Good news from both kids

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Californiablonde, Nov 13, 2013.

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    Finally I have something positive to report, especially where difficult child is concerned. She loves her new school and hasn't missed a day for a week and a half! She says she likes it ten times better than the school she was at. Her main teacher is awesome. She tells me she is getting to know difficult child not only on an academic level, but on a personal one as well. She even asked for difficult child's cell phone number and offered to help if she gives me any hassles about getting up in the morning. The true test will be once the bus starts coming to pick up difficult child after I leave for work. So far transportation hasn't come through yet, so my mom is continuing to take her and pick her up. I hope once she is expected to get up on her own, she can do it, but the fact that she loves the new school is promising. And she is really loving her PE class. Normally it's her worst subject and she's already failed an entire year, but at the new school all they do is power walk. Sometimes they go to the local market or to Subway for lunch. Other times they just walk around the housing tract. They wear normal, regular clothes. She loves it and never tries to get out of participating, like she used to do with a regular class. So far it looks like she is doing well, and her anxiety is much better. She still gets random attacks every now and then, but nowhere the way they used to be.

    And as for easy child, he has finally adjusted to moving back with me and his current school. The other day we were having lunch with my mom, and she asked him how he likes his new school so far. He shocked us all by saying he likes it better than the school by his dad's and better than the old school he used to attend when he lived with me in a different city, COMBINED! He was so upset about leaving his school that he attended when he lived with his dad. He made lots of friends there and loved all his teachers. Now he's saying he loves the school he is at even better than the last one. He has made a nice handful of friends and likes all of his teachers. He is especially fond of his case carrier/social skills teacher. He often visits her in her classroom after school while waiting for me to pick him up. His grades are good. All A's and B's. I am so thrilled he is finally comfortable and is doing well. I am very happy his dad decided to give him up and have him move back in with me. I never wanted him gone in the first place, and now I know I will never again be threatened or bullied into giving him up. I am just so happy I can finally report positive things for both easy child and difficult child, especially when it comes to their education. Woohoo!
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    Way to go, warrior mom!
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    Yeah!!! What a great report - I hope things continue to be great for both kids. You deserve a break!
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    Awesome news! It's nice to breathe, isn't it?
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    I am very grateful they are both doing well right now especially. My psychiatrist just increased my Luvox and I am not tolerating it well at all whatsoever. Right now I'm sitting here at work with a headache and dizziness and I feel disoriented. It also feels like the top half of my head is missing. He put me on to high of a dose too soon. I am eternally grateful that my kids are the least of my worries at the moment.
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    Bravo! Bravo! :yes::yes:
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    You can do it! Yes, you seem all over the place some of the time but YOU can DO IT. Hang in there. DDD
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    I knew I shouldn't have jinxed myself. difficult child is refusing to go to school today. She says her stomach hurts. I probably shouldn't have spoke too soon. Hopefully this is just a random bad day.