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    G'day, folks. I'm beginning this morning because it's getting late for me and I need to get to bed to get sleep - I have a very early start.

    I know I say it's important to show a school tat you're willing to put a lot in to support them but right now I'm regretting my big mouth - I volunteered to be the parent representative on the school staffing committee (bound by more regulations than you would believe) and although until now, apart from the compulsory training session it's all been possible to do it over the phone, tomorrow I have to attend in person. From 8.30 am! In the centre of the city! For us that means leaving home at 6.40 am, with everything we need - difficult child 3 included.

    I had a doctor's appointment organised for 2.30 pm, a meeting beginning so early would surely be over in time. Not so - this afternoon the principal told me to expect the meeting to go for six hours or more. So I rescheduled the doctor's appointment.

    I'm still in a lot of pain. I saw the rheumatologist this morning to show him the X-rays etc which all said my hips, bones etc are perfectly OK. Next thing, I'm getting a steroid injection anyway, into my right hip. A tad unexpected... I did some shopping afterwards with easy child 2/difficult child 2 (her day off) but really was feeling too awful to do much. Emotionally fragile, too - I think from the shock of the injection plus the pain levels.

    I'm going to take my make-shift hot pack tomorrow (wet hand-towel folded neatly in a supermarket plastic bag, microwaved until hot), all I need is a microwave oven nearby. The only trouble - tomorrow is going to be another hot summery day, having a hot pack on my back is going to really make me feel the heat of the day.

    difficult child 3 has to come with me tomorrow, he has his drama class after school plus I managed to reschedule the GP for 4.30 pm for one of us. It will depend on how I'm feeling plus how close to time the doctor is, as to whether it's me or difficult child 3 who sees her.

    I've been working on our family Christmas card this evening. Summer is definitely here - you can see it in the sky, in the dark haze on the horizon, in the intense enamel blue of the sky, in the lazy heat that makes the flies too sleepy to take off. As summer wears on we lose all trace of sea breeze and the heat hangs heavy, wraps around you like an unwanted blanket. Don't get me wrong, I love summer, but only if I know I can get to the beach. Not sure how well I'll go swimming this year, the masseuse says I've lost muscle tone in my back. Maybe elsewhere.

    Oh well, we'll see. No swimming tomorrow, that's for sure - although we'll be very close to the sea, the Harbour at that point is a bit cruddy with flotsam and traces of oil on the water.

    One thing about even a busy summer - the Christmas flowers are everywhere on the drive through to the highway. Flannel flowers, Christmas Bush (tiny salmon-coloured flowers covering large trees completely), purple jacarandas (OK, not native), Christmas Bells close to the ground in red and yellow. We were eased in to these flowers with the Gymea Lilies, the waratahs and the golden wattle. More red, then gold. Soon we'll hear the cicadas pulsing in the heat. For me that is the sound and feel of Christmas! Maybe on Thursday afternoon I'll be home and able to lie on our sandy beach, letting the sun be my natural heat pack.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.

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    :xmasdancers: Good Morning! :xmasdancers:

    Marg, sorry you are in pain. Wondering if you were to go past the breakers, if the water would be good therapy for your back?

    I'm moving a little slow this morning but anticipate a busy day -- what's new????

    I want to run a few errands before going into the office this morning. difficult child had a therapist appointment yesterday after school. I was talking to his therapist about his social immaturity - stuff like not reading social cues, lack of interest/ability to carry on a conversation with someone he has just met, not knowing when to call it quits, etc. She told me that it was totally typical of boys with adhd. She said he presented REALLY adhd with the emphasis on the H and the IMPULSIVITY when he first saw her years ago (preschool). She said that his apparent inability to "read folks" or carry on conversations, or look adults in the eye is part of his adhd. His inattentiveness and social immaturity leave him with no clue!

    She said that he will probably not drive until 17, and will also be late with the whole "girl" thing. She said that by the time he reached his early twenties or so, he would be pretty much even with everyone else - barring his own personality.

    I told her that I felt kinda lost because it was kinda useless to do roleplaying and such with your 13 year old son! She looked at me and smiled and said, "He's going to be a late bloomer as far as girls are concerned. But I assure you he will find a girl in his late teens or early twenties who will say, "difficult child, don't eat like that", or "that shirt does not go with those pants", and he will say, "oh, ok." She will handle the rest for you!!!!

    She made me smile!

    No health club today - thank goodness - three days in a row of really tough cardio and I slept like a baby last night!! I hope your Tuesday is a good one :elf:.

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day Sharon/LDM.

    The slow maturity thing - it doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen (if you ever had that Rachel Hunter Pantene ad). difficult child 1 is testament to that - he took his time with girls, they did all the chasing, but he is now a married man.

    As for me going out past the breakers - our local beach is an estuary beach (actually, we have several of them). I haven't been strong enough to cope on a surf beach for some years. The roughest beach we have is closest to the mouth of the harbour, on a calm day I can quickly slip out behind the waves because it gets deep there so quickly. But I need the water to be warm enough or the muscles of my back go into spasm as my body tries to shiver (I don't shiver well, it's fatigueing). What I do try to do, is wade and paddle. Sometimes I sit on the edge and let the wash of the waves throw me around, that gives me a good workout. Or I go to the lagoon (the one they filmed the swimming lesson for "Black Balloon", it's like a film set complete with waterfall) and just swim there in the still waters.

    Maybe Thursday...

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, sorry to hear that you are in such pain ~ keeping fingers crossed the injection helps. How's difficult child 3 feeling today?

    Sharon (ldm), I'd be fatigued as well after 3 days of hard cardio workouts. While wm is a different difficult child from yours, his social immaturity is blatant. A couple of my ADHD nephews have really caught up to others their age - one graduated at the top of his class in college last year & is now married. Keep the hope alive!

    A very cold morning here - 18 degrees & a bitter wind chill factor. kt is refusing to attend school today; has dragged her butt back to bed. We have a therapist appointment for her this afternoon. If he can get through the drama he may be able to help her center herself a bit. Remind her to keep her eye on the goal. She sees psychiatrist on Thursday.

    Have a good Tuesday, friends.
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    Good Morning Everyone:coffee:,

    Marg, I'm sorry about the pain. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that Thursday wil be a picture perfect beach day for you...:beach:

    Sharon (LDM), A good cardio workout always has me sleeping like a baby too:D I understand the social immaturity thing - I know difficult child 2 is different from your difficult child, but it is soooooooooo frustrating!!! I've also heard that social maturity will come for those with ADHD - Just a bit later. In some ways, maybe this is a good thing - Just think... One less year to worry when he's behind the wheel:crazydriver:

    Linda, 18 degrees - I'm shivering just thinking about it:2cold:... I hope kt has a good day today despite her refusal to go to school - It's good she has a therapist appointment later today. STAY WARM... Drink lots of coffee:coffee:

    Today I have to do the cleaning I was supposed to do yesterday but have successfully been putting off... Not even the thought of Christmas being so close is motivating me...

    I also have to reread difficult child 2's file - more like a mini-novel. Tomorrow we have a Team Meeting scheduled. This is definitely the last one!!! We know the school isn't going to agree to the program we want - A conversational stopper.

    I'm not looking forward to the hearing though - We don't have enough money lately to pay all of our monthly bills. I know this is going to be very expensive!!! However, I don't think we have a choice. Without proper training in Daily Living Skills, vocational skills, etc., difficult child 2 doesn't have much of a chance at being even partially independent as an adult...

    I'm going to get some exercise in today - a combo walk/jog on my treadmill. I know this will help me get through today. I'm hoping that my ankle will "behave" and I'll be able to get a half hour of excercise in prior to my meeting tomorrow morning.

    I hope all of our difficult children have a easy child type of day... WFEN
  6. Happy Tuesday Everyone!

    Brrr... it's a cold one here today. This winter has gotten off to much too early a start for my liking.

    Marg, I know what you mean about taking on a big volunteer job. It's hard to avoid in a small community like ours. Add on the distance and times for your work, as well as your current physical state and it's a bit too much. I hope that your pain diminishes some, and that the hot pack is effective. Your Christmas flowers sound glorious, what a peaceful spot of beauty in the midst of the busy holiday season.

    Sharon, I love what your therapist had to say about difficult child and his future relationships. She is spot on! easy child is very ADHD with a strong emphasis on the "H". He didn't show any interest in driving until he was 19 (thank goodness). His girlfriends always turn into little mothers instructing him on manners and clothing choice. LOL... he never heard any of that from us :) I know you will be glad when that time comes for him, and I think it will be very reassuring for you.

    Linda I hope that you have a good Tuesday. I understand how kt feels. I really did not want to get up today either. It's just too cold. I do hope that her appointment goes well today and that you can get some rest.

    We are back from our wonderful Thanksgiving holiday - sad to say. We got husband's siblings, their children, and grandchildren together in a couple of mountain cabins. They had not been together since their Mom died three years ago. It was a wonderful time for all. Family came together from California, Chicago, Kentucky, and Charleston, SC. Our nephew came from Oslo, Norway with his Norwegian girlfriend who is just delightful. There were 18 of us in all. husband and his brother are both avid beer brewers, so they brought plenty of brew, and the competition was on!

    easy child and his cousin (the one who lives in Norway) are almost identical in appearance. It is eerie, they are almost twins. His sisters had told us that they looked alike, wore the same kind of clothing, and liked the same type of things. We had not seen him in 10 years, so it was a real shock. He just missed out on easy child's ADHD... he's very calm and calming to be around.

    difficult child did amazing well with all the excitement. He actually socialized a good bit and I do believe he had a good time without his computer for a week! His second cousin, a cute little three year old instantly attached herself to him - and said he was "hers". It was so funny to see this stiff, shy, lanky 17 year old with a little girl wrapped around his legs.

    Our niece has been doing well, she finished her residency at Walter Reed (she's now a psychiatrist), took her boards, and was sent to Fort Knox. She found out the week before our holiday that she's going to Iraq in April. This is going to be so difficult (she's the Mom of the three year old who fell in love with difficult child). She's being told she'll only be there for six months, but we'll see. Please send up some prayers or some good vibes for her. We're all so very worried.

    Well, in spite of the cold, I'll be going out to vote today. We have a very close Senate runoff and one of my coworkers is in a runoff for Superior Court judge. He's a great guy, so I'm off to give him one more vote.

    I hope that everyone has a good warm day!

  7. Andy

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    Marg - What does difficult child 3 do for the entire time of that long meeting? Seems like just yesterday you were describing the Spring weather you were having. Summer arrived fast?

    Little Dude's Mom - Count your blessings with the late girl thing. I think the longer they can hold off that drama the better. And it will be fun to watch the girls chase him while he has no interest. Makes the girls try harder.

    Timer - What a difficult time for KT! I hope her appts will help get her back on track. She was doing so well.

    Wishing - I hope you find what you need in difficult child 2's file to convince the team of his needs.

    I have a Board of Education meeting to lead tonight. I hate when the first day or or two of the month lands on meeting nights. You turn the calendar page and BAM - Meeting! Yep, I am definately shutting down. I used to love to be busy with organizations. I have gone from a large 5 year calendar down to a pocket calendar.

    difficult child has an orthodontist appointment after school.

    easy child lost her only paying babysitting job. The mom rearranged her schedule to work when her husband is at home. It is a family that has difficulty making ends meet. Both the vehicle's that easy child drives are having trouble so hopefully that will keep her close to home.

    Lunch was cancelled at the last minute yesterday. I got the phone call after I left the office so ended up standing at the resturaunt for 15 minutes before going back to work to make sure I did have the right time and place. Yes, correct time and place, just cancelled. They must have called just after I left the office.

    Everyone have a great day! Find a way to make difficult child laugh.

  8. Andy

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    One Day - You snuck in on me. I am glad you had a great weekend. Little kids latch on to only those with great hearts. The children can read the hearts of others. Your difficult child must have a very kind heart that attracted the little girl.

    It really is cool to find relatives that look so much a like.