Good Sunday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Nov 16, 2008.

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    We ended leaving the banquet a little early last night because, frankly, it was falling into chaos. We were home by 8:30pm, there were still two football teams, several baskets to award, a couple of special awards and a few more drawings. I was especially annoyed that we were told each team had 10 minutes at the podium. The cheerleaders honored that, but the football players did not. A few of the boys actually booed when the girls went up first to receive their awards. Brats.

    The organization has some work to do. :devil:

    But, on a positive note, Duckie received a perfect attendance award. She a little sad she didn't win the spirit or most improved but I talked her through it. I explained that, unfortunately, her asthma started up just at the time our season kicked into full gear. She was sick for most of it and just not as outgoing as normal. Then, I had her think back to when practice started and all the struggles that her friend S had, and to think ahead to the end of the season. She understood why S got most improved. But I pointed out to her that she was definitely in the running.

    So I'm off to church this morning. I'll let Duckie stay home since she's rather tired from last night.

    Have a great day! :salute:
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    TM, I'm sorry the awards night was chaotic again. Shame on those boys for being so arrogant as to act as if the world revolves around them! Definitely bad sportsmanship!

    We're in the downhill run to the wedding now. This morning husband & I finally organised borrowing the extra barbecue we will need. I've got another staff/waiter lined up - the mother of difficult child 3's best mate, she would love the excuse to come to the wedding even if it IS to wait on people. Plus I think the wait staff are being paid (it's up to the caterer) and she needs the money. Hey, we can afford it with all we're saving from all the donations of labour. girlfriend collected her wedding dress today, she dropped in on us just as church was finishing so we had a chance for her to talk to a few of the volunteers to find out what is going to be needed. Then girlfriend left to visit my BFF who has made the dress. It still needed a little more work (attaching the lining) so girlfriend went back to our place to rest for an hour or so first.

    Tomorrow is a quiet day, schoolwork for difficult child 3 and I will use the time to make phone calls. We'll work on difficult child 3's trickiest subjects because I will be available to help him. Tuesday it's back to the country to continue scouting/finalising locations for easy child 2/difficult child 2's wedding which means we have to have the package costings worked out tomorrow as well.

    So I'm hoping to head for bed to get a not too late night tonight, I need my sleep.

    We watched "Blues Bros" tonight with mother in law - difficult child 3 stayed up to watch it with us, for a wonder. AND he enjoyed it, giggled all the way. We found that our DVD has a lot more on it than we've ever seen before, and we've seen the movie so many times on TV and the video that we thought we had it memorised - but the DVD has deleted scenes added back in and it makes it so much better! difficult child 3 needed to watch a bit of it for his schoolwork on English - "magic realism". That bit with the nun and her apparently supernatural powers... He's really doing very well for a kid with autism.

    Enjoy your Sunday. It's been cooler today, sometimes windy and the occasional drop of rain. It's forecast to be mild like this for the rest of the week, possibly including Saturday. And the bride's dress will NOT be warm! I have a gold and cream shawl I might be able to lend her... as long as she doesn't get it wet by dropping it into the sea.

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    :lady: Good Sunday Morning!

    TM, sounds like a crazy night last night. It's often tough to watch our kids learn life's lessons.... Hope your day is restfull.

    Marg, sounds like the wedding is coming along well. I'm sure cooler temps won't affect the bride. The adrenaline kicks in and details like the temp gets forgotten with the joy of getting married!

    Today is not too crazy around here. Church at 11, a run to Macys, make a batch of Christmas fudge (to freeze - that is the teacher gifts this year), and supervise difficult child with this ladder work for his science experiement. Sounds busy, but it's good stuff.

    easy child completed her WSI training last night, which certifies her to teach swim lessons at work. She is teaching water fitness at 4:30 and I would like to go. I do have to give difficult child a hair cut at some point.....

    Hope everyone's Sunday is a relaxing one.

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    TM-It's too bad the banquet was so chaotic and as for the boys booing, shame on them. Yeah for Duckie's perfect attendance award and it's great you were able to talk her through the fact that she didn't receive the other awards.

    Marg-Sounds like everything for the wedding is coming along! Glad you enjoyed the Blues Brothers tonight-I haven't seen that in years.

    Sharon-Sounds like a fun day ahead for you! Good for you at being so ahead of things with the Christmas fudge! Congrats to easy child!

    We had a fun night last night with sister in law,her friend, niece and her fiance. We ate enchiladas, looked at old pictures, and played Wii. After they left husband and I watched some old Mary Tyler Moore episodes.

    I actually slept in til after 8 this morning!! Not much planned for today. difficult child will return about 11:30 from respite. We will get to the club at some point and have groceries to get. Of course, a nap must be squeezed in at some point.

    Wishing everyone a relaxing Sunday.:peaceful:
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    Good morning!

    Tired I am sorry to hear that the dinner was a bit chaotic last night. Glad to hear Duckie won an award. I"m glad you were able to talk her through not getting the other, asthma can truly affect that! Maybe next years' award dinner will be better :)

    Marg - Wow, you really are working hard for this wedding. Their such work, aren't they though?? Ah she picked up the dress, that's cool. I hope you get some rest tonight, you need it!

    Sharon - that sounds like alot, it is all good stuff though. glad to hear easy child got ceritfied that should be cool. have a great day

    Sharon (Wiped out) - Glad to hear you slept in. Remember the days when 8 a.m. was early? LOL Have a great day!

    Me, I'm still sick seem to be looking somewhat more normal. Slept with Vicks on last night ilove that stuff but wow it stinks here!! I have alot to do today, yet I think i'm just going to attempt laundry with easy child's help. difficult child will be home later on from dad's around 6. I need to squeeze in more time to rest I woke up at 9 and i'm still tired.

    So, I've got nothing going on today. I'd love to eat yet still no appetite. Just drinking alot of orange juice, and water. I have work this week finally macy's so i have to be well before that starts. I also got my study guide from Bar Association yesterday on Article 81 so that's kinda exciting.

    Have a great day everyone