Good Thursday Morning

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    Good Morning Friends,

    The weekend is almost here-gotta love these short weeks! Today we are going on a field trip to a science museum in Milwaukee-lots of hands on stuff for the kiddos-should be fun.

    I'm guessing no visit to the health club today-field trips take a lot out of me even when they are fun.

    So far so good with difficult child and school. Tuesday he had a good morning but very difficult afternoon. Yesterday he had a great day-first time in a loooooooooong time! They said they could actually see the "old" difficult child they remember (still difficult child but different).

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day!:peaceful:
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    :playingball: Good Little Friday Morning!

    Sharon, great to hear difficult child is doing alright getting back in school. Have a great field trip today!

    As usual, it appears summer has arrived in central virginia the first week of June - although we've been having summer-like weather for a while now. Chances of thunderstorms, high humidity, high heat --- summer in the city!

    Nothing out of the ordinary for me today - office.

    Hope your day is as smooth as the cup of Trader Joe's coffee I'm sipping :tongue:


    P.S. to Fran - saw on your morning post yesterday about the PP presentation - since you have a mac, use Keynote - it is fabulously easy to use and can run rings around PP - I would be using Numbers to do that work at the office if I had a Mac there! But, the office is all Microsoft so excel is my only choice.
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  3. SearchingForRainbows

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    Sharon (WO), I can understand about being fried after a field trip - I remember helping out when my kids were young - As soon as I got home, I always reached for the bottle of ibuprofen, lol... and looked forward to bed time... So glad to hear difficult child had a great Wednesday at school:D!!!

    Sharon (LDM), Enjoy that cup of Trader Joe's!!! I'm only on my first cup this morning and I already feel like I need an entire pot in order to get moving... It's going to be much cooler here today - low 70's with lots of fog, chance of rain all day, thunderstorms this evening. If it's going to rain, I'll take the cooler temps. How about you send me a cup of Trader Joe's and I'll send you some cooler weather?

    Today I have lots of errands to do. I know I'm crazy, but if it isn't raining when I'm finished with my coffee, I might try to go on a quick jog. I really need it!!! Life with difficult child 2 has been tough. difficult child 1 looks like he's headed towards a downward spiral, and I'm waiting for some medical test results for easy child. At least my "favorite sanity saver" is getting her stitches out tomorrow and is beginning to feel better!

    Hope everyone has a great day!!! SFR
  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Sharon/WO, it always seems to be one step forward, two steps back with our difficult children.

    Sharon/LDM, enjoy your coffee and your summer weather.

    SFR, I hope your busy day is productive - that generally makes it more worthwhile.

    It's been another really wet day today - when we left home this morning right on sunrise (only who could see the sun?) the sky looked very ominous, like we were in the eye of a cyclone. Apparently a tornado hit a town up the coast, it's taken off quite a few roofs and the storm cells responsible are now headed our way. As if the weather wasn't bad enough here!

    We had a long drive, our main road out of town to the mainland was cut. So we had to really hurry; because of the delays we swapped over at the railway station and husband took difficult child 3 in to school by train while I drove myself to the hospital for my treatment. Today was my weekly appointment with the oncologist, so this way I didn't have to worry about difficult child 3 being late. So after my appointment, I headed off to the city. I could take my time and avoid the tollways. I also stopped and bought some fruit & vegetables; tonight I made husband some apple & cinnamon muffins, his favourite.

    I had the chance to rest after I got to the school. Again it was a day of waiting around, which gives me a chance to rest. Then I had a game of table tennis again (word is getting around the school - this crippled woman can whup behinds on the table tennis - actually, I'm not that good, it's just surprising to find someone in my shape able to play at all). Then we had to hit the road and head homewards.

    We did go down from the city side to check out the floodwaters, it gives us an idea of what our chances might be tomorrow of getting through there. We saw one idiot drive through - we really thought we'd be having to call the emergency services. A couple of 4WD vehicles went through but they had snorkels on their air intake, plus were heavy enough to cope with the current. Much deeper and even they would risk being washed off the causeway.

    We got home at about 5 pm, got some stuff together then drove to mother in law's place to help get dinner on - roast chicken. I made up the muffins and put them in when we took the roast dinner out. So we had fresh, hot muffins for dessert. Lovely, on a cold and rainy night. Every so often it would rain again and within seconds, the gutters would be overflowing and the house surrounded by a waterfall off the roof.

    Tomorrow is another day like today, but minus the doctor appointment after the treatment. I also have to see my GP in the afternoon, plus we're meeting up with easy child 2/difficult child 2. Hopefully the rain won't be so heavy so we won't have to drive on flooded roads. It's been tiring for husband, he's doing most of the driving. I get to catnap in the car or sit in an armchair in the school library. After tomorrow, difficult child 3 is back home for schoolwork, except for two days next week. Tomorrow night - we'll throw something together from leftovers. We have a lot to choose from! I'm finding that if I get a catnap during the day (in the car - very comfy) then I have the energy to create something different for dinner.

    Enjoy your Thursday.