Good Morning Sunday


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G'day, everyone.

A new school year begins in the morning. I just talked to difficult child 3 and said I want him to treat tomorrow as a normal school day. He's a smart kid - he said, "But isn't tomorrow teachers only?"
I pointed out that later in the week we have to take a day off to go shopping, and he can also use tomorrow to ease himself into the school year, so he's willingly agreed to begin work at 9 am (a normal school commencement time in Australia) and if he works well I'll take him to the beach at lunchtime. He's got all his schoolwork already filed, ready for him to choose which subject to do first. For him, it's like having a plate of different foods. For each food he chooses to eat next, his choices slowly dwindle until it's all gone. But by choosing what he does and when, he's working so much more efficiently it's wonderful.

Hopefully I'll get some of my own work done tomorrow too. [did I just see a flock of pink squealing things flap past the window?]

I still feel virtuous - my friend & I got the article on bullying finished and submitted this afternoon. We kept having to change word length and format as the editor changed things on us - she got a last minute ad from our local :censored2: which cut our proposed article length in half. Oh, well... all the stuff left over can go towards next issue's sequel.

Here's hoping for more fine weather tomorrow. We've got moderately high summer temperatures, but not unpleasantly so. I can take my small tent to the beach and maybe work from there. I'm living in my swimsuit - I own more swimsuits than shoes.



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well happy back to school.....I am glad he was agreeable, thats great!
We are supposed to be now heading into the coldest temps we have seen in over a year any time now. Brrr.

I am sad it is already morning and time to get up cuz my lil guy could not sleep so we are STILL upp.......<sigh> poor dog is so confused, he is not sure if he is coming or going right about now, LOL.
I hafta get easy child to work and our laundry to laundrymat and it has been snowing, so I might need to take care of that, too.

Wanted to tell everyone to have a great day! Gosh pretty soon it will be Groundhogs Day! Our town has a big festival for that cuz that movie was filmed here. My PCs "big sister" is on Chamber of Commerce, so, they are quite active in the event planing.
SO- keep warm, and Marg, have fun at beach at lunch and have a great day!


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Good morning!
Marg- I think it's wonderful that difficult child 3 is learning so much about personal responsibility just because he's home-schooled!
Dreamer- I hope you and the family have an easy day and are able to catch up on rest tonight.
As for us, we have church this morning. Then I stay after for a disaster preparedness seminar. Duckie and husband will come home for some lunch and watch movies. It should be a fun afternoon for them.
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in.

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Good morning friends,

Marg, I'd feel virtuous as well - I know when I complete a task if import, I puff up like a peacock. Sounds like difficult child is making strides.

dreamer, hope you can complete everything that needs to happen before the snow & cold hit you. Stay warm.

TM, not to question the import of a class in disaster preparedness, but don't you think living with a difficult child qualifies??? :rofl:

It's 5 below zero this morning. Which works for the annual St. Paul winter carnival. kt called & told me that she had her picture taken with the carnival princess & was sure her picture would be in the newspaper this morning.

Waiting for the morning paper to arrive to see if kt has already achieved her 5 minutes of fame. :rofl: :rofl: What will she have to look forward to next??? :rofl:

As always, have a good day - I plan on it. Keep warm & your loved ones close in your heart. :smile:


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TM, not to question the import of a class in disaster preparedness, but don't you think living with a difficult child qualifies??? :rofl:

[/ QUOTE ]

Most people dread a natural disaster for the obvious reasons: loss of life, property damage, even looting. My biggest fear is being stuck indoors with an unruly difficult child!!! Or even worse, having friends bring me their children to look after because they figure I can handle anything if I can handle Duckie, lol! :rofl:


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Morning All!

I am behind this morning, difficult child and his partner for bowling were not in the mood last night, lately the ally has been mobbed and they don't do well. We had friends over last night, they brought guitar hero for ps2, difficult child loved it and didn't stop playing until close to 10:30, his is on order as they are sold out most every where here, i was horrible at it, so it should be interesting when it arrives. Well not much going on here today, have a good one everybody!

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Happy back to school-I'm a bit jealous that you own more swimsuits than shoes.

Dreamer-I hope you find some rest time today.

TM-Movie time sounds fun-too bad you'll miss out. I hope to never experience a natural disaster with my difficult child :wildone:

Linda-Has the paper arriived? :smile:

Razzle-Sounds like a nice night last night.

difficult child had fun at the tournament even though he lost all his matches and managed to drive us crazy with his behavior. The respite night was nice but about to come to an end.

I'm already back from church. Today the dog is going in for a grooming and I'm getting in a workout.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful Sunday-and stays warm if you're anywhere in the midwest *Hi to anyone who snuck in. :princess:


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Good Morning my friends. It's a sunny crisp day. I missed you guys yesterday. It was a long day.
difficult child stopped by for a movie night with husband. He looked good.
Marguerite, enjoy the last day before school starts.

Dreamer sorry you were up all night. I gave up 11-7 shift and swore I would never stay up all night ever again.

TM, I'm a big fan of preparing oneself for disasters. I used to get grief about preparing for hurricanes until Andrew hit Miami. I didn't look like such a fuss budget then. Preparing allows one to make wise choices in a disaster. Good for you.

Timer, hope Kt is the star of the paper.

Raz, enjoy a break in the action today. You deserve it.

Wiped out, glad you got respite. Hope difficult child settles down.

Hope today is restful today to all of you. I'm going to try to keep the day stressfree and productive. easy child has his last play performance, easy child daughter works this afternoon and hopefully difficult child will come by to look for jobs. I'm trying to stay hopeful for a job for him. Hope for the future is the only way to get through today.

Enjoy your :smile: and a peaceful day.

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Good morning everyone!

Sounds like we're all striving for a stress-free day.

difficult child announced to me this morning that we (she and I) are supposed to go shopping for decoration for her prom...and buy them! I'm going to just suck it up and try to have fun with this. H is still in pain from his fall last week and can't seem to do anything, so I guess he will have a nice relaxing Sunday.

Take care everyone!


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OK, I'm puzzled. I know it's now well after Sunday morning for you folks, but I always read over the thread. It censored me!!??!? The missing word is ":censored2:" or similar. I can't remember exactly how I described him but it was nothing informal or derogatory (I quite like the bloke) - it could have been MP (Member of Parliament). Now I'm REALLY confused!

And I know I said I own more swimsuits than shoes - I have two old swimsuits still wearable, one new one, and the top half of a new one whose knickers need fresh elastic. And for shoes - besides thongs (flip-flops) I have one pair of light cotton 'happy shoes' with buckle needing to be stitched back on, another pair worn through at the toes (about to be thrown away), a recently bought pair of heels and my ugg boots for winter. I'm no fashion plate!


<font color="blue">PS From Marg's Man
Marg got censored again! So I rang her from work and we're BOTH puzzled. The American version of English beats us sometimes.

The word is p-o-l-i-t-i-c-i-a-n. If that offends anyone then I just don't know what to say.
Marg's Man </font>