Good Morning Thursday


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G'day, everyone.

It's after sunset here. Now daylight saving has finished down under, plus autumn is well and truly here, the sunset is earlier. The days are comfortable and glowing, beautiful skies (no rain anywhere in the country today, none expected for at least the next few days).
husband just rang - he's late leaving work (again - offsider is off sick) and as he's bringing home easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2, it's just me and difficult child 3 home, since difficult child 1 left earlier to spend the next few days with girlfriend.

Chooks are fed and watered (hens, for the non-Aussies) and the evening news is on. And guess what? They've now allowed Strattera to be put on the PBS (Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme). This means it's been accepted as a fairly mainstream medication. The PBS pays a subsidy for medications 'on the list' so they never cost more than A$25 for a month's supply. For those with concession cards, this can mean even cheaper - A$4.50, or even free, if they've already spent a lot on medications in a calendar year. A lot of families will be very happy.

easy child 2/difficult child 2's agent rang this afternoon, she has an audition on Saturday morning, for a short film. She has to improvise (which she doesn't like) but she's been given a few guidelines on what to expect with the improv. No real ideas as to the character, though, apart from "teenage girl". Give her a script and she's fine. Ask her to improvise and the panicky Aspie surges to the fore.

I think difficult child 3 is going into educational withdrawal in these holidays - he spent all morning playing Zoombini, yesterday & today. He's also been working on his maths, in between computer games.

I just checked the clock - the family will be home in about 40 minutes, so in the meantime I'll go and feed difficult child 3, to speed up our evening routine. I'm so glad husband has the day off tomorrow! He needs it!

Have a good Thursday, everyone.



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Marg- i hope you have a nice night, your day sounded busy as usual

Hi to all who come in later

Well i've been fighting a bug for the last three days,i came home early yesterday and took today off as a vacation day to rest. difficult child has his last practice for his race on sat. their will be 19 schools with over 800 kids running. difficult child and i had a blast at the blue man group, it was so much fun, and he has shown everyone his playbill. Have a nice day everyone. oh yeah someone send spring this way we are getting snow again today, not good as difficult child should have practice for soccer tomorrow!

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-I don't blame easy child/difficult child for being nervous about improv! Your fall days sound nice. I wish we would start a warm up-it's way below normal here.

Razzle-I hope you are feeling better soon. The race sounds interesting.

I'm not off to a stellar start this morning-the computer is having issues! difficult child is in a bad mood! His therapist had to cancel yesterday because she was sick so we've rescheduled for Monday.

After work today we have difficult child's wrestling banquet. It's at a pizza place so should be fun.

I hope everyone enjoys some fun in their day! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:

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Good morning friends,

Marg, I know that the tweedles have withdrawl from school (day treatment) - is it the structured time for difficult child? It seems he does have a love of learning.

Razz, hope you're feeling better soon.

Sharon, have fun at the banquet with difficult child.

Other than piano lessons there isn't a thing scheduled today. kt will be home from school again due to her reaction to vaccines. I expect she'll sleep until at least 10 or so & I can get a few of the Becky Homecky things that need to happen done around here.

Have a good day - keep it calm. Find a reason to laugh; the absurd works for me.

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Good morning everyone~

Marg, It's so funny because difficult child used to be the kid who'd do anything to get OUT of school and now she goes into withdrawals if she missed a day! I remember Zoombini's - excellent game and very addicting!

Razz, hope you're feeling better soon, I have a sinus infection that won't go away. Ugh.

Sharon, the banquet with difficult child sounds like fun. I kinda sorta miss those days with my girls...not.

Linda, enjoy your day. Piano lessons sound like a nice way to spend part of the day. I hope kt's vaccine reaction settles soon.

Something is up with difficult child, and I'm sure it's boy trouble, but she's not talking. My mom radar is up. Last night I had my first support group meeting - there were only 3 of us, the same 3 that started it, but today we're putting up some posters and hopefully next week' we'll have a few more join us. It's new and shaky, but reassuring. It's nice to be able to do this for myself finally.

I am off to work - checking in later. Today is a fasting day for me - liquids only (and not the good kind!).

Have a good day everyone (and hello to any that follow).


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Good morning. :coffee:
Marg- Good luck to easy child/difficult child 2 at the audition, I hope she's not too nervous between then & now. :surprise:
Jen- I hope you start feeling better. We've missed you the last few mornings. :angel:
Sharon- I hope your day turns around for you. :rolleyes:
Linda- I hope kt bounces back quickly. :ill:
Jo- Trust your instincts.
Well Duckie was supposed to play a dragon in a little play today, but woke up with an upset tummy. I'm hoping it's nothing more than caused by a post-nasal drip, but I'm not sure. She got sick a few minutes ago but now seems fine. Poor kid. :crying:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:
Good Morning :coffee:,

As usual, today is another BUSY one for me!!! I enjoyed easy child's spelling meet yesterday. Her team placed third. easy child didn't take home a trophy this time for best individual speller - one of her best friend's on the team did. It was a bitter sweet celebration. easy child was disappointed in her own performance but really happy for her friend, who is an eighth grader, and entering high school in the fall. This was her last competition in middle school and easy child thought it was wonderful that she took home the first place trophy as she has worked so hard the past couple of years while on the team.

I hope everyone who is sick, gets better quickly!!! I hope everyone has at least one reason to smile today... :flower: WFEN

P.S. Marg, it must be so beautiful where you live. I really enjoy reading your descriptive posts. They make me feel like I'm almost there...


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:salute: Hey Good Morning Everyone!

Running really late this morning - sorry I can't address each of you individually :(. Have to go to the office this morning for my usual Thursday work day and difficult child will be going with me. easy child has a hair appointment this afternoon at 3:15 and that will take about two hours so difficult child wants to be with his mom - so, he'll come to the office to, in his words, "spend time with my mom today." We'll see.......... I've packed the psp :wink:

Beach trip was fun. difficult child and I were so amused by the girls searching for skater boys! difficult child is learning a lot about girls by spending this much time with easy child and her friends!

Have a great Thursday everyone - smile :smile: