Good Saturday Morning Sleepyheads!!!


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Good Morning Everyone!

The sun has returned to central virginia and the temps will be in the mid 70's working it's way up to 90 :nonono: on Tuesday!!!!!!

Everything is ready for the baby shower today. I have the goat cheese softening on the counter for a "modern" take on the traditional tea sandwich. I have three pounds of strawberries to rinse but, other than that, everything is ready for the ladies arrival at 11:45. The mom-to-be arrives at noon.

Last night, three of easy child's friends ended up coming to the book fair with her. I had four adults and four teenagers! Plenty of help but this is our buy one, get one free fair and the two nights after our spring musical are packed! Everyone looking for a deal. It was kinda cool having easy child and her friends working with us - not your typical friday night fare for teens.

I spoke with the guidance counselor today and difficult child has been placed in academic core at his middle school next year. They have three academic levels at his new school - core (highest), honors (second), and standard. They assure me that his grades indicate his ability and inclusion will give him a Special Education teacher in the reg ed room for math and la. We'll see.......

Wishing everyone a fabulous weekend!!! Get some rest :bath:



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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- That's great news about difficult child's placement. Is there any provision if the subject matter coupled with transition to middle school is too much for him? :warrior: Good luck with the shower and book fair.
I have to run over to the church to plan up a Sunday School lesson for tomorrow, Duckie has dance and a play date in the afternoon, and I play assistant to my girlfriend at her 2nd partylite party this evening. The kids at church wrap up their readathon tomorrow, Duckie raised $88 herself! :princess:It's kind of yucky today, showers & in the 50's. :rolleyes: But my tulips are finally ready to open. This is the latest I remember them blooming. :flower:The kids at church wrap up their readathon tomorrow, Duckie raised $88 herself!
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:

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Good morning friends,

Sharon - how cool for difficult child! Enjoy the shower today, sounds like you have everything ready to go.

TM, you have a busy Saturday going on - congrats to duckie for her part in the readathon.

kt woke husband & I up with breakfast & coffee made. husband & kt got to eat (she made oatmeal), I got the coffee. Very proud young lady on my hands this morning!

"You need to be pampered, mom" Love that attitude.

kt heads out to respite this morning & will return tomorrow around 3 pm or so.

Enjoy your Saturday - I plan on it.

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Good Morning,

Sharon-How cool that easy child's friends came with her to help with the book fair! That's great about difficult child's placement for next year! Enjoy the shower :smile:

TM-It's great that Duckie raise $88.00 for the readathon-she should very proud of herself! :bravo:

Linda-Aww-what a sweet way to wake up this morning! :princess:And she's right you deserve to be pampered! Enjoy the respite time!

I did not wake up so nicely-difficult child woke us up demanding one one of us get up-there was going to be no peace til someone got up but now that I'm up he's doing better.

We had a nice night last night watching old Laverne & Shirley episodes and ordering a pizza around 10:00-something I hardly ever do anymore because I try to be health concious (and I usually work and weigh in on Saturdays) but it's been a long hard week and I decided to let caution fly to the wind-pretty daring huh? :rofl:

Not much planned for the day-the health club this morning. husband's sister is in town so they are going to go to the casino about an hour from here. I'm glad he's going-he needs the respite after this week.

It is supposed to be nice today-70s and tomorrow the 80s :wink:

I hope everyone has a fun day! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :kisses:


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Good Morninig everyone!

Sharon- i wish you luck with the baby shower, i held my niece's last weekend and it was a hit

Tm- thats great that duckie raised 88$

Linda- that was so nice of the kids

Sharon- enjoy your weather

Well i've been awol all week, i just don't have enough time in the mornings anymore, the shower went great except alot of kids showed up we were not planning on, and all of my niece's friends blew her off. Today difficult child has his state tournament for bowling, he will miss soccer today, but is looking forward to bowling. I t is a very long day, in a town far away from here. difficult child got his report card, and oh yeah he made honor roll for the third term in a row, :bravo: i am so proud of him. Well got to run have a great day everyone!