Good Morning Thursday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day folks.

    Another busy-ish day, but productive in a nice way.

    First - I finally finished our family Christmas letter and sent it out. Most via email, some via snail mail. I got down to the post office literally with minutes to spare to catch the last mail. The post office is also selling my books, the manager handed me some very welcome cash. I'll have to drop in some more books.
    I then dropped in my pain killers prescription to the pharmacy, I'll collect it next week.

    Back home - difficult child 3, for a wonder, did some washing up this morning. Before he finished the washing up, I managed to use the food processor to make another batch of cookie dough. So I had the cookie dough ready, plus a cleaned kitchen. I then enjoyed a long baking session, with tray after tray of cookie press biscuits. I finally finished these tonight at mother in law's, then packed them into bags to give to our friends on Christmas Day.
    Then after dinner, we loaded mother in law & difficult child 3 into the car and drove round the village looking at Christmas lights.

    This time tomorrow night, we'll have easy child & SIL1. They're staying with mother in law. The other kids are arriving on Christmas Day at some stage, they're beginning their day with the in-laws. I prefer it that way - we get them at the end of their day when they can relax and not have to rush off anywhere.

    Tomorrow - one last lot of baking. If I feel like it. We have some cherries that are too far gone for the table, but will make some wonderful choc-cherry muffins. I'll probably leave baking them until tomorrow night at mother in law's.

    It's been hot today but a cool change is blowing through. Tomorrow will be cooler, a good baking day.

    I have at last reached that stage of Christmas preparation where I can relax and just wait, everything is now falling into place. I have a ham to glaze, but it can wait until we get back from church on Christmas morning. I might assemble it tomorrow, have the glaze made up. Then we just have to put stuff in the oven, and relax.
    The way it should be!

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

  2. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone:mornincoffee:,

    Marg, It sounds like difficult child 3 is in the holiday spirit!!! It is wonderful when one of our kids lets us know we're appreciated by doing something totally unexpected and thoughtful. It's especially wonderful when that kid also happens to be a difficult child!!! If you don't mind, I would love to borrow difficult child 3 for a little while - My kitchen could really use some cleaning up too, lol... Those choco cherry muffins sound delicious!!! Glad you can finally relax...!!!

    Today is a half day for difficult child 2 and easy child/difficult child 3. difficult child 2 wants to go to the library when he gets out of school to pick up a couple more books on, you guessed it, monkeys. This will give me a couple extra hours to myself before picking him up.

    I have one more gift to wrap this morning and then I'm having coffee with a friend. Before picking up difficult child 2 at the library I want to drop off a few winter jackets that difficult child 2 hardly wore and are now too small - They look brand new! A local store is collecting them for the homeless. Of course, difficult child 2 didn't want to part with them but that is an entirely different story...

    Hope everyone has a good day... SFR:rudolph:
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning Ladies!

    I slept in this morning! I usually don't need an alarm as my body has an internal clock that makes sure I am awake between 4:30 and 5 - - however this morning that clock was two hours behind!!! I wanted to get into the office early today since it will be a long one.....oh well......

    Today is office, delivery of a gift after, then a trip to the nail salon.

    Hope your day is great one!!

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-Sounds like a very busy day for you! I'm glad you are at the relaxing stage!

    SFR-It's great you are getting a bit of time to go out for some coffee with a friend!!

    My brother in law and two of my nephews arrived last night. It is always great to visit with them! They leave this morning and are driving as far as Nashville tonight. Then they are headed to Hilton Head for Christmas and then have a few other spots before they end up at the University of North Carolina, a school my nephew is considering.

    We were laughing because the forecast for their entire trip looks like snow in places they never get snow. They just can't get away from it!

    A bit more cleaning is on the agenda for today along with some grocery shopping, a trip to the health club, and, you guessed it, a nap!!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!:forchristmas:
  5. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Hi Sharon-you snuck in on me! It's good to sleep in sometimes!! Enjoy the nail salon:)
  6. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    :forchristmas:Good morning everyone. It's a cold crisp clear day in Raleigh. The sun is beautifully bright.
    Marge, sounds like a very organized holiday. I agree that having guests who don't have one foot out the door is much more enjoyable.
    LDM, happy Christmas. Hope your day is smooth. It's tough to get back in the groove when you are running late.:christmasgift:

    Wiped out, :snowing:Too funny about snow the whole trip. It does appear that we will have some of the white stuff. UNC is about 45min from us. 3 of our neighbors children are in their first year there. If they get stuck, they can hang out here if they can find a chair. LOL.

    My baby sis, her hubby, 2 sons and my mom arrived last night from Minnesota. The chaos has ensued. My hot water tank sprung a leak. Makes for cold showers. :2cold:So the plumber is here. Door bells ringing, phones ringing, kids playing games and my mom is sleeping through the whole thing. It pays to not wear her hearing aids.

    Today we are tying up loose ends. Last minute groceries, gifts, cards etc. :christmasgift:
    We are just going to play this afternoon. Tomorrow the "babies" arrive. My 3 yr old niece and 1 yr old nephew who are funny and cute and as close to grand kids as I'm going to have for a while. Of course, their parents will be with them.
    So the cookies are put on trays and the frenzy is at a full tilt. I finally can get a shower since the plumber fixed the hot water tank. Whew.

    Hope your day is :xmasdancers:full of happy feelings.