Good Sunday Morning!


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Sharon, I beat you to it!

I didn't get to post last night, because I got home from driving easy child 2/difficult child 2 to her audition and had to go to bed, I was so wiped out. The vertigo is still a big problem, I had motion sickness from it until I hit the sack. Then just as I was about to get up and say "g'day" to you all, we had a power failure.

I've mostly stuck in bed today, husband & the kids have worked like navvies dragging stuff out to the clean-up pile out the front, both here and at MILs. easy child 2/difficult child 2 & BF2 have cleaned out what has become their room. We've been finding some interesting stuff, from when difficult child 1 camped out there and crudded the place up.

Meanwhile I watched TV - the Aussie MTV awards! As you may know, Snoop Dogg was supposed to be co-hosting these awards but due to having bee n a bit of a bad boy recently with guns & stuff, our government denied him entry. Then he won an award - they cut to him by satellite, lounging at the back of a boat snuggling up to two beautiful girls, but with the Sydney Harbour skyline behind him (Opera House, Harbour Bridge - the lot!). The caption read, "Sydney Harbour - international waters". Yeah, right. He gave his short acceptance speech including apologising for being occupied with the two women rather than at the awards, then as he signed off the screen went to "Snoop Dogg for citizenship

OK, it was clearly CG'ed, but very funny.
Then I watched "Twins" over again - I don't like Arnie's politics in some areas but I love every movie I've ever seen him in.

Meanwhile husband cooked dinner, after all his hard work during the day. He is an absolute gem!

Have a good Sunday, folks!


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Good morning friends,

Marg, when your crew is done with the spring clean please send them my way. I have an ugly basement & attic that need attending to. How wonderful that husband made dinner after all the activity - you're right, he's a gem.

Yesterday was an awful day with kt. Given that, the family visit with wm is not happening today. husband is running wm out to a movie & then dinner. I'm here with kt & PCA.

After kt was in bed last night I spent time learning a new piece on the piano.

"Hi" if you snuck in.

Have a quiet Sunday. Keep it calm.


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Good Morning Everyone!

Marg- try and take it easy, and get some rest.

Linda- i hope you have a nice day

Well difficult children team tied another game yesterday, they have not won yet, but are good at tying them. difficult child is having a hard time adjusting to the 11 on 11 play, it's a lot more positions and the field they play on is the length of a football field. Today i'm hoping a win will come there way. difficult children dad is up to his old tricks, i've not seen money from him since Dec. i've left message after message, i'm starting to think he left the country, lol . Well have a nice day!


Good morning all,

Marg - I have second dibs on your cleaning crew. My basement...well, let's just say I'm afraid of it. I hope you start to feel better soon.

Linda - I'm sorry it's been such a hard week with kt. Sending good thoughts for a better day today.

The itching has greatly improved now that I'm off the plavix. :bravo: However, I've caught difficult child's bug and am just feeling crummy. I think other than some light cleaning and laundry, I'm going to spend the day getting caught up on ER (I record it) and start my new book, "The Kindness of Strangers".

Tomorrow will be my first day back to work since March 9! It will be nice to get out of the house and have a paycheck again. I'm a bit nervous. Wish me luck.

Hi to anyone that snuck in.

Hope everyone has a peaceful day. :flower:


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Good morning. :coffee:
Marg- I hope you're feeling better soon, I occasionally get motion sickness when my sinuses affect my middle ear. The most effective thing I've found to do is have my index finger & thumb of one hand pinch the wrist of the other. I pinch both wrists at the same time. I don't know why, but it helps. :slap:
Linda- I hope today is better than yesterday. Sorry the family visit isn't a go. :crying:
I fell asleep by 9:30pm last night and slept until a few minutes ago. Duckie, however, has been up since 6am and, according to husband, has been a complete dervish. :smile: She's spinning & stimming. :surprise:Wish us luck. I teach Duckie's Sunday School class this morning and them Duckie has an award ceremony to take part in. :nonono: I'm very nervous about how today will play out. :rolleyes:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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Good Sunday Morning Everyone!!!!!!

After a couple days of rain, the sun is shinning here this morning and the day feels more like fall than spring.

Marg, sounds like the family kicked in when you weren't feeling well. That's great. Glad you had a nice relaxing Sunday.

Linda, sorry things aren't going well with kt and that you don't get to see wm today. I'm saying prayers.

Jen, sorry about ex - some don't realize how their irresponsibility affects others. I hope you have a pleasant Sunday.

Heather, glad to hear the rash is gone - sorry you caught the bug. But, I bet you would rather have the bug than the rash. I hope you feel better soon.

Sunday School and churchh this morning. This is graduation Sunday at church for all high school graduates. My ss class is presenting each graduate with a prayer/letter that they wrote for the graduate to take with them to college. I'll be doing the memory section for one of my closest friends' daughter. This will be followed by a special luncheon. It will be a long day at church but a nice day.

difficult child does has to put his project board together for his science fair experiment. It's due Friday but I don't want to leave it for a weeknight. Bonehead said he would take difficult child to see Spiderman today (said he would do it yesterday as well so, we'll see.........)

Wishing everyone a nice Sunday - relax and maybe take a nap!


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Good Morning,

Marguerite-I sure hope you are feeling better soon-glad you are taking it easy today. Glad you beat me to the Gmornin thread today. :smile:

Linda-Sorry yesterday was rough. Good for you learning another new piece on the piano-I'm impressed.

Razzle-I hope difficult child's team gets a win today! Sorry gfgex is being such a pain.

Heather-Glad you're not itching-bummer about catching difficult child's bug-hope you are feeling better soon!

TM-Sounds like you got some much needed sleep. I hope all goes well with Sunday school today!

Sharon-It does sound like a busy day but fun-enjoy!

It's been a long morning already. I went to 7:30 mass. It was so peaceful then I came home to grouchy house. easy child and difficult child are both wound up. I'm ready to runaway! Later this morning we are going to my godson's 3rd birthday party. I'm just crossing my fingers the kids hold it together. Usually just easy child and I go but difficult child really wanted to come so we're all going. After the party I'm hoping to get in a nap, a workout, and mowing the lawn-oh and I guess having some groceries would be a good thing too-we'll see how much actually gets accomplished!

I hope everyone is enjoying a peaceful Sunday :princess:


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Marg, have your husband send my husband vibes to make dinner tonight!! :smile:

Linda, I hope today is a better day.

Jen, I love it when the kids tie a game, no one loses. They hate it, they see it as no one wins. It's all in the perspective. :thumb:

Heather, good luck at work tommorrow. Hope all goes well.

TM, hope the awards ceremony goes well. I get nervous anytime the focus is on difficult child, especially if it is an off day.

Sharon, what a great idea of writing letters for the grads. How neat.

Sharon, sometimes coming home is not so fun. Especially after a peaceful morning. Hope the party goes well.

It is still almost early here on the west coast, just after 8 am. I have to work untill around 1 pm, then go help my grandfather clean his house, and if I am lucky he will throw some things away. I want to go to the dump, but he has been reluctant to let me. Wish me luck :thumb: