Good Morning Sunday


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It's definitely cooler here - for now. The sea temperature is a tropical 23 degrees C, which hints at more rain on the way. We had a lovely outing today - went to a tram museum (

When the website mentions "today" it really WAS today! We saw it advertised on TV and we've always been meaning to go there. The cooler weather and risk of rain kept a lot of people away which gave us more room to enjoy it all.

No beach today - it's not as good when the sand is wet from rain. Still warm enough, though.

More rain forecast through the week, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything useful. I think we've had our heavy downpour for the month. I hope I'm wrong, though. But at least we had enough rain so I didn't need to water the garden this week.

Enjoy your Sunday - ours was a busman's holiday!



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Good Sunday Morning Marg and everyone to follow :angel:

Marg, sounds like you all had a nice Sunday - glad it has cooled and the air is saturated. Yesterday was a lovely sunny day but today has dawned grey and cloudy - we will have a rainy day here - good Sunday relaxing weather :grin:

Sunday school and worship this morning. easy child has her first junior deacon serve today. She will be preparing communion then serving and collecting the offering. After that, I've a few things around here. difficult child wants to hit the aviation museum this afternoon - when he was a little guy we used to go every couple weeks. I'm looking forward to watching the red carpet show tonight - I love to see the clothes.

Wishing everyone a relaxing and stress-free Sunday.



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Good morning Marg and all who follow,
It sounds like a beautiful day at the museum! We have church and husband must leave sometime between now & 4am Monday to go to Cleveland. He's unsure of when to leave because he's watching the weather: ice & snow. Please say a prayer that he arrives safely. Other than that we are winding down for mid-winter recess and looking forward to school tomorrow.
Have a great day!

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-I'm glad you enjoyed your outing-I also hope you get more downpours this week.

Yesterday was nice-I didn't do a whole lot (can you believe it?) but I did get in a workout and a nap! Last night we watched Babel. I had been hoping to get in all the best picture movies before the Oscars but didn't get to the Iwo Jima one or the Queen one.

Here the big story is the weather-officialy we had 7 inches of snow Friday night and last night we were under a blizzard warning-today we are under a winter storm warning. We are well stocked up and have no need to leave the house today. husband bought a few new games for us to play with difficult child so he won't hopefully drive us too crazy-he also bought some coloring books because as weird as it sounds every once in awhile we all love to color. I'm hoping I'll get a workout in the basement today and tonight it's the Oscars! Of course, a nap is mandatory as well. :wink:

Enjoy the day (stay safe if you are where the weather is bad) and hi to anyone who snuck in! :salute:

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Good morning friends,

Marg, enjoy your day.

LDM, sounds like a fun afternoon with difficult child.

WO, keeping a good thought for husband's travel. It's iffy here in the midwest.

Sharon, we love to color here. It's one of kt's best self calming skills. Over this past weekend at my dad's house, we had "children" of all ages (4-78) coloring!

"Hi" if you snuck in

Woke up at 7 to kt showering & getting herself dressed & 10 or so inches of snow. The snow was expected.

She is dressed, packed & ready to go back to Residential Treatment Center (RTC).

The snow has her anxious. Instead I believe we'll head out to shovel & throw snowballs.

Have a warm, calm day


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Good Morning all. A chilly Sunday here in New Jersey. husband made homemade Banana Bread. YUM. Heading to an all day cheerleading competition with the 3 girls. At least its only one day. Next weekend we will be at the Mohegan Sun in Conn. That is a two day competition, so we leave Friday Night and return on Monday morning....two very long days. I am hoping for some snow so we can have a snow day again tomorrow!! I will wear my PJs inside out and, just kidding. I hope everyone has a good day.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning everyone. Hope all you snow bunnies stay safe and warm. </span>


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Good morning everyone.
It's cold and rainy here today.
difficult child has kept me on my toes since we've been up, this is the first time I've been able to have a moment's peace, I don't know why he thinks he has to be constantly with me.
Have laundry to put away since I didn't do it yesterday. Not sure if I have anything else pressing to do today or not.
I hope everyones day goes well and stress free.