Good news, difficult child has a bed

She went in for assessment today, case worker said to come back tomorrow morning 9 a.m. to start 90-day inpatient program. Substance abuse program for now and they will refer to mental health unit when an opening comes up.


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That is wonderful news. 90 days is great. They should all be that long. Now you can go on your vacation and know she is safe and getting the help she needs. I'm so happy for you. I know all to well what the waiting does to you. You must feel like a huge wait has just been lifted off your shoulders.

Enjoy your vacation!!!!!


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That's great news! I had a feeling that would you can enjoy your vacation!! I am wishing your daughter the best and pray that she will respond well to treatment.


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:bravo: :bravo: :bravo:

I hope she takes full advantage of this opportunity. What great timing!!!

I picked up difficult child from the rehab center this morning for her court date on a possession of paraphernalia with residue charge. This was a rescheduled date; she missed last time and had a warrant hanging over her.

She was jumpy as all get out on the way there. When she saw the policeman who had arrested her there in court and the clerk told her to be seated and not to leave she broke down; she was positive she was going to prison.

It turned out that the policeman was there purely by coincidence (well, actually, I don't believe in coincidences, I think a lot of prayer was involved) on a completely unrelated matter. He recognized her and talked to her for a while about getting her life back together and said he was glad she was in rehab and she better not blow it.

The policeman (wish I'd thought to get his name) is the stereotypical hard-bitten cop with a heart of gold.

In the end they cut her a break, big time. 24 hours community service and the charge will be dismissed. I overheard the state's attorney and our cop saying those very words, "cut her a break".

Sometimes things happen that really restore your faith in the system and your fellow human beings, and your faith in faith, so to speak.


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Glad to hear court went well. How is the rehab going so far. Does she seem to be following the rules and ready to make some changes, or is it too soon to tell?

I'm surprised they allowed you to pick her up for court. All the rehabs my son was in, court was postponed until he got out because they wouldn't let him leave and come back.
<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: KFld</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Glad to hear court went well. How is the rehab going so far. Does she seem to be following the rules and ready to make some changes, or is it too soon to tell? </div></div>Good questions. It is a bit early to tell; there are good signs and worrisome signs.

On the up side, her basic attitude is good: she is not blaming others for putting her in there and has a positive outlook about working the program.

On the worrisome side, she's chafed at some of the rules, called them stupid and pointless -- but then she catches herself and acknowledges (without prompting) that they have the right to make the rules and "that's the way it is and I have to accept it".

Most worrisome is that she's too manic -- witness the attacks of nerves yesterday, sitting on the edge of her seat and constantly fidgeting, talking a mile a minute. That behavior has always preceded a crash into deep depression (definition of bipolar, right?); her medication levels need to be adjusted, I think, to better regulate the bipolar symptoms. She is coming off of 4 months without medications and bouncing between the p-doctor at the ER/detox, then the one she saw while she was back with us, and now the docs at the rehab. I don't think these successive doctors always read her records very thoroughly. We don't know anything about the current doctor(s), she is after all an adult (legally if not emotionally) so our close participation is not being sought. J is aware that she's too hyper and says she will bring it up with her counsellors.

I'd say that overall the indicators are on the plus side, and we're very hopeful (but eyes wide open, as always).

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">I'm surprised they allowed you to pick her up for court. All the rehabs my son was in, court was postponed until he got out because they wouldn't let him leave and come back.</div></div>At this one they do allow clients out specifically for court; other than that they are not supposed to leave. It's because of the nature of their mission, I believe: they work with and have many or most of their clients referred from the criminal justice system.


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I hope she gets the help she needs. on the other hand, I hope and pray that you take advantage of this break from her world. ignore what she says about the program, let it sink in. do not rescue or sympathize with her if possible. let her feel that this is her problem not yours.

now some freedom for you and some rest! some fun.
Things seem to be going pretty good for all of us.

Our daughter is settling in, has been in 9 days now and is working the program, she sounds upbeat but the manic-ness seems to have subsided somewhat. No complaints on the phone last night (she is allowed a 5 min. call every other day), she said to have fun on the trip and to give everybody her love and that she loves us. Now that she's been back on her medications for a few weeks I think she is finally stabilizing. Haven't heard any more about the "prophet" since the court appearance a week ago.

We head out on our trip to Oklahoma this afternoon. I procrastinated on packing, difficult child-like, until 2 this morning! Grandbaby has her car activity bag all set and wife and I burned three CDs of classic rock and classic hymns for the road -- now there's a combination you don't usually see.

I plan to not go anywhere near a computer for the next nine days. The toughest decisions I want to face are what to order for dinner. Catch you all on the flip-flop.


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I am so happy for you that you can go off on your vacation with nothing to worry about, except what to order for dinner of course.

Just make sure dinner includes lots of wine and desert. You deserve it.