Good Morning, Wednesday


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It's been a while since I was up early enough to start the GM thread. SO finally went to work today :bravo: which gets me up earlier.

Boys had karate again last night. They got their nunchucks (I spell that right?). Dylan is up for his first belt (yellow) soon - he'll have to take a test. easy child isn't far behind him.

They'll do karate again tonight. Two nights a week is the requirement. We were doing Tue/Thu, but Thu now difficult child 2 and I have family counesling. Friday we go on our trip. Ahh.

Dylan also has his little after school thing today. All sorts of sports. Surprised he wanted to, but he did.

I think the snow is done for the year. Finally. Was beautiful out yesterday - supposed to be nice again today.

Everyone enjoy your day,



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:coffee: Good Middle of the Week Morning Janna and all to follow!

Janna, glad Dylan is enjoying his martial arts, so many here have difficult children that have really enjoyed this activity. I've not been around for the last week, so I'm not sure about where you are going this weekend, but I wish Friday hurrys up!!!!!!!

Hey guys, sorry I haven't been around for the last week. I have been so crazy busy. When the evening comes, I didn't want to get on the computer, just relax.

easy child is doing well - two more days till she drives - I get the update every morning! difficult child is doing ok, he's having his spring mood - it seems every early spring he's a little outa sorts. Not being bad, no raging, etc., just more moody which also means his grades suffer.

I did a lot of looking back on difficult child's history this weekend. He was dxd with adhd and the depression by his therapist. The psychiatrist only came into play with the depression and for medication management, basically. We only see him for 15 minutes a quarter.

So, I decided to go the next step. We have a local medical college/unniversity. They have a psyc department that has a children's treatment center. That center has 5 clinics - one is a pediatric mood disorder clinic. I called yesterday to request a multidis evaluation for difficult child. They are sending me a five-page questionaire ( /forums/images/%%GRAEMLIN_URL%%/sleep.gif). Once returned, they will make he appointment. I think it's a good thing. With puberty and middle school looming ahead, I felt it was time for a closer look. More than anything else, I worry that difficult child get's frustrated so quickly. He's always been that way, has matured and learned to control over the last couple years, but I still worry. It's so hot and cold. So, we'll see. I feel better about it.

Other than that, contrary to what you might think, I am enjoying the spring weather. It is to be a little cooler today, but will warm up again by the end of the week.

Wishing everyone a great Wednesday! :salute:



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Janna- Glad things are going well with the Karate. Hope the family counseling goes well too.

Sharon- That is great that you are having a big evaluation done!

difficult child is doing great so far at home. He had a good night, but having difficulty getting up this morning. We will see how it goes! This is the first day back to school...


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Janna, I'm so happy the kids are enjoying karate, what a way to expend excess energy. Hope counseling works out well.

LDM, glad to see you this morning. Hope the questionaire for the evaluation isn't too tedious, I know the one I filled out asked the same questions over again. Happy to hear you're having it done.

oceans, so happy to hear your difficult child is doing well being back home. How wonderful. Hope the mornings get easier.

Not much here going on today. It's cleaning day. House needs it too, looks like a cyclone hit part of it. difficult child been complaining about a stomach ache the past few days, but he's running no fever, so off to school he went this morning without a fuss.

Hope everyone has a stress free day. :smile:


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G'day, everyone.

Good to see you finally get the jump on us, Janna. I'm glad you're enjoying warmer weather. Ours is warm agai too - hot today, hot tonight, very humid also.

LDM, I'm glaad you're getting difficult child checked out again. I do think it's important to keep confirming/challenging diagnosis.

Oceans, good luck with school.

Joanne, I hope your difficult child isn't going through what our girl has been for the last few months.

We just got back from the hospital. It's been a very long day - we left an hour before sunrise - the sun still wasn't up when we got to the city. We brought the boys with us because difficult child 1 refused to catch the 8 am school ferry, the bullying is so out of control in our village. They would rather get up three hours early instead.

The boys walked to the habitat zoo from the hospital, did difficult child 3's school excursion then walked back. easy child 2/difficult child 2 is still in hospital, she's got a bad reaction to the anaesthetic. She's still on the drip and probably will be at least until morning, maybe longer. She tried to eat a little soup and mash but was just feeling too sick. The surgeon was very late finishing his list so we didn't see him until after 7 pm. He said her appendix was a bit swollen and inflamed, so it WAS getting worse as we thought.
Poor easy child 2/difficult child 2 - she is normally very pale anyway, but this afternoon she was almost as white as the hospital linen. I looked at her hands on the sheet - they really did look like they'd been carved from alabaster. Even when awake she was not talking much at all, mostly using sign language.

She has slept most of the time, BF2 taking up station beside her bed for a lot of the time also. With the shower chair, we had three chairs altogether in her room, for four of us. difficult child 3 used the floor to do his schoolwork (which kept him quiet). Every so often we would get up and change chairs, like the Madhatter's Tea Party. She has a lovely window view over the centre of Sydney. Just on sunset we could see the Sydney Botanic Gardens giant colony of Flying Foxes (fruit bats) fly off to the distant orchards, so many they look like migrating birds, or smoke. An occasional one would swoop the hospital, which is how we could identify them. Each one is the size of a small cat.

We're not sure when she is to be discharged - it depends on how quickly she shakes off the anaesthetic. I won't be surprised if they keep her until the weekend. But it could be tomorrow. Whichever it is - her appendix is now out and she will soon recover fully.

I'm heading for bed soon to get the sleep I've missed over the last few nights.

Have a good Wednesday!


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Good morning all,

Janna, it's so exciting to see our kids find a passion for something. Glad that your boys are enjoying karate.

Sharon, smart idea to get the testing done now.

oceans, rattling beads that difficult child continues to make good choices at home.

Joanne, sorry to hear that difficult child is feeling poorly.

kt will be home from school today. She's running a temp of 101 & appears to have the stomach flu. Spent all night running to & from the bathroom. Scary, my first thought - did her medications get a chance to absorb into her system.

So - my day is on hold. husband is off to his meeting this morning & then has a job interview this afternoon - keep your fingers crossed.

Have a calm day all - take some "me" time when you can.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning all. Not much exciting happening here. Spring is here and all the storms and humidity are starting. Not much actual rain where we are but thunder and dark clouds.

Janna, it's great that difficult child is loving his karate. It's wonderful. Glad SO is back at work.
LDM, it's probably a good idea to start the evaluation process. Hopefully you will be prepared.I am coming up your way in the fall to visit with a friend. We will have to meet for coffee.

oceans,hope difficult child is up and ready to return.

Jodice,I hear you about the cyclone. husband is out of town over night and it's amazing how much less cleaning the kitchen needs today.LOL. However,I am glad he is coming home.

Marguerite,glad difficult child/easy child 2 is on the road to recovery. My husband doesn't do well with anesthesia.Hopefully daughter will bounce back quickly. I have seen fruit bats. They are large and hairy. LOL. :surprise:

Linda, hope kt gets over the bug quickly and husband has a productive job interview.

easy child has been busy. The school year is starting to wind down. Hopefully easy child will hear something soon from the 4 schools he applied to but not a peep that is positive or negative.
L(foster type daughter) is trying to transfer into a 4 yr program at my encouragement. She is doing well.

difficult child will call in to the temp agency today to see if there is something available. He forgot his resume. husband says difficult child is crazy like a fox. They couldn't call the school or last employer for references. Hopefully he can work and prove he can do it. In the meantime I am trying to seek better support services for a young adult. He doesn't need a group home for adults but he needs just a little more management than he currently has. At least for a while longer. I'm amazingly detached for most of the time. I'm still afraid that he won't move forward or do better than he is doing now. Never changes does it?

Have a wonderful,peaceful day.



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Morning all. Halfway done with the week and it's SPRING!! :flower:

Janna - glad to hear the kids are enjoying their martial arts.

LDM - good luck with the evaluation. Middle school is a big change and every little bit helps.

Marguerite - hope easy child is feeling better soon. My dad passed on the "doesn't react well to anesthesia" gene to me and sibs. It's no fun so I hope she can come home soon but glad they got it taken care of. (and um...large, hairy bats???? :faint: )

Nothing difficult child wise going on here today. husband, on the other hand, is replacing our water heater. (our GAS water heater :faint: ) I'm thinking I'll put all my books in my car, park it waaaay down the street and park myself in a lawn chair at a safe distance with my cell phone. This could turn extremely funny or kinda skeery! (husband is kind of a Tim Taylor sort when it comes to home repair lol)