Good Morning Thursday

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    G'day people.

    It's been a bit cooler today. I got a lot of paperwork done, chased up some tradesmen over the phone, organised quotes etc. husband was busy outside in the heat, uprooting weeds then running them through the mulcher. He worked up quite a sweat so by late afternoon I was finally able to drag him to the beach to rinse off and cool off.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 & SIL2 came for dinner tonight. They had also promised to play a board game with difficult child 3, a fairly complex one. We've realised, after listening to difficult child 3 abusing people playing online games with him plus our recent experiences with this board game - he needs more practice, perhaps with simpler games, to learn how to get on socially while playing games. It's therapist appointment tomorrow for both kids so we'll talk about it then.

    The new school year goes back tomorrow also. difficult child 3 is NOT happy! Starting the new school year on a Friday seems a bit bizarre.

    We just got back from mother in law's and in the dark I fell over the side gate. It's about knee-high and is a bit loose. If it had stayed rigid when I walked into it I'd have been OK, but it partly gave under me, so I went over and fell as the gate slowly collapsed under my weight. So I've bathed my scratches with ti-tree oil and water, then loaded up my bruised knees and feet with bags of frozen peas. I'm heading for bed, maybe sleep will start the healing.

    Enjoy your Thursday. Our hot summer continues.