Good Morning Tuesday


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It's 4am here, been awake for an hour and can't fall back asleep so thought I'd pop online for a few while :coffee: is in the making.
Yesterday was son's IEP, everything went good, they're going to re-evaluate for PT and Occupational Therapist (OT) on our request and if he needs it, they'll add 30 minutes for each once a week. They were going to cut speech therapy down to one day a week to compensate, but I told them "no, keep it twice a week," difficult child has been trying to use his voice more, they're teaching him to lip read and has been doing well with the lip reading and doing fair with at least forming some words with his mouth, although no sound comes out with those words. "Mom and no" are still the only words that are understandable. :whew: They also are going to test him for NonVerbal Learning Disorder (NVLD), since I have it, which was only recently found when my psychologist did testing on me. BIP has changed a little bit, but for the better, instead of just having the vice-principals' office for a calm down place, he can also use the school psychologists' office and there the counselor that did the behavior plan, her office. :smile:
Still waiting for psyche evaluation to be done recommending Residential Treatment Facility (RTF), seems like 10 business days is taking forever. We know the insurance company will probably be slow in deciding as well. :mad:
Well anyway, I just wanted to pop in and say good morning to everyone and hope all have a wonderful, stress free day.


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Good morning Joanne and all who follow :coffee:

I'm glad your difficult child's IEP meeting went well, Joanne. Sounds like he's got some good interventions in school. That's really important. Good luck with the psychiatric evaluation.

Well, I have court today for difficult child 2. I don't know what is going to happen. I don't think he's coming home. They will jam family counseling down our throats again. This time, I will not inconvenience our family life for it. I want him to come home, and he needs interventions, but there is nothing wrong with our family. There is something wrong with difficult child 2. I'm tired of shifting my life around. I'm tired of fighting. 80% of me just doesn't care anymore. That's all I can say about that.

Dylan's little meltdown in school yesterday (as if the timing couldn't be better?) led him to 3 hours of homework last night :rofl: Sorry, but it's funny to me. Even better, guess what? He did it all. He knows better. Bet he is sweet as peach pie today. Who wants to bet? :angel:

Darn kids are on my nerves this week. Think I need some respite.

Hope everyone enjoys their day.


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Good Morning,

Joanne-I'm glad the IEP went well. I hope you get the results soon on the psychiatric. evaluation and that the insurance company doesn't take too long deciding. I hope you are back asleep by now too.

Janna-Boy when it rains it pours huh? I hope court goest better than you are expecting. I'm sure Dylan will have a better day. I hope you can get some respite.

Yesterday was a long day but at least it's over. Both difficult child and easy child were acting gfgish. Today after work difficult child has wrestling. I'm supposed to go with husband but part of me just wants to skip and go to the health club. I'm feeling selfish of my time right now but I know I'll probably end up going.

I hope everyone has reason to laugh and smile today. :smile:Hi to anyone who snuck in. :salute:


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I hope you all have a nice day!

Well i am trying to convince difficult child to find his other glove as it is five degrees outside, but i keep getting no one else wears them, and he's right the kids in jr. high and high scool here would rather have frost bite then be protexted. So all ican hope for is the bus to be on time. Well got to run it's time to leave!!!


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G'day everybody.

Joanne, sounds like they're rolling up the shirt sleeves. I can't understand them wanting to cut speech therapy, though.

Janna, I hope they don't order family therapy yet again. I was talking to a woman this afternoon who reminds me of you - she's fighting the system over her daughter and they keep judging her inappropriately by appearances and family history. But she's a fighter who is not letting them kick her when they think she's down.

Sharon, there's nothing wrong with making time for yourself. I hope the kids are a bit more controllable today for you.

Jen, isn't it amazing how kids never seem to feel the cold except when it's convenient?

We had a day in at the school today - state-wide literacy testing for kids in Years 7 & 8. We're beginning to get end of summer/early autumn weather. Hot, humid and cooler breezes at inconvenient times. Recent rain has brought in the mozzies(mosquitoes), their absence having been one good thing about the drought. The sea temperature has cooled dramatically, so the next swim may not be as pleasant. Two people got hit by lightning in Sydney yesterday evening but they're OK now. The humidity is bringing in these huge storms, but we're enjoying the bit of rain they bring too.

At the school today I got talking to one of the other mothers (her son is autistic too) and she had some hair-raising stories about her son's school and the bullying they didn't stop. He ended up in hospital twice but the school still did nothing, not even when the police got involved. Sounds like fodder for my next article...

I'm going to head for bed soon. It's been a long day. Tomorrow I'm taking easy child 2/difficult child 2 to the doctor, to see if he thinks she has grumbling appendicitis. I think it's odds on. It's going to be an interesting day.



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Good morning!
Joanne- Good to hear the IEP meeting went well.
Janna- Prayers being said for court today...
Sharon- Being selfish can be a good thing sometimes, it says you need some alone time.
Jen- Make him find that glove!
Marg- I hope everything goes well at that doctor appointment for easy child 2/difficult child 2.
husband and I have a memorial service for his great aunt this morning, then I volunteer this afternoon at the school. Otherwise, not a lot going on.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:
Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,


I'm glad difficult child's IEP meeting went well! My difficult child 2 also uses the school psychologist's office and the guidance counselor's office as a calm down spot if needed. I agree, this is much, much better than sending difficult child to the principal's office! I hope you get Residential Treatment Facility (RTF) for difficult child!!! I KNOW how frustrating insurance companies can be :grrr:!!!


I'll be thinking about you today... While you're in an extremely difficult situation, I hope you get the best possible outcome for YOU!!! I understand what you mean about having others intrude in your personal life because of difficult children. in my humble opinion, it totally S*UCKS!!! I think this is one of the hardest things about life with difficult children. I'm a private person and resent all the intrusion because of disabled children. Please try to get in some "ME" time this evening :bath:!!! Please let us know how things go...


Go to the health club and don't feel guilty!!! You deserve it!!! You need to take care of yourself :smile: Let husband handle difficult child tonight!!!


I understand where you're coming from. I've gotten to the point that if difficult child 1 wants to FREEZE that is his problem!!! It is FREEZING here too. difficult child 1 wore a tee shirt, lightweight pants, no socks, and a flimsy hoodie. I hope our difficult children stay frostbite free!!!


I hope difficult child 3 did well on the testing. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!! What are mozzies??? I hope the doctor finds out what is wrong with difficult child 2/easy child 2 and she is feeling better soon!!!


I'm sorry to hear that you and husband have to go to a memorial service for his great aunt. I'll be keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers :angel:... After volunteering at the school today, make sure you take some "ME" time :smile:, etc... I used to volunteer in easy child's class and I know I was drained some days when I came home!!!

After I have one more cup :coffee:, I'm going to do some more closet cleaning, check up on husband's aunt, a couple of small errands, and then it's time to pick up difficult child 1 at school.

Hi to anyone who "snuck" in... I hope everyone has a good day :flower:!!! WFEN

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Good morning friends.

Joanne, glad the IEP mtg went well.
Janna, keeping fingers crossed for court today.
Sharon, I say skip wrestling & head out to the club.
Jen, sometimes natural consequences work...sometimes not. I'd find my glove on a morning like this - just too cold to go without.
Marg, hoping that something is figured out for easy child/difficult child 2. This has gone on long enough.
TM, sorry to hear about the loss of husband's great aunt.

Hi to anyone who snuck in.

My day consists of a run to the doctor's for my b12 shot, grocery shopping & marriage counseling. In between, I'm puttering about the house - you know, dusting, vacuuming, etc.

Enjoy your day - hug your loved ones!


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Morning all. Not feeling well so I want to go lay back down. Had to change my profile as difficult child turned 17 yesterday. Can't figure out where the time has gone. I took him birthday shopping Sunday.........I think that will be husband's job from now on as that did NOT go well. Then I felt guilty last night as he wanted to go out to eat at his favorite restaurant. I just was not feeling up to going out so husband and him went by themselves.

Hope everyone has a good day and good luck with court and any meetings. (Janna, I'll be thinking of you today. Here's hoping that the know it all case worker gets a little "chat" from the judge)
Good morning, everyone! I'm still trying to catch up on everyone's lives since I was off for so long. Nothing much planned for today. difficult child is upset this morning because he wet the bed again. 6 years old and wets his bed more often than not. Breaks my heart because he tries to tell me stories about how it's water from the sink. I think he'd rather wear Pull-Ups but husband is rather against that. And it is happening a bit less now. Poor cub.

I was entertained last night. difficult child won a little prize at school yesterday. I asked him why and he proudly told me it was for listening. [Good listening is ... um ... not his best skill.] easy child stared at him a moment, mouth open, and then said, "Oh, saving it for SCHOOL, are we?"

Hope everyone has a good day!