Good Saturday Morning!

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    Good Morning!

    We are enjoying the first "real" fall-feeling day here in Virginia. It's 60 right now and I am enjoying coffee on the patio with the board this morning!

    I made a big pot of vegatable soup yesterday in anticipation of the weather change - cool weather always makes me feel like soup!

    easy child turns 19 today. I was able to get her the scooter! My cousin and I took her out for Thai last night and told her that we had someplace that she and Alec (boyfriend comes in town after she gets off work this morning) would enjoy. It would only take about an hour. We are picking them up and then we are going to blindfold her in the car. We will drive to the scooter store where they are putting the scooter out front with a big bow on it! She will be shocked! She actually posted a link on her facebook yesterday to the scooter company with a picture of the sea green one that she loves. It's the one she's getting! Should be fun.

    difficult child, fortunately, ended up with just a really bad cold and not the flu. He missed thur and fri from school and I was a little worried with all the swine news...... He and I are planning popcorn and movies this afternoon.

    I hope your Saturday finds you with some time to relax - the weekends are for recharging!

  2. Fran

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    Good morning Sharon. I love your idea for easy child's bd surprise. What a great gift and how fun to be surprised like this.
    I bet she will be tickled.
    I like the idea of a popcorn and movie afternoon.

    It's nice and chilly this morning. Thank goodness. husband and I are taking the 3 pups out to the trails then I'm going to try to jog/walk/run. We have a 5 K run in 2 wks for a fund raiser for autism and I'd like to not embarrass myself. I doubt I will be able to jog that long but I'll give it a try.

    Tonight we go to a "gala" fundraiser for autism. Not sure I have ever been to a gala. LOL. Fortunately it is cold enough to wear a dress I got on close out after Christmas last year. Hope it doesn't rain.

    difficult child went to a play based on Pygmalion. He was quite distraught about a young man who was transformed by a girl, with plastic surgery and all sorts of things to make him a hunk. When he professes his love and proposes the girl publicly states that it was all for her art and not love. Guess difficult child identifies with our attempts to make him care about appearances with this play. Was he cranky last night!!!! It's good. Today we will talk about acceptability vs. vanity vs. improvements.

    Tomorrow husband and I have invited girlfriend's parents over for lunch. She is an only child and parents seem very protective and somewhat controlling of how much time she spends with difficult child or away from them. I want to make sure parents don't think difficult child is a Yankee carpetbagger and assure them that he has honorable intentions. Of course, a friend said it's like "meeting the Faulkers" movie. Cracked me up. We are a long way from marriage. Trust me. difficult child and girlfriend are planning to leave early so we don't embarrass them. (can you hear my evil laugh)

    Have a great day everyone.
  3. ML

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    Sharon, I love soup on cold days. That along with hot tea or cocoa and a fire. We had winter this past week. We went from 80s last week to 40s, cold and rainy. I hear warmer temps are due (70s) this weekend.

    Fran I hope meeting the "faulkners" goes well :) Enjoy your weekend and rest up for next week.

    I have to clean the house and go to the westernaires program today which is manster's new "thing". He is learning to ride a horse which is great. But it is more of a committment of time of the parents than I realized. Tonight husband and I are going with friends to a Rockies games and manster goes to his dad's.

    Love and hugs to everyone.
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks. It's Sunday here already.

    Sharon/LDM, happy birthday to easy child! And the cooler weather has you making soup - we thrive on soup in the colder months.

    Fran, enjoy the gala. And all the exercise you will need, to get fit for the Fun Run. I hope the get-together with girlfriend's parents works out OK. We had a very embarrassing incident when husband's parents met mine. My father made a very bad gaffe, thought he would never live it down.

    ML, I'd love to get riding lessons for our kids. easy child 2/difficult child 2 wanted riding lessons but we just couldn't fit it into our schedules. As for difficult child 3 - I think it would be good for him but it IS expensive. The riding school nearest us is still almost an hour's drive away.

    It's almost 2 am here and I just got in. easy child & I have just got back from easy child 2/difficult child 2's hen's night. It was at her favourite Irish pub which was coincidentally celebrating it's birthday, so there was a general party atmosphere. One of the pub guests came up to me and said how much he enjoyed seeing the girls having a great time. easy child 2/difficult child 2 had wanted everyone to come in costume and wearing masks. She herself was dressed as a rather raunchy French maid, with an elaborate lacy black mask. easy child went as a cheerleader, I went as Robin Hood. daughter in law was a bunny girl so we were definitely getting a lot of interesting looks. easy child 2/difficult child 2's best friend was a naughty nun in miniskirt and carrying a riding crop. I'll have to post some photos...

    When we left the party was still going but the pub had closed its doors, no more newcomers allowed in. easy child 2/difficult child 2 just has to walk home, two of her best friends are walking with her and have not been drinking. A good thing - she will still be vertical but she was fairly smashed. We were worried she would be drinking too much as a result of just being sacked, but she was having too much fun. When the topic did come up (one of the guests is a good friend from work who didn't know, but when told said she also had been told she might be out of a job) easy child 2/difficult child 2 was clearly very angry about it, which is a lot better than distraught (as she was yesterday).

    I still haven't had the chance to have a Council of War with her about it all. That will be Monday - we MUST do it then. We have a lot of wedding stuff to do over the next week but sorting out the mess from her job has to come first, so we can put it behind us and let the authorities take care of things for her. I think she will feel a lot happier knowing we've done all we could.

    My throat is feelnig so hoarse - the pub had an Irish band playing (and Riverdance-style dancers) so shouting over it all was difficult. It set me off coughing a few times (still recovering from whooping cough). But it was lovely to see easy child 2/difficult child 2 and easy child get up and dance along to the music. They're both professional standard dancers and I don't think their friends realised this. They weren't really trying to show off or anything, just having fun to the music. But it was lovely to watch. easy child 2/difficult child 2 couldn't have been too drunk at the time, to be able to manage those moves so well!

    It was BF2's bucks night tonight also. He won't be home tonight, so their flat is going to be full of hungover hens. easy child came home with me, she is heading back to Canberra in the morning. We'll see her on Wednesday (I think).

    This is going to be the busiest week yet, of all the weddings.

    Enjoy your Saturday.