Good Morning Super Bowl Sunday

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Good Morning All,

I hope everyone is sleeping in late this morning. I couldn't sleep anymore (difficult child is up) so I decided to get up, say hello, and then go make my chili for the game tonight-that way it can sit in the crockpot all day-yummm! I'm also planning on making it to church although it is -23 right now with the wind chill. Maybe I'll just go by myself and let everyone else stay hunkered in. I'll probably go out for a workout but that'll be about it for heading out for the day.

We have a friend coming for the game and also our niece, and a nephew and his girlfriend. It should be fun (hopefully difficult child won't drive everyone nuts)but I'm not really cheering for a team-guess I'll be watching the commercials because they are always fun during the Superbowl.

I hope everyone enjoys some fun in their day! :smile:


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Good morning Sharon and all to follow!
Chili sounds wonderful, I haven't had it in ages. I have altar guild this weekend so I need to brave our 1F with 20mph winds to get to church this morning. * husband and Duckie will stay home as there is no Sunday school today. Then husband may go to my aunt's for a Superbowl party tonight.
Have a great day! :smile:


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Good Morning my frozen friends. The temps are cold at night but it is warming up nicely through the day, finally. It hit 50 degrees yesterday and it's like some waved a red flag. Traffic was horrendous. Everyone was out doing things. I had to come home. I hate to shop when it's crowded. I'll send husband and easy child to the market for fresh baked bread for the brats and beer. We will do taco's for a little variety.

Wiped out, I can't believe you aren't rooting for a team! I'm shocked. (I'm not either)

TM, sorry you have to venture out in such awful weather. Stay warm.

We watched Little Miss Sunshine, last night. It's a quirky, weird sort of movie but it felt good at the end. The little girl is really loveable.

I keep sending husband url's for Tahiti, Costa Rica, Fiji. Just as little reminders of the possibilities. :smile: Not that we can get away any time soon but just to keep in the make of his mind.

Stay warm and enjoy your superbowl party or non superbowl party. I plan on watching reruns of the Closer while I chop onions. LOL.

For now, I'm pouring the :smile: and making my grocery list. Have a peaceful day.


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I hope you all enjoy the superbowl whether rooting for a team or just watching the commercials.

I woke up to difficult child in my room going wake up now, i go why he said the police, fire dept. and ambulance are outside your window the guy in truck isn't moving. Turns out another neighbor knocked on his window and he didn't move. So i think he must have a medical condition as the cop was going through a bag of medication, and the amb left. My guess is he is diabetic, as he kept holding something up that loooked to be insulin. At least we have neighbors who care. We are doing nothing tonight being from New England we have no one to route for, however difficult child does want the colts to win, and i perfer to see Manning playing the whole game from his back, with a bunch of bears on him, so it will get heated tongiht! Enjoy your day all, i'mm off to dunkin donuts!!


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Good Sunday Morning All! :smile:

Man, I slept in this morning. I got up at the usual time, used the bathroom, then crawled back in bed. Next thing I knew, the sun was streaming in and it was 8:40!

Sharon, I sent my sunday school kids an email friday saying that I wouldn't be there today - so, I can wait till it warms up a little since worship is not until 11. You keep warm today and have fun this evening - here's some crossed fingers that difficult child is on his best.

TM, I suppose you and duckie won't be hunkering down for the game :grin: Have a great Sunday.

Fran, sounds like you are up early doing the superbowl prep. Sending the guys to the store works since you're doing the cooking! I don't usually run errands on Saturday either 'cause everything is so crowded. Have fun today!

Well, the bonehead came out of my ex in true bonehead fashion at the mediators yesterday. Story for another day and another forum.

Nice relaxing day today. I wish the same for all my cd friends :princess:



Happy Superbowl Sunday!
WO -- stay warm inside; wow, that wind chill is frigid!!
TM -- Happy Birthday! Any BD plans ?
Fran -- My dream trip would be to tour Ausralia and then cruise to Tahiti
Jen --sounds like you and your son will enjoy the Superbowl rivalry this evening
LDM -- Sorry to hear that he was a bonehead

Hubby and I went to a parish beef-n-beer last night. The band was great! We haven't been out dancing for awhile; it was a blast!

husband and difficult child are both assistant scout masters and are serving pancakes to parishioners for Scout Sunday. easy child and I sre heading out for church, then work, then settling down to enjoy the Big Game.

Enjoy the day!

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, stay warm! It's 12 below up here - haven't a clue what the wind chill is. I don't think I want to know.

Fran, I'm tempted to go out & get some brats & beer; it's sounding really good tonight.

Jen, what a wake up call. Thankfully you have neighbors who care.

Sharon, enjoy the extra time this morning.

As I mentioned, it's officially 12 below zero this morning. Our town has an annual winter festival that is at risk for being canceled. I believe that annual torch light parade was canceled last night. There was a fear that instruments would freeze to lips & various other cold weather injuries.

kt heads back to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) early this afternoon - I'm putting together a batch of chili. husband & I have no plans to watch the super bowl. I believe he had picked up a movie that we had wanted to watch - not sure which one.

Stay warm today. Hug your loved ones today.


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Good Sunday morning everyone! Kiddies slept over at grandma's last night and yet I still found myself getting up fairly early. Had this nagging voice inside my head telling me to get my house cleaned! LOL! I am enjoying the quiet though. Enjoy Super Bowl Sunday! Not a big fan of football so we will probably watch a movie and go skating. I won 2 Creme Brulee's so now I am going to have to work off the calories!

Have a great Sunday!

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Good morning everyone!

My back went out and so I am walking like a hunch and means I will have no choice but to lie around and read all day, oh dear! lol-

Looks like difficult child will be doing the household cleaning today and H will be doing the grocery shopping. Hahah!

For those of you with cold temps like us, please stay warm and safe! And for those of you with warm temps, soak up some rays for me...ahhh, I could use a little warmth.


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I tried to log on last night and found the site not responding. Oh well...

We had a return to hot weather yesterday. The week of rain that was forecast - nada. We had cloud and cooler temperatures, and a lot of condensation, but the ground stayed hygroscopic. We try to water the ground and it repels water. We're bucketing out bathwater, hoping the bubble bath in it will help break the surface tension.

husband had to cut down another dead tree yesterday. This one had been growing up through our deck - we built the deck around it, it was a feature - but now it's gone. All the plants I had there had to be moved and we also took the opportunity to empty out the dead pots and stack them. More to do, though. But easy child 2/difficult child 2 has at last been able to move some of her beloved rose bushes (all in pots) to a point where it's easier to water them. I've put my lemonade tree and gardenia in amongst the roses now, it looks lovely and hopefully all those thorns will stop the cockatoos from ripping the lemonade fruit to pieces. I have two left...

Good luck with the Super Bowl. Fran, try sending husband brochures on Australia. But a warning - never say to an Aussie that you root for a particular team, they'll either be offended (if they're ultra-conservative), or be rolling on the ground laughing. It has a totally different meaning down here... oh, I could tell you some fabulous jokes using that word. it can be used as a noun or a verb - much the same meaning. And nothing to do with football, unless the team manager has hired you for the night.

I hope you all are having a fun Sunday. We finished ours off with a swim to get rid of the dust and sweat from all the work. And the sawdust, of course, from husband's new pole chainsaw.