Good Morning Wednesday



Good morning all!

Well, I had fun-filled evening. Still itching. Called the doctor's office Monday morning. Haven't heard anything. So last night when I had welts all over my back and shoulders, I thought, "Well, I'll show them" and took myself to the ER. I gave my history to the nurse including that the doctor had told me that if I'm still itching after the steroids, then we need to switch the plavix to ticlid.

So, after 2 hours the physician's assistant came in. He didn't ask me a single question. He didn't examine me. He was in the room less than 2 minutes. He decided that I was breaking out in hives from external factors. The doctor came in. She was in the room for less than a minute. She didn't ask me a single question or examine me. She, too, said it was from external factors. I asked her then why the topical benadryl did nothing. She didn't respond. By the time they got in the room, the itching had pretty much was at a tolerable level. They gave me 40mg of pepcid ac and a prescription for vistoril. Then they told me to go see a dermatologist. I'm going to scream!!! It's like being in some B-rated movie.

The PA said vistoril was more sedating than the benadryl and the dr said it was less. Benadryl knocks me out for hours and makes me feel like a zombie the next day. Well, the pepcid is non-sedating, so quess what? I'm wide awake. Can't sleep. Not even tired.

Oh, and I told them about the numbness in my foot that started the night before the itching and hasn't abated a bit. They said there was nothing that could be done for that. :hammer:

difficult child has been out of school for a week and a half now. I took her to the doctor last week and she was given antibiotics for a sinus and ear infection. She's still sleeping upwards of 16 hours a day. So, it's back to the doctor today for her to see what's going on. I'm going to try again to contact my cardiologist. Wish me luck.

Hope everyone has a meltdown free day!


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Gee, Heather, this sounds like no fun at all. I hate allergic reactions. Have you gone over all external possibilities? I would be ringing the doctor over and over until you get a response. Leave a message saying you appear to have an allergic reaction and desperately need advice on how to stop it.

We've had a public holiday today - Anzac Day. It was raining in Sydney for the dawn service, husband was glad he didn't go. He's had his father's medals mounted onto a bar and he now has his own service medal, so he's definitely entitled to march if he chooses to. We watched the march on TV and then the dawn service at Gallipoli. There have been some anti-war demonstrators caught painting graffiti on the war memorials and picketing the parades - they haven't a clue. Back when I was a kid I hated Anzac Day because back then, it DID seem to glorify war. Now it certainly does not - it celebrates peace but also celebrates how Aussies will keep trying even when things look worse than hopeless. We all thought Anzac Day would be dead when the last Anzac died - it's bigger than ever now, because it is finally honest about war and what it does to people and countries, while at the same time respecting the efforts of those who fight.

You might see something about it - you might not. But here it's definitely been a day for contemplation.


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Good Morning,

Heather-I'm sorry for your not fun visit to the ER. I hate when doctors. don't bother to find out what is going on! I hope things get better soon but if not I would keep telephoning like Marguerite said. I hope difficult child's dr. can figure out what is going on with her. Hugs.

Marguerite-It sounds like you have the right mindset about the holiday-hopefully those doing the graffitti will understand some day.

I did go to book club yesterday and am glad I did-it was fun as usual-it's just the getting there part. I even managed to get in a workout which was good because I wasn't good in the eating department yesterday!

Today it's work and then the health club-nothing else (at least I hope)!

Enjoy the day and hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:

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Good morning friends,

Heather, you can't get a break in the health department lately. Sending positive thoughts for a better day.

Marg, every generation has issues with the previous generations handling of history. Sigh...hindsight is a precious commodity.

Sharon, keeping finger crossed for a "boring" day for you.

I had no appts Mon or Tues; now I have 6 in the next 3 days. The only fun break in all that will be piano lessons then respite from Saturday morning (early) to late Sunday afternoon.

Enjoy your day - hug your loved ones.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Heather- Ugh. I'd be way beyond ticked off if I were in your shoes! :nonono:
Marg- The ceremonies sound very powerful. I'm glad the nation still celebrates the sacrifices of so many families. :warrior:
Sharon- I'm glad you enjoyed the book club, you sound more relaxed this morning. :princess:
Linda- Here's hoping the six appointments go well! :smile:
I have to get some housework done today (badly) and clean up my desk! Yuck! :surprise: husband is working from home with a bad cold, so it will not be fun. :ill: Then there is Daisy Girl Scouts tonight.
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning friends. Just call me Dorothy from the land of OZ. The wind was so bad and so loud and so strong all day and worse at night that I put the hurricane shutters down. I'm here on the island alone with almost no neighbors about. I wasn't afraid but definitely guarded and watching to see if the house would be picked up and dumped on the Wicked Witch of the West. Guess these homes are built to survive the wild winds. We aren't any worse for the wear it seems. Not much rain but that's expected shortly. I hate when the tv and internet are out but fortunately they are back on. I have lots of flashlights and books to read. My kids in Dallas are all fine. husband will arrive home from NYC shortly so I will feel better if he is closer to home.

difficult child survived the first day of orientation. It was just 3 hrs on a computer. They must be used to people with short attention spans. difficult child seemed to be OK with it. Keep your fingers crossed.

Wyntersgrace,vistaril is sometimes used for allergic reactions. I always thought pepcid was for gastric reflux??? I'm not sure why the pepcid but I'm out of the loop so to speak about newer treatments. Sounds very strange. Call your family Dr.

Marguerite, strange that there is always a discussion about past wars without realizing we are honoring the sacrifices that were made. We all have 20/20 hindsight but in the thick of things these soldiers and their families did what their country wanted them to do. I don't know how anyone could deface war memorials. Ignorance is really an ugly disease.

Wiped out, sounds like a nice break for you today.

Linda-six. Yikes! Hope you are rested.

TM, good luck with the house work and trying to do it around husband. Not an easy prospect in my house.

Today is my day to do the housework and get ready for my sister and brother with his new wife to arrive this weekend. I can't wait to see brother. He is missing his family time. We are all pretty close.

Hopefully the winds will have churned up some great shells but keep a good thought that the weather settles down soon.

difficult child returns to work today for orientation. All seems well.</span>


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HI all

Heather - I hope they get this sorted soon, some doctors need to re-evaluate how well they are doing their job! ::HUGS::

Marg - sounds like the armistice day memorial services we have here, remembering those who fought/died in both world wars.

Sharon - hope the day isnt too lively for you

Linda - 6 appointments? yuck! Hope they go well

TM - hope husband gets well soon so you get peace in the house again!

Have just got back from lunch with a few college friends, it was good to catch up with them. I am just sorry I wont be with them when they graduate in july .. i hate deferring studies but it had to be done.

Still heard nothing from difficult child, its sad our relationship has deteriorated so much.

Have a good day. hi to anyone who snuck in while i was typing.


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Anzac Day is a big thing for us, almost as big as Australia Day. Maybe bigger, sometimes.

The vandals - I hope they get treated the same way as the young man who tore down a flag from the RSL (returned servicemens' league) and burned it during the Cronulla riots; after all the court hearings, that RSL invited him in and they explained to him what it means, told him their stories and what they were doing when THEY were 17 and 18. He is now a youth spokesman for his ethnic community, which is where a lot of the conflict has been coming from. It has turned his life and his views around, he is now an ambassador for racial harmony and peace instead of fuelled by hate and misunderstanding.

Fran, hang in there in the wind, I like the Dorothy analogy. We're enjoying some rare peace from the winds. We do get it as bad as you seem to have it now, but thankfully not too often.
And all of you struggling with illness - take care. We're past the middle of the week now.

It's funny - as I type this, not long before midnight our time, I can hear our visiting Brushtailed Possum calling outside my window. Sounds like there's either a mate or a baby nearby... unless it's a piece of fruit husband put out. He loves our possums too.




You're right about the pepcid, but apparently it has an antihistamine in it, also. They said it was some kind of well kept secret. I was too annoyed with them to care. I did call my family doctor. She doesn't have anything open until June. I have an appointment with a new family doctor for May 3.

In any case, this really needs to be addressed by my cardiologist as the medication causing the allergic reaction is my blood thinner. Or that's the assumption we're working on as all other medications have been stopped and I'm still itching even after the steroid pack. A family doctor is not going to change that. They are going to refer back to the cardiologist which I wouldn't have a problem with if I could get a response from them.


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Heather, I was thinking if you have a decent relationship with your family doctor, he could call the cardiologist. You may get a response. Unfortunately, you will have itched until your raw by the time you get in to see him.
I know the blood thinner as my dad was on it. You can't stop that one suddenly.
It's good to know the secret is pepcid has antihistamine properties.