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    Good morning all,

    Up & about early for no particular reason. Yesterday was a busy day - out running errands as my nieces & grand niece were coming for dinner & I had no idea (& no input from all these young adult ladies other than "we'll help Aunt Linda".)

    Ran to the DMV to license my old van for my niece to use until her car gets repaired & she can pay for it. Then I sign it over to my brother. Hit the pet store for dog & cat food then headed over to the grocery store to pick up dinner fixings.

    I made my Super Nachos ~ superb recipe taught to me by husband. I'm entering it the annual cookoff coming up in 2 weeks. My 7 y/o grand niece is making nachos as well so I'm up against some harsh competition in the nacho category. ;)

    kt had her friend over for the afternoon - they did well together but kept trying to beg smokes from one of my nieces. Geeez. I'm picking my battles wisely here folks.

    Today promises to be a quiet - do art, play piano sort of day. Nothing more or less. PJ day. Gotta love a pj day.

    Enjoy your Sunday, ladies (gentlemen) ~ I plan on it.
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Sunday.

    Linda, it sounds like you were very busy yesterday. I hope the Super Nachos went down well.

    We've had a difficult day today with difficult child 3 - tactless, rude, throwing tantrums, generally being extremely unpleasant. He did apologise at one point but it seems that every time we're playing a game (computer-based or otherwise) he just had to be the boss of it. Just now the back light on my electric scooter malfunctioned, the button got stuck. He was insistent that he had to be the one to fix it when I hadn't even seen what was wrong and he wasn't letting me see, he was so determined to give it back to me already fixed. I finally had to say, "It's my torch, I happen to like fixing things so let me have a go at my torch please."
    Then he handed it over. And yes, it WS stuck. A quick wiggle with a small screwdriver fixed it. But looking at it myself helped me see what had gone wrong - he had pushed the button too hard.

    We've had a lot of talking today, husband, easy child & I, talking about mother in law and her somewhat odd behaviour while in hospital. easy child & I dropped in on my BFF (difficult child 3's godmother) and we talked about this phenomenon - she said her mother was like this too, when they put her into hostel care. It's complicated. I've told easy child that I give her permission to remind me of this if I ever behave this way when I am old.

    What I'm feeling, after a day of difficult child 3 being loudly difficult and also talking about mother in law's choosing to only hear what she wants to and then make up the rest as she goes along - I feel overwhelmed with GFGness and mentally exhausted. difficult child 3 keeps coming in while I'm typing this, to tell me another really irrelevant triviality to do with a new computer game he was given for his birthday. Every little thing is really so tiring for me.

    We had a lovely dinner tonight with all the kids and partners. We were at mother in law's house because her dining table can fit in enough people. I wish we could have had it here at our place but really, we need a new dining table. We also need to clear this one off, although that could happen fairly quickly & easily.

    Tomorrow mother in law is supposed to be coming back to her house for a day visit, with the hospital Occupational Therapist (OT). easy child & SIL1 stayed on for this so easy child can be present when the hospital Occupational Therapist (OT) does her inspection. mother in law then has to go back to the hospital, we're not sure for how long. husband has rung the hospital to ask them to let the doctor know that we want to talk to him. Maybe we'll have a better idea after that. And maybe the doctor will have a better idea of how determined mother in law is to come back to her own home.

    Tomorrow's visit will help us have a better idea of what to expect for Tuesday and difficult child 3's birthday. We just can't make plans until we know what is happening. I wish we could do something special for difficult child 3's birthday, it will also be the last day of our summer holidays. Plus it will be Australia Day - an important day for our country.

    It was cloudy today, a bit cooler than yesterday, too cool really to go for a swim. husband did some garden pruning (kept our next door neighbour happy) and also took the hedge trimmer to mother in law's driveway plants. That is something the Occupational Therapist (OT) can't fault tomorrow!

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Sunday Morning Friends,

    Linda, sounds like a busy Saturday -- good that today is a pj day! Some fingers crossed here in Virginia that the week starts off on a good foot for kt.

    Marg, sounds like your Sunday was not relaxing! It's often difficult for others to understand when we are emotionally exhausted...you need some down time. Hope mother in law's home visit goes well tomorrow.

    Yesterday was science fair experiment day at our house! difficult child finished the experiment in about 45 minutes and then spent at least that amount of time playing with the dry ice left over from one part of the experiment. He had on goggles and thick ski gloves and had a blast!

    Today he needs to write three 50-word essays to complete his application to our local public military academy high school. Even though he wants to go to the public high school that is a feeder for his middle school, it's out of zone for us and therefore lottery admission. I'm thinking we need to have another option and I'm also thinking that perhaps challenging him more socially, academically, and behaviorally could be a positive for his future. I'm just so in the middle on this...... I've always followed my gut so I'm sure it will come. Although I really do want difficult child to feel he's got some say....

    Wishing all a relaxing Sunday.

  4. Andy

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    Timer - What a busy day you had yesterday! I take it you didn't have the rain/slush we got?

    Marg - I hope a real good night's sleep helps difficult child feel better and more relaxed. That was a frustrating day. I hope mother in law's home visit goes well. I know she will like to be home again.

    Little Dude's Mom - I love it when kids do science projects. I hope those essays are done easily.

    Yesterday was a true PJ day for me. One good thing about winter - you need to wear a coat when going outside so if anyone saw me taking out the garbage or running to one neighbor's to make sure the realitor closed the house properly and then to the others neighbor's to help difficult child let out dogs, they would not have known I was still in PJ's.

    We have a strange mixture of snow, rain, and ice. Walking around in one over large slushy. It rained and snowed off and on since Friday night. I suggested to one neighbor late last night that the neighborhood kids should get together and build snow sculptures today. The snow is perfect for that.

    difficult child has a strange rash on the back of his legs up near his thighs. I have not seen this before. I will keep an eye on it and have to take him up to Fargo to the walk-in clinic if it doesn't clear up in a day or two or if it contiues to get worse I will take him ASAP.

    Everyone have a great day and find a way to make your kids laugh.

  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Linda-Wow-you were a woman on the go yesterday. Glad you are taking it easier today!

    Marg-I'm sorry that it was such an exhausting day and that difficult child was so rude. I'm glad you enjoyed a nice dinner. I hope tomorrow is more peaceful.

    Sharon-I'm glad difficult child finished his science fair project! Sounds like he had fun with the dried ice. I'm sure the school thing will fall into place. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed it all works out well.

    Andy-I'm glad you enjoyed a pj day-sounds nice! Snow sculptures sound like a good thing for the kids today.

    Here it is raining which, of course, is strange this time of the year. We watched easy child cheer last night which was fun. Her coach said they were having practice at 7:00 this morning. I was up and took easy child across town (30 minute drive) and was not happy to get there and see no one there and all the doors locked!

    Looking forward now to a fairly relaxing day. I'm going to get back to sleep and then go to the club. We have a bit of grocery shopping to do and we have to pick up difficult child at 4:00.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: