Good Morning Sunday


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G'day, everyone.

In 10 hours' time, we'll be on the way. We're now up to Plan C for departure. Plan A was three of us catching the ferry to 'the mainland', then we heard that difficult child 1's girlfriend was going to be here. She was going to drive the extra three to the station - two cars are needed.
Then difficult child 1 came home - alone. girlfriend has been assigned to a job on the other side of Sydney tomorrow (not impressed - the high price of fuel will probably mean a net zero earning for the day).
Then difficult child 3's godmother offered to drive some of us, providing we can meet up with her as she leaves (which is about the same time anyway - 7 am).


We're all packed, loaded, eating re-cooked frozen lasagne for dinner (that's two party packs) and trying to calm difficult child 3 down - he now says he's changed his mind, he wants to stay home. Too late, kid! Oh, this is going to be an interesting few days roaming before we get to Taupo - difficult child 3 hates uncertainty, and we've not booked any accommodation until Friday.

We had hoped to bring my scooter but changed our minds when we realised it would never fit into the small plane we're having to catch on one of our legs. Then this morning, I had a blowout. It now needs two new tyres before it goes ANYWHERE - good thing we'd decided to leave it behind! It's going to be up on blocks for the next few weeks.

So unless I get to an Internet cafe, I'm signing off for the next few weeks.

Enjoy your Sunday, and the next few weeks!



Good Sunday morning!

Marg, enjoy your trip. We'll miss "seeing" you over the next few weeks.

We got through our hectic day yesterday without too much incident. easy child/difficult child 3 started to melt down a bit last night when I said no to having a friend sleep over after all the excitement of the day. (Truth be told, I hate sleepovers because of how the kids act the next day.) We finally calmed her down with the offer to "sleep over" in her sister's room. They're still sleeping as I type this.

Last religious school class this morning. Then "Family Fun Day" at the girls' elementary school this afternoon. Somewhere we need to fit in some homework and exam studying. All this winding down is doing me in.

Hope you have a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Marg- Have a safe & fun trip. I look forward to reading your recap. :smile:
Smallworld- Duckie has only slept over with her cousins when we've travelled to their house out of town. She's a monster the next day. :rolleyes:
I'm going to church alone today so that husband & Duckie can have some quiet time. Duckie has her piano recital at 3pm... wish her luck! :flower:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good morning friends,

Marg, enjoy your holiday! I expect to see pictures on your return.

smallworld, a busy day ahead for you. I hope you scheduled in quiet transition time for all of you today.

TM, tell Duckie that this cyber auntie is looking forward to her recital & very proud. :bravo:

husband & kt are dead to the world (gotta love these weekend mornings) & I enjoying my hmj & watching the rainfall outside my window.

The day ahead is just hanging out; trying to teach kt the fine art of boredom. I'm going to putter about the house - doing this & that with no real goal in mind. :bath:

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. :flower:


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:salute: Good Sunday Morning Friends,

Marg, wishing you safe and fun travels!

Small, my two used to love having sleepovers with each other! They've past that point now though...... try and get some relax time today!

TM, wishing duckie good luck at her recital this afternoon!

My two are still sleeping! My last day teaching sunday school was last sunday - I always take the summer off. The kids and I are going to be bums and skip church today. They are still abed and it's dark and rainy outside. Good morning for sleeping.

Well, I have been wanting to purchase a swim spa for a couple years. I did tons and tons of research and looking about a year ago and reached the conclusion that they were too expensive an investment. So, this week I decided on just the spa (without the swim in place feature - which saves about 15,000 or more!). The kids are so excited. I've talked to our electrician and a couple of the guys who work for us - they are going to build a structure off of/tieing into to existing "gazeebo" structure over my patio. I am going off to the side because I don't want to take any space from my existing patio.

So, I've visited all the local retailers and online. I've nailed down the features and the price range. As luck would have it, there is a local manufacturer of spas who is having a showroom sale out at one of those big centers where they have craft shows and such. difficult child and I went out there yesterday and I can get a darn good deal purchasing one of their showroom samples.

I've narrowed it down to two. One smaller than the other. I can't decide. So I am taking easy child and difficult child with me this morning to see what they think (probably have them sit in there dry to see the space). I'm exited!

easy child and her best bud are babysitting for a good friend whose daughter is having her gradation bac service today. Her other daughter is in town from Nebraska with her two little boys. I will probably do the laundry today instead of tomorrow since bonehead is out of town and I need to go to the office.

Take care all - wishing everyone a nice nap today!!!



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Good morning friends.

Marg, I hope your trip goes well and that you're able to relax.

Smallworld, sounds like you have a busy day ahead, remember to get some "me" time in as well.

TM, I hope the recital goes well for Duckie. Enjoy your day.

Linda, We had some rain here last night but other than a few wet spots remaining, you would never know. It's nice to be able to enjoy the quiet time while you can. Hope your day goes good.

I was able to get a half cup of coffee in me before difficult child got up, he's already on his easy child as well. Going to try to have a relaxing day here if at all possible.

Hi to anyone that snuck in. Enjoy your day and may it be a stress free day for all.


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Well after a very hot day yesterday, my legs fried at difficult children soccer game, it is on the cool side, but a nice breeze as we live on the third floor and it's over 90 in here. difficult children team lost again, but difficult child played his best game ever, and was all over the field almost scored too, and made his very firt header ever in soccer, he would only do this in practice, so he was excited. Today is a mellow day, difficult child bought a rootbeer yesterday, and his cap said, Tuesday is an especially important day for you, he looked at me and goes mom that is so freaky, it is an important day, as that is when his new cousin will be born. Well i'm off to play some games!