Good Saturday morning...

timer lady

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It's a beautiful morning here - promises to be a sunny & warm (hot) day. husband, kt & I are heading out to the Best Buy headquarters to recycle a bunch of electronic equipment.

Other than that, it's a day of visiting the park, working in the yard & just plain relaxing.

Enjoy your day - find a reason to laugh. :flower:


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Good morning Linda & all that follow...
We have a quiet day planned: cleaning, yard work, laundry & groceries. Duckie is in a world of trouble for an incident yesterday, so no play dates today. We have a pool party for some friends on Monday, so we have work to get done today.
Have a great day! :smile:


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Good morning everyone!

Gosh, I slept so late - good thing husband always takes the "you must've needed it stance". :thumb: Now I'm just waiting patiently for him to make me my :coffee:.

The weather here has decided to turn a bit chilly. Right now it is sunny, but only 57 degrees. EEK. Wonder if husband is kicking himself for working so hard to get the pool up and running so early this year, since it's been about a week since we've been able get in it.

We've been invited to a thank you BBQ next door tonight. Neighbor's husband was in Afghanistan for 15 months and is home now - they are inviting everyone in the immediate neighborhood - they want to thank all those who supported/helped them while he was gone. They are an amazing family who we have grown quite close to. BBQ should be fun - and it's right next door, so if difficult child gets too jazzed, he can easily come home. Even better!!

I bought a round watermelon last night and am going to attempt to do something creative with it. I fould a cute "smilie face" carving idea on the internet last night - don't know if I'll get that creative or not, but I'd like to.

Good morning and good day to all who follow - may our day go peacefully and tantrum free!


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Good morning!...Actually, I guess it's afternoon now!

husband and the kids are headed off to an amusement park with husband's parents and his sister in law and her two daughters (husband's nieces). I am working all day today, which means I had better hurry up and hop in the shower because I'm going to be late!

Linda- have a wonderful, relaxing day at the park & doing some yardwork!

TM- enjoy your day around the house!

Jamie- Glad you got to sleep in! (I did too! Yippie!) We've had some chilly weather too over here in CT. Enjoy the BBQ, but bring a sweater!


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I'm new at this chat thing and maybe I'm doing something wrong.
I've posted a few concerns but have not seen any responses. Am I just too impatient for a solution to all of my life's problems or just an internet dummy? Could be both, but impatience seems to be winning at the moment. Anybody out there?