Good Saturday Morning!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, May 17, 2008.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good Morning! :coffee:

    We promise to have a chilly and wet weekend around here. I just hope that means our Memorial Day weekend will be nice. Duckie has dance this morning where I get to hot glue sequins on her tap shoes today. Oh Joy!:crazy2:

    Other than that, I continue to work in the basement. I managed to clean up and old dresser, put it in the play area and place some of her dozens of stuffed animals in it. Let's see if she notices, lol! :hammer:

    Have a great day! :salute:
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day TM and all to follow.

    TM, I remember doing the sequin thing. I remember sewing red sequins onto one of those sports bras for easy child, for a Rocky Horror dance number. The trouble with glue, you always get some of them come off. I'm hoping that one day easy child has a daughter who chooses to do dance classes. Then she will know what I went through!

    We had a fairly productive day today. difficult child 3 got a tricky bit of schoolwork completed as homework, despite having his baby budgie sitting on his shoulder throughout the exercise. When he finished we had lunch and then difficult child 3 went outside (while I minded Lucky the budgie) to collect some fallen eucalypt sticks to make a playgym. When husband got home (from playing trains) difficult child 3 handed the job over to him because the neighbour kids invited him over to play. So while difficult child 3 was getting in some positive social interaction, husband built the playgym. It looks amazing, like a miniature, leafless gum tree! When difficult child 3 got back home he got Lucky out of his cage and trying out his new perch. Lucky is still flying badly due to his clipped wing, so he couldn't climb up from one branch to the next. Since then I've added a ladder and a couple of toys. The idea is, Lucky can sit on this perch on the desk where difficult child 3 does his schoolwork.

    We've had some lovely autumn weather, sunny skies and not too cold. That changed this afternoon - the cold and damp is here. The weather forecast for south-east Australia is for snow down to 1000 metres. It makes you think we'll be mostly blanketed over a large part of the place, right? Until you realise just how little of this country is higher than 1000 metres! The Blue Mountains west of Sydney gets ephemeral snow at some time most winters. Southern Highlands - ditto. The Southern Alps and the snowfields will be happy the ski season is getting a good early start - they need good snow cover before the June long weekend.

    But us - it never snows here. It just gets blasted cold. And the wind goes right through you, picking up speed along the way.

    Winter is here, a bit early.

    difficult child 1 & girlfriend drove to Canberra this morning to see a major art exhibition there. Three hours' drive, so they were planning to stay over night. Imagine my surprise - he just walked in the door, they drove back as well. It was getting too cold, he said. All the outdoor stuff they were going to do as well - forget it. Probably a good thing - they would have risked icy roads driving back tomorrow. So instead, he's coming to our local church in the morning, girlfriend will meet us there. It should be a good day, but here's hoping someone's got the fire lit! Yes, we have a log fire in our church...

    Enjoy your Saturday.

  3. Andy

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    Good "Not sure how this day will go" Saturday Morning!!! :D

    Original plans: difficult child goes with husband for the day. Mom goes to scrapboooking to work on easy child's graduation book.

    Change of plans: difficult child can not go with husband. husband was going early to meet his sister (who is a self proclaimed anti-social person - hates people) and difficult child needs to sleep in and does not want to go see his rude aunt (who can blame him?).

    So, I am going to call the lady that does the scrapbooking to see if difficult child can come with. (It didn't sound like there would be other customers there today, just me and difficult child has scrapped before). I will find a book for difficult child to start decorating for the puppy pictures and get a poster board to decorate for easy child's open house.

    I will also ask if she is available for Wednesday and/or Thursday morning.

    Shopping yesterday was fun - bought pound cake, strawberries, nuts, m & m's, cheeses, and chips for next weekend. Just need cool whip, meats, and buns which are last minute items.

    Marguerite, Lucky's playgym sounds wonderful. We have had a very cold Spring, now that it is warming up some, the cold must have headed your way.

    Tired Mommy, Good luck with those shoes and dresser. That is a good answer for your stuffed animal dilema.
  4. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, I finally managed to "lose" many stuffed animals here in tweedleland. It's one animal at a time & a reminder if kt or wm wanted new toys for b/day or holidays they had to lose one.

    Marg, I've never managed to get a budgie to sit on my shoulder. Sorry to hear of the frigid temps & winds.

    I've missed the morning thread the past few days. In fact, I slept through 3 alarms yesterday morning & as a result kt missed her bus. husband had a meeting downtown & left. Never noticed that kt was still asleep in her bed. It's kt's job to set her alarm & get herself going (I'm here as a very sad backup now that she's 13). I have a bit of explaining to do to school on Monday.

    My new medication has really knocked me down ~ I'm sleeping almost non stop. Neuro doctor has promised I will get used to it.

    Have a wonderful day.
  5. dreamer

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    Good morning everyone! You all sound so busy!
    Today is PCs prom, but she is doing it very low is at Medevil place, and she is NOT excited about that- I guess you eat with your hands? She has been several times there, but not for prom...Last year prom they went into the city to Navy Pier? This year she did not even bother to get a dress....said it would just get messed up at this place.
    Monday her and I go to her college to get her photo ID and tie up loose ends. I called her HS becuz they said to her if she missed school Mon, they would drop her from her classes there. Well, Mon is slated as "college Day" for the I called her HS and complained, they checked her records, saw she had mono and pneumonia, was in ireland with school and that she continues on high honor roll, so- they "permitted" her to go to the college. Yeesh.
    I have been busy planting the annuals I put in between my some very bright red and some very purple petunias to mix in one spot, I like how it looks, so vibrant. We are yanking out some very old overgrown neglected bushes- not sure yet what I am doing with those areas...

    I am still frustrated with my new healthy eating plan, lost a nice amount of weight rather quickly and have been stalled now a spite of getting even more restrictive. This week, I bought some steel cut oats instead of my standard long cook rolled oats. I tried that this morning, interesting texture. I liked it, I also liked it uncooked. Reminds me of finely chopped nuts?

    The weather is gorgeous right now- might cook some vegs on the grill later.

    Have a great day!
  6. Wiped Out

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    TM-Hot gluing sequins requires more patience tan I have-you are a good mom! I hope Duckie has a good time at dance!!

    Marg-Sounds like a good day for all of you! I'm sorry you are getting winter early. I wish we would get summer early!

    Adrianne-I'm sorry the original plans fell through. I hope you still have a good time scrapbooking!

    Linda-I'm guessing maybe your body is catching up for all the sleep you weren't getting. I hope you have a relaxing weekend and that you are able to get used to the new medications soon.

    Dreamer-I hope easy child has a good time. I've always wanted to go to that Medevil place (if it's the one I'm thinking about-we drive by on the Illinois tollway all the time). I don't blame her for not wanting to do prom their though.

    I've already been to work and to the club. It's beautiful here now but we could be in for some rain later. This afternoon I'm heading to a graduation party for a student teacher we had last semester. I'm just going to pop in for about an hour. Not sure what else the day holds. According to husband difficult child had a rough morning. They are at the movies now seeing Prince Caspian.

    Wishing everyone a day filled with smiles and laughter.:flowers:
  7. dreamer

    dreamer New Member

    yes, wiped out- thats the place. easy child has been there several times, she loves going, BUT...not for prom. (Oldest difficult child was born a mile from there, LOL)

    She texted me - turns out they had assigned seating on the bus going to prom..and assigned seating AT prom?

    son has a friend sleeping over- (from middle school) seems ALL the kids at all the schools are quite frustrated with all the super extreme new security rules etc. :-(