Good Thursday Morning

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    Good Morning Friends,

    We have a chilly start to our day in Wisconsin-we're sitting at 5 degrees-I didn't even bother to check the wind chill 'cause I don't want to know:frostbite: The good news is it is supposed to be sunny and warm into the 20s.

    After work today I am going to dinner with my boyfriend. I haven't seen her in way too long. In fact, she'll just be getting her Christmas present! Can't wait to see her. We talk every week but it's not the same as actually getting together.

    One more day till the start of the Olympics-I am hoping to get to watch quite a bit of them this year!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:kisses:
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    :frozen: Good Thursday Morning!

    Sharon, feel like I'm living in your world the last couple months with the snow and cold weather we've been experiencing! Exciting about getting together with your "boyfriend" - that's what first went through my mind when I saw boyfriend - I did a doulbe take!!!!! You girls have fun tonight - it's kinda like respite......

    As I mentioned above, we are cold, windy and snow packed - but I'm not complaining :skate:!! Everyone is bemoning the snow and wishing this winter would just end. But heck, it's so unusual for us to have this much snow that I'm just enjoying life and taking it in stride! Sure there are inconveniences and such, but it could be worse...... Our forecaster just said that over 60% of the US is covered with snow......

    Schools delayed two hours here this morning. Think this will be the last weather-effected day.........until Monday when the next snow storm is predicted :blizzard:!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'll be going to the office today and then hope to get done in time to meet with the principal of the high school difficult child wants to attend. With all the closings and delays, this has been pushed about a week and a half behind!

    I'm excited about the Olympics tomorrow! I'm having a little gathering here for the opening ceremony - a tradition here. For the first time, difficult child has asked if he could have a friend over for it - Why certainly!!!!

    Have a safe Thursday!

  3. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Sharon (WO)- Have a great time this evening with your boyfriend; I read it as boyfriend too. LOL!

    Sharon (LDM)- I hope you meet up with principal today. Is there any word on how these storms will affect spring break and summer recess?

    I'm heading over to Duckie's school for the 100th day. The kindergartners rule the school!!! I'm volunteering to work with the mom of Duckie's kindergarten teacher, this will be my third year. It's so much fun to watch the kids gone wild, lol!

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    yesterday morning, when we were still scheduled to have school, the local news did a report on make-up days for the local school systems. We actually were already scheduled for a holiday last Monday and we went in late Thur where all the other school systems were out. We were the only one who had enough days built in that we didn't have to make up any.

    But, low and behold, last night they announced that President's Day will be taken away because of yesterdays day off! difficult child had a great attitude when he heard it on the news last night. He said, "Well, at least I got a middle of the week suprise, it was great!"

    But that's it - any more time off and we'll be in school till 4th of July!!

  5. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, enjoy your dinner today with your friend.

    Sharon/LDM, I hope you make it to the meeting with the principal of the new school. it's something you need to do before the next storm hits and throws everything off.

    TM, the Kindergarten kids sound like fun.

    Just checking in quickly before I head for bed.

    I updated over on Watercooler on today's mammogram and biopsy. I'll know the results tomorrow.

    mother in law had her heart rhythm shocked back to normal today, she may come home as soon as tomorrow. I have to see my GP tomorrow afternoon to get the results of today's pathology. There's a lot of stuff happening right now.

    Weather-wise it's still very hot and humid, although cool wet weather is forecast for the weekend. I'm not sure if I'll get to the beach tomorrow - I can take the dressings off in the morning. I'm about to head for the bathroom for a partial shower and sponge bath. I've been distracted by a marathon screening of "Family Guy". Curiously, part of one episode dealt with Lois having a lump in her breast. Cute. I didn't even know I had a lump this morning. And by lunchtime, it had been biopsied. Crikey, our doctors can work fast here!

    Oh, and the news today has been sensationalising "surfer in fight for life with shark" and really building up the story - the idiot somehow managed the impossible and got bitten by a wobbegong (colloquially known as "hippy shark". I didn't even know they had teeth, other than something resembling an emery board. He must have accidentally stuck his leg in the poor creature's mouth. Wobbegongs don't attack, it would be like getting attacked by a sleeping catfish... I had to check the calendar, it's not 1 April yet, surely?

    That's an old story which later proved to be a hoax, the wounds were from a robbery for which he was later charged.

    I reckon this latest story is going to turn out to be some other explanation. A very fishy story indeed. But the TV news tonight was talking it up big, going on about how the beach should be closed.


    A couple of weeks ago, ten tagged wobbegongs were released literally around the corner from where the "attack" happened.

    The more I hear about this incident, I reckon the bloke must have accidentally stood on the creature. But "the shark attacked me" gets more media deals, makes more money for the guy. Because in the next breath they go on to talk about ALL shark attacks and fatalities, somehow equating a wobbegong with a Great White. It's like comparing a sleepy chihuahua with a Rottweiler/Mastiff on ice.

    I'm a cynic.

    Enjoy your Thursday. May it be less adventurous than mine!

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