Good staffing today --so why is he mad???

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by mog, Aug 4, 2010.

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    We had difficult child's first staffing with everyone today. He has made incredible progress! The JPO and case manager here were very impressed with the changes. He is taking responsibility for his actions, not gotten into any physical altercations, on work crew, had good grades on report card and earned his GED. WE all were talking about the plan then for him to go onto his next step after completing this successfully --thinking he will be complete by mid October. His b-day is in November and he wants to be out of there before then. When it was suggested to he go to a group home first then transition into independent living:D, he got upset but said he would do what he had to do.
    Then we had a family therapy meeting this evening and it started off good. He said the staffing went well and that the rest of his day was good. Therapist asked what he thought about how the staffing went when he got so down on himself. He was saying that he is still the same person and that this hasn't made any difference--people still treat him badly. Then saying that he goes to bed hungry. Staff is not doing their job. Sooo many negative comments. He does not want to do the group home -he wants to go straight to independent living. We all told him that he was doing great and not to dwell on the minor negative things but by the time all was said and done --he was very sad, depressed and lonely. I could hear it in him. It is hard that he is so far away. He is making progress but wants to see us more (for a change) but we can't afford it:sad-very: I am afraid now that he will give up---please pray for him that he will get through this speed bump and continue on with the good.