Good Sunday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by tiredmommy, Mar 28, 2010.

  1. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    We'll be heading off to church soon... Duckie needs to be there an hour early to have run a run through of our Palm Sunday service. We process from a nearby landmark and then we have a very involved service using the chorus, a drummer and the entire acolyte team. It's very involved but also a very powerful service. The only hitch is that I don't know how I should dress her warmly for 40F outside but not have her overheat once we're inside for the bulk of the service. Oh well, I'm sure it will be a good day if that's the biggest problem I face!

    After that, we go to a bowling birthday party for my friend's little girl. Should be fun.

    Have a great day! :salute:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    Enjoy your Palm Sunday service TM. Our children process into the sanctuary behind the adult choir waving their palms - it's always meaningful. We are having a hot dog lunch afterwards! Fortunately the temps will have warmed by then......

    I've absolutely nothing on the schedule this afternoon! Last night I had a little dinner party and my head is a tad fuzzy this morning - too many cosmos! I met easy child's new "male interest". Seems like a nice young man. She met him in school and, come to find out, they went to the same high school - never knew the other existed - he's two years ahead of her. Small world......

    Have a great Sunday all.

  3. Marguerite

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    G'day for Sunday.

    We were otherwise booked today, so we had to skip church. I'd written a Palm Sunday play for them to perform, I don't know if they did it or not. Probably not.

    We had open day at the mini-trains club again today, I help out with selling tickets. We were really busy today, but mother in law came along too and because she is now so frail, husband used this as an excuse to park our car right next to the ticket box. It also meant having the car in the shade, so it was very pleasant. I was also glad to have the car (and mother in law) so close to where I was working.

    It's still hot here, summer temperatures. Singlet tops, flimsy skirts or shorts, bare legs. No trace of rain, not even dew. There was some fog this morning but we think it was due to smoke from recent hazard reduction burn-offs providing nuclei for humidity to condense onto in the early morning. Any mist burned off early.

    Tomorrow I have to give difficult child 3 a History exam. I also found an old advance notification letter about an English assessment he was supposed to do over a week ago, but we never got the assignment sheets, so I have to ring up about that tomorrow. All a bit confusing. So after the History paper (which is an hour long, mostly multiple choice) I should have heard back from the school and hopefully they can email me a copy, so I can give him the paper (a bit late, but this sort of thing does happen when the schoolwork has to come in the mail).

    It's supposed to be autumn, but I'm sitting here late at night, sweating in flimsy summer clothing, with the fan blowing on me to cool me down. Tonight will be another night with just a sheet and a summer nightie. I love summer, I don't want it to end, but a bit of predictability would be good.

    I've got my cleaner coming tomorrow too, so i have to juggle the necessary housework jobs with the need to give difficult child 3 some quiet space and exam supervision. Complicated!

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

  4. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    TM, your Palm Sunday service sounds beautiful.
    Sharon, so what do you think of PCs new male interest - you have to dish when you drop things like this on me.
    Marg, hope you had a comfortable night - am able to sleep with all that heat.

    It's a wonderfully sunny morning here - it's to be in the 50's however the winds are out of the north & you wouldn't believe it. My friend & piano instructor brought me a potted tulip & as I sit here I can see it on my kitchen table. It's a gorgeous color yellow & about to bloom. I'll plant the bulbs out in my yard when all is said & done.

    I'm going to see wm this afternoon; kt is coming along with her Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) worker. Good or bad I don't care anymore. I will have my family together or I'll die trying.

    Have a good one folks. Keep it calm out there.