Good Sunday Morning!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Dec 18, 2011.

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    :christmaslights: Good Sunday Morning Board Friends!

    There is snow to the west and snow to the north - but no chance of any white stuff during the holidays here - our weather has been crazy - a couple days in the 60's, then one in the 40's and one in the 50's, then back to the 60's, then get the picture! This time both last year and the year before we had snow on the ground.

    But, nothing can keep difficult child down - he is pumped facing two weeks off school :snowman:! We went to our traditional movie after school is out for winter break Friday and when leaving the theatre, he looked at me and said, "Well, you're stuck with me for two weeks!"

    I'm really behind on company prep for the holiday -- I'm going to try and finish all the wrapping, do a couple loads of laundry, finalize meal plans for the 24th and 25th, clean out the car (my sister in law's detail man is coming to do my car at 11), and finish the upstairs company prep in the two guest rooms -- that should pretty much take the whole day :santa: (that's not Santa checking of his list, that's me)!! This is my last day off before mom arrives end of the week and then my sister and her family arrive after that -- I want to be totally done today with the exception of the grocery shopping, which easy child will do for me Thursday.

    I hope your Sunday is peaceful and your list gets shorter
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    Oh Sharon, that is so funny, yup you're stuck with him alright. I dont ever remember a truly brown Christmas, usually we get something in MN for heaven sakes! Last year we got so much snow there was no where to put it. our streets were much narrower, you could not even turn our corner without pulling out slowly because the piles were so high you didnt' know what was coming around the mountain of snow at this time. I have tons of pictures....snow up past the bottom of the windows, blocking our doors. So strange to have nothing this year so far, but I LOVE that it will make winter feel shorter.

    We make cookies today. My mom gave Q an old snap up blanket and he is in Heaven wrapping himself in it and having me zip and snap it. He lets me fake cuddle and rock him... (He likes to act like it is pretend and he is just goofing around, but he really does like me to rock him, lol...I keep his dignity of course and make it just silly fake stuff).

    Hope everyone has a great Sunday... we do our cookie stuff at my sisters so another year of pictures showing how big they are getting. Time does go too fast. Just like my parents used to say.
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    Good morning Sharon and Buddy!

    Sharon, difficult child is So cute! The things they say sometimes just crack me up! Buddy, I know what you mean about the cuddling. easy child was like that. difficult child, on the other hand, still loves to hug! Yay!

    Busy day today. I have baking this morning, followed by a visit with my mom, then I'm hoping to squeeze in my xray, then off to E's parents house for a couple of hours, then home to finish laundry and clean my house a bit. MAYBE get the tree up.

    Enjoy everyone!