Good Sunday morning

pigless in VA

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It's sunny and cool here. We did get some rain, so Rozzy is no longer green.

Yesterday, I took Candy and her friend and the friend's 5 year old sister to the zoo. We had fun. We were attempting to feed 2 giraffes, but they were involved in amorous activities. The older girls knew what was happening as it was blatantly obvious. Luckily the 5 year old was distracted by wanting to ride the sky ride.

We had three surprising and pleasant things to happen to us. First was a lady who was leaving the zoo gave us two cups of animal feed and several seed sticks to feed the parakeets. There is one exhibit where the parakeets fly around and land on a popsicle stick which has some seed on it. The sticks cost $1 a piece, and she gave us at least 12 of them. She also gave the 5 year old a free pass to ride on all the rides.

Later, a man overheard the 5 year old talking about wanting to ride the carousel. He reached into his pocket to offer her tokens for the ride.

I ran into my favorite family from the preschool. I taught 4 of their children last year. I was happy to see them, but the kids didn't remember me. :confused: It's nothing personal. Preschoolers have short memories.

I'm off to do yard work.


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Sounds like a magical day. I am putting the shelves in my new kitchen cabinets. I have been looking online to see what valuation my car might receive so that I can decide whether to let it go or buy another car. I should get the check for the damages to my house by Wed. and then wait until a roofer is free to do the work.


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First of all, Happy Pesach (Passover) to those who celebrate.

I'm a non-believer, but my family celebrates, so will be off for the Seder at my mother's later this afternoon.

My nephew is in from Taiwan, and as senior (only) Jewish male in the family, will be leading the Seder. He wants to do the whole service, which means 2 hours of "religious stuff" before we do anything other than nibble on foods that are representative of different parts of the Passover story, and drink wine at specific points.

I have my trusty bottle of Kosher for Passover grape juice. As I hate Jewish wine. It's very sweet and VERY high in alcohol. You're supposed to drink 4 glasses of the stuff.

First of all, if I didn't puke, I'd get a migraine. Second of all, I'd be VERY drunk. My family sips from their glasses instead of draining them, but the stuff is still nasty.

I'm looking forward to seeing my nephew, not looking forward to seeing his mother (my sister who's been avoiding me.) and not looking forward to all the religious gobbledygook.

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Pigless-I hope you were able to get all of your yard work done!

Passjes4-I hope your day turned out well!

Going North-I hope you had a good time seeing your nephew!

Had a very busy day here. My niece and her husband came for breakfast and niece's husband put up some blinds for us. Even though it was busy, I managed a long nap! After that I walked my furbaby almost 4 1/2 miles, mowed the lawn, drove difficult child to work, and then ran errands to Target. Now I have dinner cooking and salads made for lunch for tomorrow!