Good morning Sunday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Mar 6, 2011.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, people. I figured I'd better post now, before Sunday rolls over into Monday here. We're in bed (I still have my laptop) and tomorrow is a busy day so I should get some sleep.

    The weather here is cooling off overnight and in the mornings/evenings, but today was very hot in the middle of the day still. I could have gone for a swim but I had not planned on it. It will be warmer later in the week; maybe then.

    Today - church, then home to check out our local artists, get some yardwork done, other bits and pieces.

    Tomorrow - my cleaner arrives but I have to cut her short, I have to leave to see my surgeon for my 12 month check-up after cancer surgery a year ago. I should get my mammogram results tomorrow too. mother in law has been panicking about my results, I think she is convinced the cancer is back and I'm hiding "the truth" from her.
    I need to see my GP at some stage, plus do a little shopping. After that, I have a few quiet days at home, thank goodness!

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Marg- Fingers crossed and prayers said that you are 100% cancer free!

    I have a busy day: church, followed by a meeting, followed by grocery shopping. Ugh... wish I could go back to bed. It rained a lot yesterday and switched over to snow in the wee hours of the morning. We already have 3 inches or so on the ground (after everything else melted away yesterday).

    I'm so ready for spring. :picnic:

    Have a great day! :salute:
  3. HaoZi

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    Hope the appts bring you a clean bill of health Marg!

    Getting more snow here, blarg. Laundry day, and I don't wanna do it. Got a basket of clean stuff sitting here looking at me. Don't wanna. It's one of those days I just don't wanna move. Stupid cycle.
  4. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Marg, positive thoughts your way regarding your 1 year check up; enjoy the calm of the rest of your week.
    TM, I hate busy Sunday's. Hope you find some down time.
    HaoZi, hope the snow amount isn't massive ~ so far that storm is south of us.

    Like TM & HaoZi snow is in the forecast here ~ we still have the original snow from November. Our January thaw melted off 8" of snow pack but we still have something like 2.5 feet of snow on the ground. It's going to be a very wet spring here.

    I'm planning a day of shopping with kt. We're heading to the consignment shop for a few things to stretch out the winter wardrobe as winter seems to never be ending here. A couple of hoodies & some fat jeans come to mind. We've both gained a good 5 lbs & want a couple of pair of jeans that can get us thru until we can get out to walk or bike off this winter weight.

    It's a sunny but cold morning ~ my favorite room, the kitchen, is bathed in sunlight. Time to head in their & start a pot of soup.

    Have a good day all. Keep it calm out there
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Sunday Morning!

    Marg, wow - that year just flew by - praying for a clean bill of health! Nice to hear you have a couple quiet days coming - it's unusual for you!

    TM, snow :wildone: !!?? You know I would ordinarily say, "send it my way", but difficult child and saw the first daffodil of the spring yesterday! I think I'm ready for spring as well....

    Haozi, sounds like a "stuck in the house" kinda Sunday for you. At least you can relax between loads!!!

    So, I'm doing something with difficult child for the first time today. I've been planning to do it for a couple of weeks since I happened to see my neighbor, a retired doctor, returning from an "outing" with his grandsons. I had Spot out in the yard when the doctor and I started up a conversation. They had just returned from our only local firing range. We talked about it for awhile and then I thought, "I could do that with difficult child."

    Not shoot myself, but take him and watch. He's a master military guy and I know he would enjoy it. It's tough when you are raising your 15-year old son alone and are looking for something you can share with them other than a movie.......
    I told him last night and he is really excited. This is something I never saw or thought myself doing.....I'll let you know how it goes!

    Have a relaxing Sunday.

  6. HaoZi

    HaoZi Guest

    Have fun Sharon! My Dad took me out to range starting when I was 12 or so (over Mom's strenuous objections). We'd shoot, go have pizza on the way home, then clean the guns together. I got to help make reloads as well. I loved those times, and I hope he can still do them with Kiddo when she's old enough.