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Your day sounds absolutely wonderful. It snowed about 1/2 inch here last night. It's pretty but I much prefer summer!

Yesterday was difficult child's first wrestling tournament-I'll probably do a separate post later. Today I'm heading off to church and then later I'll go to the health club. We may go see Dream Girls tonight-not sure though.

I hope everyone enjoys their day!


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Good Morning from cold, icy Michigan.

Heading to the beach sounds wonderful, Marguerite. Too cute about creating a monster with husband. I think it's cute that he's interested in the site.

Sharon, hope difficult child's tournament went well. My difficult child was involved in sports (hockey and baseball) growing up, and he loved it.

Nothing much on our schedule here today. I think I'll only venture as far as the grocery store to pick up fixings for some nice, hot soup. I have lived my whole life driving in snow, but icy roads scare me, so I won't be going very far.

Our house is quiet here. Only difficult child is left here, and he works afternoons/evenings, so we don't really see much of him. My oldest bought his first home and moved out and my youngest is away at college. We're at the beginnings of empty nest. So far, so good. husband and I had a date night last night.

Hope those of you in the winter storm's path stay safe and warm. For those of you on the beach, enjoy!



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Good morning!
Marg- Enjoy the beach! We're expecting an ice/snow storm later. Yuck!
Sharon- I'll look for that update on difficult child's wrestling. Have a great day!
Deb- It sounds like you and husband are adjusting quite nicely to an empty nest...
I'm going to go to church this morning and try to get to the grocery store later today. husband is going to hang out with Duckie as he tries to leave for Cleveland tomorrow. Hopefully, he can get through with the weather.
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in.


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Good morning, ladies.

Marg, the beach sounds delightful. It's freezing here, I'm envious.

Deb, date night with husband sounds fun. If your empty nest gets boring, I can add some excitement to it for you? I have plenty of difficult child's around that could use a vacation LOL!

TM, enjoy your childless break. I hope you get some "me time" in today. You certainly deserve it.

We were driving home last night and the transmission in SO's truck went out. At least it wasn't before Christmas.

I have a ton of cleaning to do today. My house is a catastrophe. Laundry too. I'm not working tomorrow, I need an extra day. With the holiday, it'll be slow in there anyway.

I saw someone asked about difficult child 2 in another thread, I'll update there. Could be worse, could be better, I guess. Very different having him around.

Hope everyone has a good day!



Good Sunday morning, all!

Marg -- living near the beach sounds wonderful!
Wiped Out -- Hope you get to see Dreamgirls --heard it's great
Deb-- mmm, soup sounds great!
TM - we don't have snow in our forcast yet, temps have been in the 50's -- I'm ready for some snow
Janna -- Sorry to hear about the truck. Glad their have been incidents this weekend with difficult child 2

It's a gray, misty day here. The Eagles lost their game last night, so the season is over for us.What a bummer! It feels like a day to just lay around but I've got lots to do around the house.A quiet day here.

Enjoy your Sunday and hi to anyone who snuck in!

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Good morning friends,

Marg, the beach sounds so nice this morning - I could use a little warmth today.

Sharon, I hear Dream Girls is a pretty good movie - may go out to see a matinee next week.

Deb, I've had an empty nest of sorts over the last year; takes some time to adjust. I have a zillion house plants that I brought in & started nurturing. LOL

TM, enjoy your quiet time at church. Hope husband isn't gone too long on this trip.

Janna, put on Led Zepplin while you clean - gets me in the cleaning mode.

Kate, the mess isn't going away if you lay around. Take the day & rest.

kt is home & being a delight. She & husband are off to visit with wm this afternoon - I have a double ear infection & bronchitis (the antibiotic just isn't kicking in) so I will be staying in pj's & sleeping the day away.

kt has earned a safety crew slumber party so she'll be heading back to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) late afternoon.

Have a peaceful Sunday.