Good Morning Sunday

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    G'day, people.

    Today was hot. Steamy. We headed out early for the public trains day - for those who asked yesterday (Stella, I think) this is a monthly public event at husband's club, miniature live steam locomotives.

    Today was very busy, being the first weekend of school holidays, a very hot day, a busy time of year anyway.

    The thermometer got to 33 C (91.4 F) today. I was wearing a singlet top under a thin shirt and still felt sticky. We sold over two thousand tickets and would have sold more but had to stop early when a cool change swept through with high winds that began to bring down tree branches. It just wasn't safe to continue.

    Some friends of ours were also there for a little boy's birthday party, so I escorted them behind the scenes as the locomotives were going through their cool-down process before being packed up and taken home. It really is fascinating.

    We drove home along the coast, beautiful in the cooler afternoon. difficult child 1 & girlfriend were at our place when we got home - very useful because I need to sort out some wedding plans urgently with girlfriend, I'm trying to organise some shopping tomorrow for wedding dress fabric.

    Tomorrow will be much cooler - 16C or 61 F. A big difference. I'm also bringing difficult child 3 shopping with us too, so we can find something for him to wear to his brother's wedding. Eight weeks to go! The weather is set to warm up again in a few days, I'm hoping we can go to the beach then, with friends. I'm staying out of the water, though - girlfriend went swimming today, she said it's still very cold.

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

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  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :D Good Morning Friends!

    Marg, your weather is heating up quickly - but interesting that there is going to be a 30-degree difference between today and tomorrow! Bonehead took difficult child shopping for his wedding suit yesterday. Came home with a nice black suit in size 18 :surprise::surprise: - difficult child wears a 14! No shirt, no tie, no shoes....... Hope you have better luck with difficult child 3's shopping!

    I have my Sunday school class here in about 20 minutes. The middle school through 9th grade Sunday school class took over the room that we have been in for years. It was comfortable with sofas, easy chairs, etc. No alternative was offered to my high-schoolers. The kids were a little upset about the takeover since we designed, decorated, recovered the furniture, etc. several years ago. There are no other "casual" meeting spaces availale at church. So, I got permission to have SS class at my house (I'm only 2 blocks from church and all "my kids" drive). So every 2nd and 4th Sunday (the other two Sundays - one they will visit a local retirement home where many of our elder members reside, and the other Sunday they will help out in the little kids class) I will have teens at 9:30!

    difficult child is doing really great! He has adjusted to school this year and actually says he likes school. We went to a fundraiser thur night at a local eatery and I was amazed at his social interaction. Oh, not typical, don't get me wrong. But enough interaction to make me smile!

    easy child has one more thing on her "turning 18" list - buy a lottery ticket. Her weekend has been good but her boyfriend (of over a year) just may be on the way out. She is getting a little frustrated and he is beginning to take some of her joy. I sit back and watch and wish I could say more, but I only really contribute when she talks about it. I've always like this guy, but he has so much baggage from his past. I really think it's gotten to the point where he needs to talk to someone and may actually need to take something for depression. We'll see............ he cares to much for easy child, but his issues are getting in the way.......

    After my class leaves this morning I need to get the kids cracking on some homework. We plan on a bike ride after lunch. I was in the shed pricing some old bikes (the big yard sale is next Saturday!) and realized we haven't had our bikes out since the spring. easy child is teaching at the gym later this afternoon so I will probably go to that class at 4:30.

    Wishing everyone a great Sunday - find some time to relax :peaceful:

  3. Andy

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    Marg - Your train days sound so wonderful. What a great way to spend a boy's birthday.

    Little Dude's Mom - No fair about the Sunday School room - just plain rude of the leader of the younger kids. I am glad difficult child is doing well and I hope easy child will see soon what she really wants in her relationship.

    I had a great day yesterday. Got a lot of scrapbooking done. I am working on difficult child's graduation book. Should have it ready for his graduation in six (6) years! I am missing some class group pictures and his 4th grade pictures so need to look for those. difficult child did stay home with husband so I had Friday - last night to myself. The time down there was nice and I missed my favorite traveling companion (difficult child). It was a beautiful drive both ways. The friend I was suppose to see ended up leaving town on Friday to attend a relative's funeral. Hopefully I will see her next time I go to my sister's.

    Have a great day! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh!

  4. timer lady

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    Good Sunday morning friends,

    Marg, sounds like a delightful (but warm) day yesterday. As your summer heats up our fall & winter is hitting ~ starting to miss those 90 plus degree days.

    Sharon, what a interesting solution to SS room dilemma. Cool! Glad to hear that difficult child is doing so well. We always knew he had it in him. :bravo: Very proud cyber auntie here.

    Adrianne, I love days like the one you enjoyed yesterday - quiet time to work on a favorite hobby or gift.

    Boy did I sleep in this morning; I need to run out to the pharmacy today or tomorrow for one of my medications. Personally I don't care to take it today (methotextrate) so I think I'll wait until tomorrow (when it's not raining).

    kt is heading off to a friends house this afternoon with PCA to drop off her birthday gift & spend some time at her home. As kt's friend is another difficult child PCA will be in continual attendance. Wish we could mix kt into another group of kids.

    Rainy day ahead - I believe a chicken stew is on the menu with laundry & painting. husband will be heading out to visit wm. I can hear husband playing guitar & I know he spent yesterday working on geneology stuff.

    Have a peaceful Sunday. Hope you find a reason to smile today.
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    Good to hear everyone is dong well o nthis Sunday afternoon/early evening. Timer lady-I also do genealogy, so your husband and I have something in common.

    Today found my ds(difficult child 1) at odds with me. But before he got "grumpy" with me he got insulted by my dad. My mom + dad were over and we had asked my dad to help us fix up our VCR because when we got high-speed cable they didn't set it up correctly. Well anyway, my dad was workin on it and DS having a vested interest in getting it to work so he could watch his Star Wars movies again, tried to offer suggestions. He said something like "Just turn it to channel 3 and it will work". That was the way it USED to work but now didn't.
    My dad, not realizing the sensitive way these things need to be addressed, said something like "You don't know what you're talking about. I don't need your help." Well, if you've ever seen a person with hurt feelings. This was MAJOR hurt feelings! He went to his room and balled his eyes out for a minute or two before I got there to do damage control. Then we calmed down. I told him Grandpa doesn't know how to say things nicely sometimes and was already trying his own ideas.
    Then we went to speak to Grandpa and I tried to convey that he had hurt DS's feelings and DS just wanted to offer his advice. Grandpa apologized and again stated that he knew what he was doing. DS was okay but confused as to why Grandpa had to be like that. Anyway, he forgot it about it after a while.
    Later, he decided he wanted to play on the computer. I told him he had to do a "learning thing" first. This meant he had to read for 15min or write a story. 2 things which he HATES to do. So he begged me all day and I stuck it out and told him no he had to do his learning things first. Finally he gave up and didn't do either work OR computer. Agg, I hate rainy weekends!! We didn't want to go out to do anything, and there was nothing to do inside either. They didn't want to play with toys or nothing. SO GLAD TOMORROW IS MONDAY AND SCHOOL AGAIN!!