Good Thursday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Feb 7, 2008.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning All,

    It's back to work today after a day off due to a whole lot of snow. They are calling this the super storm of 08. A whole lot of schools are delayed this morning or closed still but we aren't on the list yet and I don't expect to be. Everything shut down yesterday, malls, even buses.

    I think it will be a long ride in this morning. I told easy child we were leaving very early today. Poor husband has to get up in a bit to blow out where the plow went through. He also has to stop at the pharmacy to get of difficult child's medications fhe took his last ones yesterday and there was no way to get out to get them last night.

    After work I'm hoping to get to the club as it's been two days since I've worked out. I'm also supposed to bake something for a friend's birthday but I'm thinking at this point I'll probably buy something pre-made. I have a feeling I'll be to bed early tonight as I didn't fall asleep til after 1:00 this morning. I just couldn't put down a book I was reading!:reading:

    I hope everyone enjoys a day filled with peace.:snowangel:
  2. LittleDudesMom

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    :happyguy: Good Thursday Morning Everyone!!

    Sharon, I am so jealous of your snow :sled:! Our high temp yesterday was 76 :playingball: - no snow this year! Hope your drive to work is not too bad.

    As I told Sharon, we had some freaky high temps yesterday but last night we had a real "wind storm". I had a hard time getting to sleep because the attic door rattled continuously, the wires attached to the house were straining on their fastners, and the trees were groaning. We didn't loose power but many in this area did as we have tons of huge old trees.

    After I finish the payroll today, I'm going to be doing some research on plumbing fixtures for a condo project we are developing downtown. I have a maximum budget number, so I'll gather fixtures of different styles and finishes to offer buyers. I enjoy those special projecdts.

    All quiet on the western front here at my house. Both kids seem to be on an even keel right now.

    Wishing everyone a great day - just one more day till Friday :cheer_up:

  3. Jena

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    happy thursday to you as well,

    i've got my coffee today both difficult child's are asleep :)

    ok i really wanna know how you add the cute little people in all i can get is a smiley

    have a great day be careful out there..........i love love the snow

  4. Marguerite

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    G'day Sharons, and all to follow.

    WO, that's a lot of snow you're getting. Do drive safely, won't you? A lot more snow in your super storm - what we met in New Zealand last year was also a remarkable amount, they said. That, plus the unseasonal rain we had in Australia at the same time, plus the vast amount of coastal rain we're getting now - the weather patterns really are messed up.

    LDM, was your wind storm at all connected with the twisters that hit the US?

    Have fun with the plumbing fixtures - I've not done that job but I've always liked browsing round those shops and dreaming about what I'd do if I renovated...

    I had my cleaning day today, got all the washing done and it was almost all dry by the time I had to bring it in to rescue it from the daily storms. It's the new pattern - sun in the morning (sometimes with rain) and storms and heavy rain in the afternoon/evening/night. OK, I don't have to water the garden, but I now have to drain all the water reservoirs I've had under the pots!

    Tomorrow afternoon I get to find out my fate from my specialist - does he 'have a handle' on my liver problems, or do I have to go in for another biopsy?

    I'm still a bit in shock this evening, after my cleaner's increasingly bizarre behaviour today. I've known him for years, he's got himself into a lot of trouble (cause or symptom of his increasing instability - not sure) and I'm now finding him more stressful. He's supposed to be making my life easier, not more difficult. I posted in Watercooler (at length - sorry).

    Hmm - maybe the specialist will want me to have the biopsy next Thursday. it would buy me another week, while I think about what to do.

    Enjoy your Thursday, everyone.

  5. Coookie

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    Good morning Sharon, Sharon, Jen, Marg and all to follow...

    Sharon, sorry you got dumped on so bad but sure glad it missed us. :) Drive Carefully. :crazy1:

    Sharon, Payroll huh? Want my address.... :love-very:

    Jen, enjoy your HMJ and your peace. :)

    Marg, I will hold a good thougt for your appointment...and say many prayers.

    Work today as usual. :) I am going to try and straighten up the house a bit before though... can't seem to find my kitchen counter....Now that is BAD!!! :whiteflag:

    Praying for a peaceful day for all.

  6. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, had to check in with my dad last night - he got hit as well. My entire family did. Glad to hear you're all safe - sorry you don't get an extra snow day.

    Sharon/LDM - those types of projects sound fun. Enjoy those temps in the 70's.

    Jen, check under FAQ's - enjoy your day.

    Marg, an in home worker that causes more stress here gets let go. I know you've worked with this person for a long time - I hope whatever is going on gets figured out.

    Robby, good day at work.

    "Hi" if you snuck in.

    kt is off to school - I'm sipping my :coffee2: hmj - in desperate need of a pot or 2 this morning.

    I see my GP this morning for some blood work & a few other picky details & then that's it for the day. I have to stop in at the medical supply store as something on my new walker popped off & I'd like it repaired.

    Dinner is planned for tonight & I'll have it put together before I leave for my appointment so I just have to pop it in the oven this evening.

    Our temps are forecast to plummet to below zero by the weekend. husband has promised to make a movie run & a stop at the craft store for a couple of items for kt for this upcoming cold weekend.

    I really believe that I need a pot of flowers in here this weekend. I need to see a bit of spring.

    Enjoy your Thursday - hope you all have a good one.
  7. dreamer

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    I apologize that I am gonna have a hard time addressing you each individually, something is acting up with my webtv this morning and it is not working quite right with the site at the moment. I will try to do it from memory-
    with-O hope you make it to club today

    LDM- the way the weather is going, not sure if I wanna be jealous of your warm temp or not- seems that attracts more strange weather? LOL

    jennifer- I cannot help you with the smileys cuz my webtv cannot work with those.

    Marg I am sorry you are haveing to deal with the strangeness with your cleaner. Good luck with medical issues.

    Cookie- hope you find your kitchen counter today. Ours seems to have gotten lost, too, with everyone snowed in here.

    TL- good luck at your appointment- and yum, what time is dinner? I need to get to the store. Don't wanna go.

    There is still a very long list of closeings here, but we do have school today. I think we had more snow days this year than in the last 12 years combined. I have 30+ inches in my yard now, and more to come today and tomorrow, then a day off and then they say more the day after! We are also gonna get the wicked below zero back for the weekend. Our town and county have run out of salt...and they pulled the plows yesterday cuz of the wind, so the roads are still really bad. Our courthouse even closed, so they did not collect ballots from the election from Tuesday yet- and several trials for some high profile cases got pushed till today so I am not sure how the trial will go for tomorrow that is for a case where my dtr was a victim. Ah but it has been being continued monthly at least for the last 20 months already.
    I need to get to grocery store and post office and I have training tonite cuz I joined Medical Reserve Corps- a local part of FEMA. husband is supposed to head to the Navy base for an appointment this morning, but TV makes it sound like the roads there are even worse than here. His driving stinks, so I might try to talk him out of going. No big deal for him to miss, he goes several times a week, many weeks.
    My lil bros family in KY did have property damage from the tornados, but thankfully no injuries.

    EVeryone have a good Thursday- and hi to all who might follow.
  8. SaraT

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    Good Morning All,

    For those with snow, drive carefully.

    HMJ a must here also.:coffee:

    Been dealing with sick kids. Three of the 4 have had flu, and 2 had strep. Needless to say its been a long 2 weeks. Finally got difficult child back to school today. She was out the whole 2 weeks, poor thing.

    It seems I might become an advocate. I contacted a lady who advocates for kids on the Autism spectrum and evidently her group is starting an advocate service. It is desparetly needed here, there are very few. Most advocates here have to charge for their services, so the group is trying to get one started that will be free, funded by state or something.

    Boy will that put the sds here in trouble. I don't take any ****.:rofl:

    Have a good day all.

  9. witzend

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    Underneath the smiley faces, there is a link that says "More". Click on that and a seperate screen will come up and you can choose from a huge number of emoticons.