Good Morning Sunday


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Good day all.
Going to be another chilly day here, so far it's 8 and only supposed to warm up to 23, more snow on the way tomorrow afternoon. Anyone here from the New York area, I hope you're staying safe. I can't imagine 100 inches of snow. brrrrr
husband working, will get off at 6pm tonight. I'd love to just not do anything today but the housework won't get done. So going to drink another cup of coffee and start household chores.
I hope everyone has a great day.


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We must have missed the news - 100 inches of snow in New York! Wow! What the h*** does that look like?

difficult child 3 & I finally got to the beach, despite forecast storms. And it seems Sydney WAS hit by storms - a mall out west copped so much rain that the roof caved in. Luckily, they had just enough warning to get everybody out. They had several inches of water all over the floor, with electrical wiring arcing all through it, just to make life interesting. It's very close to where easy child used to work. (But it sounds peanuts compared to New York and anywhere else being inundated with snow).

And us? Instead of getting everybody else's share, it spattered a few tiny drops just as we left the beach. But now, late on Sunday night? It's raining. Only lightly, our beach towels on the line are still mostly dry, but I figured if I leave them there some of the salt will wash out, and maybe it will keep raining through the night, and revitalise my garden.

That's the trouble with our rain - we get nothing for months, then we get a heavy downpour in minutes which we just can't cope with. Then nothing for more months. The big dam got some rain, about an inch (25mm). It's another 20 km west of that flooded mall, but we have two smaller ones about the same distance inland, so hopefully we've got them wet too. An inch of rain in the big dam buys us another week, maybe. It's all welcome. The government is going ahead with the desalination plant anyway, and sewage recycling will follow after that.

I still have some pieces of dragon fruit (pitaya) in my fridge - I quite liked it although the taste was a bit bland. I think we'll keep the fruit growing in our garden, though - I do like it enough for that.

More storms forecast tomorrow, but that doesn't necessarily mean rain. lately the storms have been all bluster and noise, with nothing productive (except for the western mall, today). The wind was up at the beach this afternoon, the surf was a bit wild but just how difficult child 3 likes it. I had a couple of swims but just getting out past the breakers was tiring - the waves were reflecting off the beach and tangling my legs up if I was too close to the shore. At this little beach you can't keep the sand out of your swimsuit - there is so much turbulence at the wave junction that it's like being in a full-on spa at that point, plus all the sand being kicked up too. But after a swim like that, a cold shower is another joy.

Tonight we're going to bed with the sound of the rain on the roof, and the smell of it coming in the windows - it's lovely, especially when we haven't had it for so long. We can hear the frogs through our window, too.

School again in the morning. A busy week coming up. Enjoy your Sundays. Hope you soon will see the end of your snow, because your spring can't be too far away now.


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Good Morning,

Joanne-It's about the same temp here and right now that seems almost balmy for us. This was our first night without dipping below 0 in a long time! I hope you stay warm because I know it's all relative-there are days when the 20s seem very cold-never thought I'd say that was a warm day. Just do the light housework and then curl up and relax a bit today!

As for me in a bit I have to get up because difficult child has a wrestling tournament today. I'm glad he has one because yesterday he wasn't at all pleasant to be around as he was very moody and angry. It's in the town where my best friend and godchild live so they're going to come to the tournament for a bit. easy child has been kind of moody lately so I hope while we are gone today she finds her better mood. Ah-teenagers!

I hope everyone a day filled with some fun. Hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:


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<span style="color: #3366FF"> </span> GOOD MORNING ALL!

I hope you all have a great weekend, difficult child and i had a busy sat.. We were at the laundry mat by 7:15 yesterday morninig, then home qucik, and off to buy a new computer we are loving it, a big 17 inch flat screen we feel spoiled, not sure about this vista thoug i guess it wil grow on me, then difficult child didn't go to bowling instead we went with my friend-co-teacer and her boyfriend to fun world, which is a three story arcade, also has an indoor merry go orund and roller coaster for the little kids. difficult child was awesome as his medications. wore off early. He is still coughing, and we are both getting aggravated as the dr. says it's only his asthma. Have a nice swunday everyone!


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Good Sunday Morning All

Joanne, hope you get your housework done timely and then have some time to relax on this sunday morning :smile:

Marg, I love the surf rough just like difficult child. When you have to stand there at the shore and time your "going out" :surprise: Hope difficult child has a productive Monday.

Sharon, enjoy the wrestling match - that wrestling sure takes up a lot of time huh?

On my second cup of :coffee:. Thanks for bringing our little gremlins back Cheryl! I especially love this one :hypnosis:

Not too much on the place for today. Sunday school and church this morning then easy child's boyfriend is coming to spend the day with her while difficult child just hang. I am goingn to do some of my monday laundry today so I don't have as much to do tomorrow. I would like to carve some time to get my nails done. Our NYC trip is slated for thur and easy child, best friend and I are getting excited. We look up a bunch of vintage shops in SoHo yeterday (online). The girls also want to check out the Sat flea down by NYU. Our days and nights are booked now!

Wishing everyone a relaxing and peaceful Sunday.



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Good morning friends. Nice to see others sipping their :coffee: and stopping by.

Jodyice, stay warm. 23 doesn't sound too appealing by Feb. I can't imagine 100 in of snow even in a ski area. Amazing.

Marguerite, hope the rains come for you and for us. It's unfortunate when it's so much that damage is done.

Wiped out, hope difficult child brightens up. It's so wearing when there is so much negativity around.

Hi Razz, sounds like a productive day. The arcade sounds like a fun thing to do on a winter day. Hope difficult child's cough eases up soon.

husband and I went out Sat. afternoon to get a big bumper on my favorite toy the yellow Jeep. Happy Valentine's to me. LOL

easy child and I returned from the sleep study this AM. I don't how easy child slept but I slept fine. It was an interesting place. Very state of the art.(it's only been open a week and 1 of 20 in the country geared to pediatric sleep disorders) The whole building is geared to pediatrics with aquariums and playgrounds in the center. Pediatricians, MRI and Xray are the tenets. It's come a long way since difficult child was a baby and there were 4month old magazines and a few blocks for kids to play with in the waiting room. So easy child was wired and glued and monitored for the night.

I think I will get a little more sleep then get started for the day. Good morning to those of you who are posting here. Have a peaceful day.


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Good morning!
Joanne- I just want to state for the record the Oswego is getting hit with all that snow, not Buffalo. They are 150 miles away from us!!! :smile: Stay warm.
Marg- The sound of rain on the roof can be the best lullaby. Sleep well. /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sleep.gif
Sharon- I hope the wrestling matches & visit with your friend goes well. :princess:
Jen- I can't imagine having asthma is this bitter cold weather. Yikes! :ill:
Sharon- I'm about to grab my second cuppa. Have a great day! :coffee:
Fran- Well I'm glad you slept well at the sleep study, lol! :hypnosis:
We have church this morning, then husband leaves for Cleveland this afternoon. :nonono: He'll be back late Thursday.
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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Good Morning everyone. It's been cold here too, although we've had a reprieve from the sub-zero weather for a few days now. We've also been getting dustings of snow, but nothing substantial.

A girl from easy child's club gymnastics team lost her dad last week, so easy child came home for the funeral service yesterday. He passed away in his sleep, and it was a shock to everyone. I'm glad that so many of the gymnasts went to help the daughter get through such a tough time. It was nice to see everyone again, though such a sad event to bring everyone together.

So, easy child heads back this morning. She has to work at 2:00, so needs to get back early.

Hope everyone stays warm. Anyone in upstate New York, stay safe! Hear lots of snow is headed that way.

Hugs to all,

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Good morning all,

Joanne, finish those chores & snuggle under a quilt with a good book. This is the perfect weather for it.

Marg, love sleeping with the sound of gentle rain.

Sharon, good luck to difficult child on his tournament.

Jen, glad to hear that difficult child had a good day - hope that cough clears up soon.

Sharon, enjoy your relaxing day.

Fran, sleep studies have come a long way - I had one about 20 years ago. The place wasn't the peaceful or sleep friendly.

Since kt went back to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) early, today will be a day of relaxation. I have a taste for homemade granola - think that's on the "menu" for this morning.

Oh, by the way, my recital is this afternoon - so I guess I'll be practicing "a bit". :smile:

Enjoy your Sunday :princess:


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Good morning all. it is cold here also about 8 when I got up and not expected to get much warmer with snow comming our way tuesday. I Got up early did my usual chores feed the animals make coffee unload dishwasher etc. I have a few hours to do as I please so I please to be here. :smile:

Today husband and I hope to finish painting the livingroom. I spent the week repairing the plaster walls and ceilings. The two week before were spent stripping several layers of wallpaper off the walls and washing off the old paste. Yesterday and the day before husband primed and painted the first wall coat while I painted the ceiling medallion. It came out beautiful but I hope that I do not get tired of my color scheme because it was so very tedious. I hope to start the stenciling of walls and ceiling this afternoon but I think it will take a few days to complete. I am shooting for having the room together by next weekend and then taking a day to do something fun before tackling the diningroom. This will make 6 room completed and we are only 1/3 of the way done! These old victorians are beautiful but a big project even when they are in relatively good shape to begin with.

I hope everyone has a good day.