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I know a lot of people yesterday were concerned with difficult child's new dose. i wanted to let you know he has been on concerta for over five years, and out of the many,many medicines we have tried this is the only one that works. I freaked out when he went from 54 to 90, and the dr. goes i can prescribe it up to 120. When he was on 54 mg. he did iffy in school. But when put up to 90 all of a sudden he was in jr. high and an honor roll student, so it really helped. With his new dose he does have to have his blood presssure checked to make sure things are ok. I will keep you posted when he starts. Have a nice day, everyone!

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Good Morning,

Razzle-I think it's great that it's helping-I know you will be monitoring how difficult child is doing. It's great Concerta has helped so much. I hope you have a great day :flower:

Last night wasn't a lot of fun at our house-let me just say how much fun teenagers are-NOT! Anyways sorry I didn't get around to responding to anyone yesterday.

After work today a friend and I are going to visit another friend who had a baby just yesterday. Then my friend and I are going out for dinner. After that easy child has her talent show and is operating the lights so I will go to the show and then have the joy of her teenage company on the 20 minute ride home. We probably won't be home til 9:30.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in :kisses:


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:princess: Good Middle of the Week Everyone!

Jen, I thought the dose seemed extraordinarily high as well - but one thing we know about being on this site is that every kid is different and responds to medications differently. Sounds like you are on top of it, where you need to be. Have a great day :salute:

Sharon, I can tell you that the teenage years get better! Honestly :surprise:. I really enjoy easy child and her friends. Make your house the house they come to and hang at and you will find out how interesting these creatures can be :surprise: Hope all is going well with difficult child the first couple days of school this week. Sounds like fun tonight - enjoy.

Good morning story, wishing you a good day :smile:

The weather was amazing yesterday....87 degrees! I'm hoping to get out to Lowes first thing this morning. Last year, about this time I found the nicest HUGE hanging ferns. I put them all around the patio (which is covered with a wood stucture). I know it was really early because we had four house finch families nesting there in the spring - that was really neat to watch - not to mention how the ferms thrived until the fall! Also wanted to pick up some North Carolina Jasmine. I have two huge pots and I want some climbers. After that I'll be doing the usual putzing around the house.

Unfortunately, the "logo" for my mom's visits did not translate to the new site. So, here is the new one for The :nonono: Visit! Mom will be here a week from today. She is stopping by on her way down to Charlotte to spend Easter with her sister. She will be staying longer on the way back up north. Think she's just here for a night next week.

Well, need to grap my second cup. Have a great Wednesday all :salute:


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Good morning friends,

Jen, I'm glad the new dosing works for your difficult child. I know that it will be monitored. You're a good warrior mum.

Sharon, another busy day ahead for you. It's been a long time since I've visited a newborn. Love that new baby smell.

Stormy, hope your day is better.

Other than a therapist appointment, not much on my agenda today. Finishing a few loads of laundry & other Becky Homecky stuff. I'm working on a more difficult piece of music on the piano that I'm struggling to get through as well.

Enjoy your day - keep it calm. Find a moment of peace just for yourselves today.


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Good morning all. :censored2: DAY, wish it were Friday. Concerta , I've had experience with that. My youngest easy child was on that for about 3 years. Age 6 to about 9 or so. It really helped him. He went up to 54 mgs. Then one I desided to to tale him off of it. And you know he did very well. I think he need something to get him thru those early years I don't know. My difficult child was on it also along with countless other medications it just didn't work for him. Just keep trying I guess.
Good luck with the new doses, You have to keep up with theses doctor's and make sure they aren't using medications to just shut you up too. Sometimes it seems the doctor's (thoses who don't know much) just prescribe because they read about it somewhere.
have a good day all


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not a good day today. SO and I are on the verge of breaking up because of the recent events. He feels he can take no more... says i never told him what difficult child was like before we got together (and I KNOW i did, he thought i was exaggerating!)

Gonna go tidy difficult child's room .. i havent been in there in over a month cos he isnt here and it hurts too much!

Have a good day all xxxxx
Good Morning :coffee:,

Jen, Thanks for updating us on difficult child's medication. I hope you continue to see good results. Hope you have a good day too!!!

Sharon, Sorry last night wasn't a good one. I'm glad you're going to be able to get a bit of "ME" time in your otherwise BUSY day. Enjoy visiting the new baby and dinner - sounds like fun. I hope easy child is in a better mood today and you're able to enjoy eachother's company on the ride home...

thestormyjourney, I don't think I've had the chance to have " :coffee:" with you before... Hope your day goes well!!!

Sharon, I'm glad you're having nice weather :flower:. Your patio sounds so pretty. I hope you're able to get the hanging ferns. I've got all body parts crossed that the visit with your mother goes well... I think I'll join you in another :coffee:.

Linda, I hope you get through the household chores quickly and are able to practice the hard piece of music you're working on. Hope kt has a "melt-down" free day... :flower:

Well, today didn't start off too good. We need to get new tires for my car :grrr:... It wasn't a planned expense right now...

Anyway, other than that, things are ok. difficult children weren't too bad this morning - I've got to be thankful for small miracles!!!

I'm still working on my closets. I'm almost finished with mine!!! I won't have much time to spend on them today as I have to work, run a few errands, and get back in time to pick up difficult child 1 from school...

I hope everyone has a "Melt-Down" free day :flower: WFEN


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Hi Razz, thanks for the info. Sounds like you're on top of things.
Sharon, you WILL be wiped out by tonight!
Tracy, so sorry it's a crummy day. I hope it gets better.
Lisa, I am so sorry about you two. Can you do counseling? Take a vacation? I feel helpless. Sending strength.
WFEN, you really stick to a task. My closet doors have been broken for 2 yrs... sigh.
I'm taking difficult child to the child psychiatric today to discuss his behavior earlier this wk. He refuses to accept any responsibility, or says, "Big deal, it was only 3 hrs."
Big deal? Yes, it IS a big deal! :eek: Luckily, husband was around Sun. and Tues. and gave it right back to difficult child. Don't know why he shuts up for him and not me. Sigh. :crazy:
Weather is still gorgeous... I painted yesterday and walked around the yard. Love it!
A good day to everyone whose notes I didn't get to and who have not yet posted.


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G'day, everyone. Jen, I know the dose seems high but it sounds like you are proceeding as cautiously and responsibly as possible. I hope it does the trick for you. I know there have been many times I wanted to up the medication over the dose the doctor was permitted to prescribe. It was really frustrating to have to accept the limits, and I really felt (and still do) that in his case it would have been OK, especially if we watched and monitored closely. Fingers crossed for you all.

Sharon, Sorry to hear your teens are making life difficult for you. Sounds like you have a busy but (hopefully) enjoyable day today.

Stormy - great to see you, I've been wondering how things were going. Wasn't it a glorious day in Sydney today?

Sharon, I'd love to see your patio with all those plants. I hope you get it looking nice for your mother's visit.

Linda, I had a laundry Wednesday today too. Three huge loads! Keep working on that piano piece.

Tracy, Sorry you had a bad day today. Remember what the Two Ronnies said - "Only with one's back to the wall, can one go forward!"

Lisa, Sorry to hear about SO. I guess he's got to find something or someone to blame. Of course you told him! What Warrior Mum would fail to make sure that every card was on the table before making a commitment?

WFEN, new tyres - we've got that coming up too. Our van tends to 'scrub out' the tyres on our winding bush tracks.

Terry - sorry to hear difficult child is mouthing off at you. Enjoy the improving weather.

I had a helluva day today. mother in law rang this morning - she'd had a mild 'funny turn' yesterday evening while we were shopping and I thought she was mostly OK when I dropped her home, although BF2 did have to help her indoors. Turns out she had heart flutters all night and didn't sleep. After she rang I went to her place and helped her pack a bag for the ambulance we called. She's in hospital now, looks like being there for some days at least. She's had this before but this time they seem to be really fussing over her. She's been happy with her previous doctors but this one seems to be the best yet.
But after easy child 2/difficult child 2's appendix coming out exactly a week ago, with all the hospital running around then, difficult child 3's schoolwork had to take another back seat. Then his teacher rang to comment that they've not has as much work back from him lately as they should. I explained about the hospital visits and how it's made it difficult for him, plus I checked and he's not as far behind as they thought he was (although he still needs to catch up).
Then I headed out to see my GP (on the "mainland") only to be told that he's leaving, and I can't get a replacement at such short notice. I now have to trek into the city to see my GP - he will be an hour away instead of half an hour. I didn't dare tell mother in law when husband & I dropped in to the hospital to see her - she's fretting enough about how to manage her health care.

easy child 2/difficult child 2 is back to work tomorrow (she hopes) for a short shift. Here's hoping she can stay the course. I'm hoping to give difficult child 3 some extra tuition and help with his backlog of work, but if I have to ride out to the rescue again...

Have a good Wednesday, everyone!



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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning my friends. It is a beautiful spring morning in Texas. :thumb: The windows are open and the vines over the arbor are just bursting at the seams with orange and yellow flowers. Spring has sprung. All the convertibles are going around with their tops down. I may trade cars with husband so I can enjoy the convertible.

Wiped out, it was such a shock when easy child woke up on his 13th birthday growling and snarling. He was such a mellow kid before. It lasted close to 2 yrs. He is a easy child again but he put me through my paces in his early teens.

Raz, difficult child was on huge doses of Ritalin but it worked. The pharmacist would look at me funny. Eventually, he developed a tic like side effect and had to be switched out. Nothing worked as effectively for the hyper thinking. Risperdal helped with his executive functioning but nothing worked as well as a lot of ritalin. The moral is your kid functions on this medication. You and your doctor will watch and observe. Don't answer to others.

thestormyjourney, hello and welcome. I don't know you yet but wanted to say hello.

LDM, I think the idea of ferns is a great one. I may have to copy your plan. Good luck with mom.

Linda, good luck with the piano. What a wonderful instrument to master.

tracy, hello and welcome to you.

realangel, sorry to hear that you and SO are close to breaking up. I can understand. It takes a strong and resiliant person to willingly walk into the life of a family with a difficult child. I doubt I could do it knowing what I know now. Sorry you are hurting about difficult child being gone.

WFEN glad the difficult child's weren't too bad.

Terry, good luck at the child psychiatric. Glad you got to paint and enjoy your yard.

difficult child decided he would like to write a novel. :rofl: Somewhat grandiose for someone who hasn't ever written a full paragraph. The thoughts are there but the mechanics of writing are missing. We suggested he start a little smaller. He did have a good idea of working in a science musuem. It's perfect. Hopefully the caseworker believed him.

It's a full day today but wanted to stop in and say hello. I'll have to wake up earlier so I don't have to write so long.
Have a good day and enjoy your morning :coffee:



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Good morning! :coffee:
Jen- I have faith that you & your doctor have a well thought out treatment plan for difficult child. :warrior:
Sharon- Enjoy your time with friends and the new baby. I just love to hold new babies!!! :kisses:
Stormy- Great to see you on the morning thread! :salute:
Sharon- Your patio sounds lovely... :smile:
Linda- Good luck with the piece, I'm sure you'll master it soon. :princess:
Tracy- Great to see you on the morning thread as well! :salute:
Lisa- I'm sorry you are in so much pain. Maybe tidying difficult child's room will be cathartic. :sad:
WFEN- I've been thinking about cleaning the bedroom closets, but I'm honestly afraid of what I'll find in there! :rofl:
Terry- I hope the psychiatrist appointment goes well... :warrior:
Marg- When do you ever fit in time for yourself? :hammer:
Fran- Tell me you were kind enough not to let a giggle slip out at the thought of difficult child writing a novel! The science museum does sound like a better option. :wink:
Well, I'm a walking allergy experiment this morning. :ill: I tried taking Allegra on Sunday & it made me very jittery that day and the next morning. :smile: Nixed that. Tried taking a quarter dose of benadryl Monday night and had a horrible medication hangover yesterday morning. :rolleyes: Went without anything and now I have eye/ear pressure and a post nasal drip cough. :faint: I hate being so physically miserable when spring finally gets here. It's just not fair! :crying:
Duckie's piano lesson went well yesterday. She said it's easier than her group lesson because every one isn't crowding around the piano. :rofl: She took to her new teacher quite well. And I survived possibly the most boring PTA meeting ever. :hammer: Today has a few errands (gotta stop by the liquor store! :devil:) & I'm making husband a big turkey dinner. He'll be pleased. We wrap up the day with Daisies. It's always fun.
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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Good morning everyone. Thought I'd pop in for a minute to wish everyone a good morning before heading out for awhile today.
I hope everyone has a great day.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>TM sounds like you will have to move to a dry climate for your allergies. :smile: They sound awful.
I would like to join you for a turkey dinner. Sounds really yummy. What did husband do to deserve such service? :kisses: Even liquor is on the menu. Sounds like a great evening.
I'm afraid to say this but I don't think I went to a PTA meeting that wasn't boring and could have been condensed into 15 min of productive planning and discussion. The rest was always such a waste of time and space. Way too much talking and socializing during the meetings.(sorry PTA lovers but it's my experience)
Glad Duckie enjoyed her piano lesson. :bravo:

Cracked a smile is an understatement. husband and I just about fell off our chairs. rofl. Dreams without action is a hallucination (or so husband says) </span>


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Fran</div><div class="ubbcode-body"><span style='font-size: 11pt'>
I would like to join you for a turkey dinner. Sounds really yummy. What did husband do to deserve such service? :kisses: Even liquor is on the menu. Sounds like a great evening.
:bravo:</span> </div></div>

Dinner is at 5:30pm sharp! I am rewarding husband for his good & supportive behavior toward myself & Duckie when my grandmother died. Plus, I have two meetings, Duckie's Daisy meeting & a partylite get-together this week. I must appease the man so he doesn't feel neglected, lol! :rofl: