Good morning Thursday


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<span style='font-family: Arial'> <span style='font-size: 11pt'> <span style="color: #CC66CC"> Good morning all.
It's 4:30am and it's too hot in my room with the ac on even, to go back to sleep. Major hotflash. :crazy:
We got a call from SW yesterday, discharge is scheduled for Friday 11am. We weren't asked if we felt safe at home with him being discharged, just that he was being discharged. But the good news, we have a meeting with MH/MR and insurance people on Tuesday next week about putting him in a Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). They got all the paperwork from psychiatrist and they will also be getting an evaluation from psychiatric hospital as well. The doctor there concurs with the psychiatrist he sees about a Residential Treatment Facility (RTF). :doctor:
Other than that, nothing much going on today.
Hope everyones' day is a calm one.</span> </span> </span>


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning Joanne. It's good news that you have a meeting set up. It's unacceptable for family to feel unsafe in their own home. Good luck with getting a plan together.

We are still trying to find a way for difficult child to fit into a life of his own but more and more I am coming to accept that self support and independent living may not happen. He just isn't getting it. He is struggling to grasp concepts that don't make sense to him. We will keep trying different options with him to find something that is suitable for him and acceptable to us. As always "hope for the best, plan for the worst."

Hope you have a productive day and your difficult child acts like a easy child. </span>


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Hi Joanne, and Fran.

Joanne, I guess it's good news he's getting out - they must think he's OK enough. I'm glad you have that meeting set up, though. Here's hoping you get something positive out of it.

Fran, it is so hard when they take so long to 'get it'. He's got a lot working against him and you've already done a vast amount for him. And once they've moved out of home, they never can move back - it's much more difficult.

I've posted on Watercooler about the car accident and the aftermath. Cautiously good news - the car is OK, shouldn't be too expensive. And on top of having to cover those costs, easy child 2/difficult child 2 has a neg driving charge and a fine. It arrived in the mail today. She's not impressed, but I'm not surprised. At least the fine is a lot less than we expected. We explained - losing control of the car under any circumstances = negligent driving in the eyes of the law.

It's been one of those days, everything busy.

Have a good Thursday.



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Good morning, Joanne and Fran,

It's nice to "meet" in the morning for a cup of coffee. Fran, I remember having coffee with you in the mornings -- and I sometimes dream of doing it again. Well, if I win the national lottery I will do just that (you have been warned!).

Thursday -- that means doing some work at home (editing, proofreading, etc.), doing the weekend shopping, and getting organized for the weekend. One of my daughters, plus husband and four children, are coming to stay over the Sabbath, so I have my work cut out for me. I can't let the grandchildren down with grandma's special biscuits etc., so I shall get my act together and do some baking and cooking already tonight.

The weather here in Israel has gone crazy. We thought the winter had ended last week, it was so warm. We all felt so good with the start of spring. And then -- wham! winter is back with a vengeance. It snowed a lot this morning here in Jerusalem, although the snow didn't settle. Very strong winds, lots of rain, and very cold. I personally love the winter so I am enjoying it.

I hope everyone has a calm and meltdown-free day.

Love, Esther

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Good Morning,

Joanne-I'm glad you have a meeting set up and I hope it goes well.

Fran-I'm sorry difficult child is struggling. Having a plan is always good. How is his job going?

Long night last night with finding out about my great nephew(in water cooler) and with easy child acting very typical teen but not in a good way (school stuff). At one point she was very grouchy and was having an arguement with me. difficult child didn't like that and eventually helped easy child into a better mood. He came over to me and whispered he had gotten easy child into a good mood.
Kind of sweet for someone who is so often grouchy himself.

Today after school it's his therapist appointment. and wrestling.

Enjoy the day and remember to smile! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :salute:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Esther, the coffee will be brewing any time you want to visit this side of the pond. LOL.
I love the winters too but being in the south makes winter more tolerable. It's the summers that are intolerable.

What a nice grandmother you are to make biscuits that the grandchildren love. </span>


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Good morning-

Joanne- I hope that the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) comes through for you. It is not comfortable when safty is an issue.

Fran- It is difficult when being independant is too much for them. I often wonder if my difficult child will ever manage on the outside world. We can only do the best that we can to help.

Marg- At least the bill is not as much as expected. I hope that today is a better one!

Esther- That does sound like crazy weather. It had been very hot here the past few days and tomorrow it is to get cold and rainy.

Sharon- that was nice that difficult child could do something to get easy child into a good mood.

I was going to catch up on bills/filing/clutter today, and take pictures tomorrow....but tomorrow it is supossed to rain. I am going to need to switch plans I guess.

difficult child is doing pretty well, and we have a meeting about him at the psychiatric hospital this afternoon. They brought up the subject of Residential Treatment Center (RTC), but I am thinking that maybe he can come home. Things are not perfect, but a good 85% better than they were.
Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

jodyice, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you're able to get difficult child into a Residential Treatment Facility (RTF)!!! I hope his discharge goes smoothly tomorrow. I'll be thinking of you...

Fran, I'm so sorry that difficult child is having such a difficult time living on his own. It must be so frustrating for both of you!!! I know how hard you're trying to help him. And, from what you've said, difficult child is trying equally as hard. I LOVE your way of looking at things!!! I hope you don't mind, I'm always using your expression, "Plan for the worst and hope for the best." You have such a great attitude and way of handling things... I hope I'm half as wise as you when my difficult children graduate from high school...

Marg, I haven't been around much lately. Things have been crazy here!!! Anyway, even though I'm not yet familiar with all the details of easy child 2/difficult child 2's accident, I'm glad she is ok and the car isn't too badly damaged. Hopefully, this has been a valuable learning experience for easy child 2/difficult child 2!!! You're always so BUSY!!! I hope you get a bit of time for yourself today!!!

Esther, I'm glad you're enjoying the snow!!! If it snows here, can I send it to you??? Enjoy your children and grandchildren's visit. It sounds like you'll be busy but in a really nice way...

Sharon, I haven't been to the watercooler, hopefully I'll have time later... Anyway, I hope your great nephew is ok!!! It is amazing how difficult children can surprise us at times!!! I'm so impressed by your difficult child!!! At times like this, it makes everything worthwhile... I hope difficult child continues to do well!!! I'm thinking of you...

Well, things around here are BUSY!!! I've got lots to do today and need more hours in the day!!! I've finished my :coffee: and have to run... I hope everyone has at least one nice thing happen today... :flower: WFEN


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Good morning.
Joanne- Just make sure any necessary service and a crisis plan are in place before difficult child is released.
Fran- I really hope that difficult child starts to find his way. I imagine it must be hard on him (and you!) to constantly struggle so much.
Marg- It sounds like easy child/difficult child 2 has gotten a good life lesson out of the way.
Esther- You sound busy as always!
Oceans- Good luck with the meeting, I hope all goes well.
I have school volunteering, a few errands and light cleaning. My brother and sister in law will be coming to stay the night tomorrow. It might be nice if they aren't attacked by dust bunnies in the night.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:

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Good morning warrior moms,

Joanne, I know that anxiety over discharge - especially when thing just aren't "right". Hoping the referral to Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) comes through quickly.

Fran, God bless difficult child. The poor guy - it sounds like he's trying but unable to grasp some concepts. I know that you're struggling with this all - will keep you in my thoughts.

Marg, glad to know the bill won't be as expensive as you anticipated.

Esther, good to see you this morning.

oceans, flexibility is "key" in life - especially when you have difficult children. LOL

WFEN, hope you find "me" time today.

TM, I'm pretty sure your family can look past the dust bunnies. Their minds are likely on other things. Take care of yourself during this emotionally difficult time.

Again, I slept in - though in my body still thought it was 7 not 8 in the morning.

Today is cleaning, groceries & updating checkbook. I have piano lessons this afternoon.

Enjoy your day all - keep it calm.