Good Morning Sunday

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    G'day, people.

    A busy day today. I had trouble sleeping last night, I'm beginning to worry about this and that, anxious that things won't be ready. Last night I kept remembering things we need for the wedding that still aren't done (the arbour, bonboniere, my skirt/petticoat) and the gig today. I'd turn off the light and try to sleep - then have to turn it back on to find a different book to read, or something.

    But today went well. easy child 2/difficult child 2 turned up in time to get her stilts and costume ready, even to the point of husband removing and re-attaching the straps round her shins so the buckles no longer dig in. We met the organiser at the wharf and we handed out brochures to passengers arriving, then we drove up to the school for the rest of the job. I needed to walk around with her not only for safety, but to be her voice - easy child 2/difficult child 2 has a bad cold and had very little voice. She was drinking milk for a while to try and ease the sore throat. She really did a good job, wore through two stoppers on the ends of the stilts (we always carry spares) then at the end of the job they paid her in cash and we finally got to have a look around at our leisure.

    There were a few misbehaving boys, the same ones that torment difficult child 3, but no incidents with him at all. One local delinquent kid tried to get me to go to a particular stall and buy a Swiss army knife for him (he said he wanted to give it to his brother for Christmas). I told the boy to get his mother to help him, or to maybe give his brother an IOU and a gift certificate for it for Christmas. Silly kid - he thought he could outsmart me, as if I didn't know the law about selling ANY kind of knife to someone under 16 years old!

    Other boys were throwing water bombs and fart bombs at easy child 2/difficult child 2 while on stilts, and one boy pretended he was about to push her over. When I took note of who, I'm fairly sure they're part of the group that has been hassling difficult child 3 as well as his best friend. I was concerned for difficult child 3 wandering the fair with these boys apparently out for mischief, but difficult child 3 pointed out to me two older boys (his age) with the gang and said, "they're good people, while they're with them, those other boys won't do anything to hurt me." I was impressed with difficult child 3's confidence but I still got us both moving and out of there without lingering.

    Tomorrow is a heavy school day which we finish early to go to the city for the publicity photo (assuming it happens at last). After that I'm having an evening MRI at one of the city hospitals, as ordered by my neurologist. Then Tuesday - busy. I'm going along to a job interview with easy child 2/difficult child 2 so we can also continue on to check out wedding venues. In the evening we're having our final meeting with the caterer for difficult child 1's wedding. Somewhere in there we have shopping to do as well. Busy!

    I'm still trying to chase up some more support for difficult child 3 and school, I'll be on the phone with that tomorrow as well. I feel like I'm juggling about five balls and trying to keep them all in the air. At least today husband got the arbour made for difficult child 1's wedding. Now I have to decorate it, after I find out exactly what girlfriend wants. Then after the wedding husband will take it apart a little to modify it to make it fit our front fence.

    Oh well, I suppose juggling is a valid metaphor considering today's circus job for easy child 2/difficult child 2!

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Andy

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    Marg - It is hard to sleep when thoughts go to what needs to be done. Takes effort to put that aside and relax. I had a feel tiny panic attacks Friday night thinking about having to get into an elevator at a building that the elevator is only used for the American Red Cross. I feared we would be in the wrong building and with the Red Cross staff not there everyday when would difficult child and I be rescued? I didn't have my cell phone (husband has it hunting). I had to force myself not to worry - nothing I could do about it at the moment.

    I hope easy child 2/difficult child 2 is feeling better as each day goes on. Good for her to work through the cold to do the stilts gig.

    How brash of that boy to ask you to buy something for him. Incredibly rude.

    Those boys throwing things at and pretending to push easy child 2/difficult child 2 over were endangering her. I am glad you were by her side to help.

    I know you will find the time and way to get everything done this week.

    I have Sunday School today and need to go grocery shopping. difficult child is selling candles as a school fund raiser so I may take him around for that.

    Tommorrow, I only need to work 2 hours (mail for my extra hours that I can work arrived after I submitted my time sheet so that duty will have to wait untl Wednesday). I will offer to supervise school lunch and recess and then have some banking to do. I opened a credit card with a one item purchase for one year no payment/no interest credit. I have until the end of next August to pay. The company is having a hissy fit and treating me like I owe more than that one item. Threatening to charge me late fees for not making payments. They also did not apply a $20 credit to the statement for opening the charge card. So, I am writing a nasty gram explaining the situation and will have it paid in 2 -3 months (the purchase less the $20). The nasty gram will inform them that we will be taking our business elsewhere since they can not live up to their end of the agreement. I realize they do not know me and my record of always paying my debts but then they should not have these promotions or clairify that they are only for people who have an active account with them already.

    On Tuesday, I get a Holiday but difficult child still has school. We do not have hot lunch at our school so kids bring lunches every day. I found I can not "make" a lunch for them (sloppy joes, ect.) but I can "heat" and serve something precooked. So, my friend D and I are going to get those boxes of lasagna (2 or 3 boxes) and cook them at the school/church kitchen which was built to code. We will also heat premade garlic toast and serve lettuce, apple sauce, milk, and ice cream. I sent a flier home with the kids for parents to sign their permission.

    Wednesday and Thursday work days and I am considering taking Friday off. difficult child has an appointment in Fargo and we need an oil change in the van so I may just pull him out of school that day so that I will not be driving home after dark in the case of bad road conditions due to weather.

    Everyone have a great day. I wonder if anyone snuck in on me since it took so long to write? Find a way to make your difficult child laugh!
  3. Fran

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    Good morning Marguerite, sounds like busy times. I know weddings are a worry. Everyone wants them to go off without too much drama.

    The time with easy child is short but it's nice to have him home. He has clear ideas of what he wants to do next year despite our input. We did put our foot down (or I did) No working full time and school full time. It's a disaster waiting to happen. It's typical young person thinking. Over scheduling themselves until they realize that they are falling behind in their studies and are miserable, tired or get sick. He could go in two directions and he chosse the more difficult, rockier path. He coult go to school for 3 yrs with all expenses paid or he can work full time and go to school full time. He would rather the later. Strange kid. Hopefully we convinced him that moderation is a better choice. Medical insurance and housing being 2 big issues.

    So today is a small version of Thanksgiving with easy child. The pumpkin pie will go into the oven shortly and the cooking commences.
    The differences between difficult child and his typical peer group are much more obvious. easy child brought little trinket type gifts. Bought coffee for his mom at the mall and was grateful for new work shoes. Wouldn't even be on difficult child's radar. Conversations are like 2 different languages with difficult child being the odd man out. It's very heartbreaking to see him almost isolated behind a wall of not understanding our motivations or the subjects of our conversations.

    Hope today is a more fun day now that the serious talk is over.
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning Marg!

    Not much action here this morning. Maybe you are all taking it easy on this Sunday morning.....

    Sounds like a really busy day for you and the family Marg and an even busier week coming up.

    A kinda low key day here today. "My" highschool kids (Sunday School class) will be here in about an hour. We need to finalize plans for their advent service project and also their roles during our Christmas Eve service. These kids are all so busy - all but one is a senior and they are making applications to college, visiting colleges, studing hard and all are working. I need to make sure they can commit 6 or 7 weeks out!

    difficult child will be going to dad's for a movie today and easy child will be working on a charcoal still life to add to her portfolio. They told her she should have a few other pieces are art, rather than all photography, since she will be going to art foundation freshman year, rather than her major program (which would begin sophmore year). She wants to complete a charcoal and a pastel this week with anticipation of submitting everything the week after. She is a tad nervous, but more excited than anything.

    She is teaching a water fitness class at 4:30 I will attend, then swing by and pick up difficult child and we are cooking on the grill. easy child and I are having steak and difficult child is having hotdogs!!!

    Have a great Sunday :peaceful:

  5. LittleDudesMom

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    good morning! Bet it smells great at your house this morning! Have a wonderful day with your boys!

  6. Andy

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    Fran and Little Dude's Mom - Is that what you call an backwards sneak in? You snuck in "after" me. Probably typing the same time I was but hit the button after me.

    Fran - I am glad you are enjoying easy child's company. My difficult child loves pumpkin pies - he will be there this afternoon for his share. Yummy!

    Little Dude's Mom - Your easy child is doing such a great job with her life. What movie is difficult child watching? The snow and cold is putting me into the movie mode. One mom asked me to watch for a holiday movie to take the boys to. Nothing showing yet. Hopefully after Thanksgiving we will get more kid friendly movies. Our theator expanded to 5 cinemas and usually show PG 13 - R in all of them at any given time. I am out of touch with what is coming out for kids this holiday season. Have you ever had No Name steaks? If they are available in your area you have to try them. I am not a steak person but these are awesome!
  7. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-Sounds like a lot going on. Sorry you had to deal with the misbehaving boys.

    Andy-Sorry you are dealing with the rude credit card company. I'm coming to your difficult child's school for lunch on Tuesday-yummm!

    Fran-Enjoy the day with easy child home-wish I was at your house for dinner today! Hopefully easy child will realize the benefits of the moderation approach.

    Sharon-Your easy child sounds so creative! Enjoy the grilled steaks!

    I'm done for church for the day. Not sure what else is on the agenda. husband and I woke in great moods, made a big breakfast (eggs, bacon, potatoes), only to have both kids be pitas! husband made the comment to me that he hears people hating the empty nest years-he can't wait!

    Wishing everyone a day in which you are able to find reasons to laugh and smile.:D