Good Saturday Morning

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  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Happy Saturday, now that school is almost here Saturdays start meaning more to me again! I got up early to weigh in even though I'm only working our second ww meeting. I did good even with our trip to Michigan last weekend!

    Besides work, I have to hit the grocery store at some point along with the health club. It's suppose to be a beautiful day, 72 and sunny (not warm enough for the pool though).

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  2. therese005us

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    Happy Saturday morning everyone!

    i slept on the couch because I have 2 japanese students taking up my bedroom and I didn't want to sleep out in the spare room. So I didn't sleep so well.

    Finally, the sky turned pink and I was able to get up and get things ready. I let them all sleep in a wee bit.

    DD12 was up first, because she has a lesson at 8.00am; then i called DS19 and he reluctantly got up. he was to go to my friend's house and do some work for her and THEN go to his friend's house for a while.
    Japanese students got up and had breakfast as I was leaving with daughter.
    DS didn't make it out with us, after arguing about: 1/ shaving; 2/ taking clean clothes to change into after showering. I quit arguing and left.
    he was sorry - again! I'm not; I'm crying with frustration, because I dont know how to cope anymore.

    I did some fruit shopping, then came home and did work at home until it was time to go into town again. daughter was playing in a music eisteddfod (music competition) so we took the students with us. They went shopping, then watched, then went shopping, then we had dinner in the park and then we watched again and came home.
    Meanwhile DS got a mate to take him for alcohol. I flipped, said he's broken the rules again, whereby I said no drugs or alcohol. Do I kick him out?

    daughter got 2 2nds, and a HC at the competition. (piano) Adjudicator said the HC was 1 point from a 2nd place.
    Now I'm tired, and teary.

    Hope it cools down soon, we're in the 90s and it's still winter!

    have a good day everyone.
  3. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, congrats on the continued fitness efforts and lack of holiday sabotage. That's good when it works well even while you're away.

    Trish, sounds like you've had a tricky day with organisation. Regrding DS breaking the rules re alcohol - what formal agreement do you have in place with him? Because if you have someting nailed in place, you need to follow thourgh. If it's not nailed in place, you need to do so. But whatever consequences you make, they need to be ones you can honestly implement and ones he is able to understand. It's not just a case of, "If you break the rules, leave," it needs to be "If you break the rules - you will pack a bag and spend the next night in X location." And it needs to be something that you can put in place, even if it's just a homeless shelter in the nearby town. It's not easy. An alternative - he can stay, if he goes to AA. But again, you need to have somewhere else liined up for him to move to.

    We've had an interesting day. easy child 2/difficult child 2 turned up with one of her bridesmaids to do some more adjusting of her dress. That bridesmaid's dress has been more difficult to fit than the others. I didn't see her before she left so I don't know how much they got done.

    I had a meeting to attend, some politics involved. I was a bit apprehensive as to how it was gonig to pan out but when it came down to it, the problem people were no-shows so those of us there to work were uninterrupted.

    Tomorrow is another sewing-for-the-wedding day. I'm leaving early to go collect easy child 2/difficult child 2 then driving over to the other side of Sydney to work on the flowergirl's dress. I did a lot of driving yesterday, more today and now more tomorrow. I tihnk I'll be glad of a rest by Monday! Still, it will be good to see my sister toomorrow - the flowergirl is her granddaughter, she's going to finish the dress for us. So we'll get a good visit in as well as some effective work done.

    I got a surprise phone call today from a former client (who wants a repeat job done). She's also offered me a role in her upcoming play. Not sure if I'm flattered or worried...

    We've had over a week now of this glorious spring weather. Any cold snap now will be more of a cool patch in early spring, rather than the last stand of winter. No matter what the calender says, it's definitely spring here now.

    Enjoy your Saturday.

  4. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, you have better will power than I if you went to a reunion & stuck to your regimen. You are good - but you already knew that. ;)

    Trish, your household seems to be in a turmoil with extra guests & the like. Hope you find some peace today.

    Marg, enjoy your visit with sis. As to the part in the play - go for it. Sounds like it may be fun.

    I visited wm yesterday - took Sally along. Poor girl just isn't moving well. Niece "T" came along & had she & wm had to practically lift Sally back in the car.

    wm is doing so-so.

    I am meeting "T" at Residential Treatment Center (RTC) to take kt out for some school shopping & then for a hair cut. As she's my little runner I refuse to take her off grounds until I trust that she will not run on me.

    Saying that, it sounds like it will be a fun day. Haircuts & shopping. I may go real short with my hair. We'll see.

    Have a good day all; hope it's a calm day.