Good Morning Tuesday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Aug 25, 2009.

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    G'day, folks.

    What a day! We stayed home but the high winds were a problem from time to time. We had spells of dead calm, and times when it felt like the trees were trying to uproot themselves. The skies were blown clean of smog and cloud, it would have been hot if the wind hadn't cooled things down. I walked down to mother in law's to take some papers to her and on the way home saw the large waste bins in danger of being blown away as the wind picked up again. It was garbage pickup this morning, the truck had already been but everybody was off at work. So I took in the bins along the windiest stretch of the street.

    At home I was dealing with some nasty paperwork for an organisation I've volunteered for. The boss of the organisation has turned out to be a micromanager, and one who really doesn't know much about what he's trying to do. I'm fed up and threatend to resign but right now they need me. Emails have been flying around but there has been no reply since my last one.

    I've got difficult child 1 & daughter in law here for dinner tonight, it's very pleasant. difficult child 1 brought some sewing to do on my sewing machine - he needs a new surcoat for his medieval warfare costume. It has to go over his chain mail, I gather.
    Why can't he get a nice safe hobby, like stamp collecting?

    Enjoy your Tuesday, everybody.

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    good morning everyone!
    I've just had breakfast, it's 9.15pm! What a crazy day.
    The last night that I had to sleep on the recliner. Up early to get the Japanese students to their meeting place to leave and return to their homeland. We had an enjoyable weekend together, if not rather hectic!
    Then i took DS to work and German student to school and came home to pick up cherub and take her to school. Meanwhile DD12 was practising for her solo at the Eisteddfod (flute). She gathered her schoolwork and we raced in, only to find that they were running behind schedule. So we waited, and waited (etc.) for 3 hours, she played (didn't place, but got 85) and then I had to do the reverse run, to pick everyone up again. Back into town after that, to take DS to an appointment regarding his work capacity. Then to drop daughter off for dancing. I managed to eat a sandwich that daughter made around 4pm, counting that as my lunch. My friend cooked me a little supper at 7pm, but I was a little peckish just now, so decided to have some breakfast. Now I'm all caught up and looking forward to sleeping in my own bed soon.
    It wasn't as hot today as yesterday, when it was around 40 degrees here, the hottest winter day on record I believe. Crazy weather, and scary weather as I'm dreading bushfires breaking out anywhere near here, the grass is like chips.
    Hope you all have a lovely day.
  3. Happy Tuesday Everyone!

    Marg, that wind sounds fierce.. it was great that you helped your neighbors with the bins, otherwise they would have scattered everywhere. So sorry to hear about the volunteer job. Volunteers need to be treasured, not micromanaged! Medieval war costume? Sounds very interesting. I'm most amazed at difficult child 1's skill with the sewing needle ...

    Trish, Your schedule sounds amazingly hectic. I know that you will enjoy getting back to your own bed - it's so difficult to sleep in a recliner. I imagine that the Japanese students enjoyed their stay with you. Get some rest!

    It has been a lovely couple of days here... low temps, low humidity, and lots and lots of sun. difficult child is now in his second week of college. He seems to be orienting well - today is his first Physics lab - and after that he will have located and attended all of his classes. He seems content, he's only taking courses that interest him, and I talked him in to taking less than a full course load. We've got our fingers crossed!

    easy child is settling in to his routine at home. He made us a delicious noodle dish with peanut sauce last night. It was wonderful! Of course, the kitchen is quite a mess when he is finished - but that is a small price to pay for a night off from chef duties...It's amazing to see the man he is becoming, and it's very hard not to see the cute little boy he once was. :)

    I'm hoping to get a quick visit to the gym in during my lunch break. It's a little overdue.Then on to the usual duties...

    Everyone have a good day!

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Marg-Windy days like that are interesting ones. Sounds like a nice evening with easy child 1 and daughter in law.

    Trish-Sounds like you had an extremely busy day-I bet you'll sleep well tonight.

    :bloodshot: I'm quite I look like this right now, I certainly feel like it. I think I'm going through severe nap withdrawal-lol. This morning husband is dropping off difficult child and heading to school, then I'll drop off easy child at driver's ed and head to school. Thank goodness, a good friend is picking her up so we can keep working.

    Later this afternoon, I'm taking easy child to her physical. Tonight difficult child has drum lessons and then husband and I need to make it to the health club. Hopefully before bed I'll have some time to catch up on the board.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  5. Wiped Out

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    Valerie-You snuck in on me! I'm glad difficult child is off to a good start! Crossing fingers it continues! That noodle dish easy child made sounds delicious!
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    Good morning all,

    I'm very late this morning ~ sorry. I'm struggling with using my hands this morning so forgive my lack of individual replies.

    It's a rainy morning so I didn't need to get out & water my new gardens. Thank goodness.

    Nothing on the schedule today except my niece & her hot boyfriend coming over tonight to help me transfer data from my current laptop to my husband's much hotter laptop. It has a much larger monitor so I'm sure I'll have an easier time using it.

    Need to check out the board & then get a few things accomplished (hopefully) before K & hottie boyfriend arrives. Man, if I wasn't newly widowed & 25 years younger ~ I was hot then myself. Goofy thoughts & memories this morning.