Good Thursday Morning

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  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    We are starting with a cloudy morning and are under a flash flood watch til tonight. The radar looks like the storms should start soon. difficult child has an overnight tonight in a tent. I hope, for his sake it doesn't rain the entire day and night.

    After we drop the kids off this morning I think it will be nap time-rainy days are perfect for that. We also have some cleaning.

    It's going to be a busy afternoon. We are going to a friend's 50th birthday party this afternoon. Then a friend of ours (husband's first from Michigan) will visit for a while and his two boys (about our kids age will be along). They are touring the major league baseball parks and we are a stop along the way. Can't way to see them-just sorry difficult child won't get to see them. He loves his godfather!

    I also have to get to the store as it's easy child/difficult child's birthday tomorrow and she has requested a fruit trifle for her birthday cake.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
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  2. Fran

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    Good morning Sharon. I love a rainy day. It does feel cozy to just stay indoors and putter around.
    We are headed for high heat the next few days so it will be mostly inside for middle of the day with a lot of early morning and late evening outside activities and errands.
    I have been working on putting up better fencing for the veggie garden. It's been drippy sweat type work. I'm half way done.
    Today CB goes to the vet for his annual check up and shots. He won't be happy.
    Hope those of you who are in the heat stay cool and those of you who are in cooler weather stay warm.

    difficult child is still waiting for a call back from his interview. Doesn't seem very hopeful.
    Have a productive day.
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :hot: Good Morning from the Steamy Southeast!

    Sharon, sounds like you best get that nap in early this morning! Just talked to difficult child last night about a birthday list. Here's what he told me, "I want Pippy (easy child) to pick me out some cool Tony Hawk shirts, I need a new pair of vans (skater sneakers), and I want to go out to Kabutos (local Japanese steak house) with you and sis." I think that is a pretty good list this year! No electronics, no gaming stuff......How's easy child/difficult child been doing this summer? What's she involved in to keep her busy?

    Office today - a little later than usual because difficult child is going in to "work" with bonehead. I think they'll end up visiting the major jobsite (difficult child loves walking next to his dad, the boss, with a hard hat!) and hopefully bonehead will take him home since I've got a few hours of work to do and I don't think bonehead plans on doing that much.....

    After the office I'll be trying to keep cool in this over-100-degree heat wave :water_happy:


  4. LittleDudesMom

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    Good Morning Fran - we were posting at the same time! This heat is crazy isn't it? I don't deal with deer here, but I have the smaller critters that love the veggies - rabbits, squirrels and raccoons! I went with the hanging tomatoes. Critters don't bother the peppers or the herbs at all. My mother in law actually uses the "netting" folks put over the fish ponds around her garden. It's almost like that screening you have on the door the pups use. It's really pliable so you can shape it, or bury it, etc..

    Give Cowboy a pre-checkup hug from his Aunt Sharon!

  5. Marguerite

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    G'day people.

    It's late here and for someone who has been trying to rest, I've had a busy day. But the washing desperately needed doing, especially given the repeated sweats I've had from this fever. My cleaning help person hung out the washing for me including the sheets, then she helped me with cooking a couple of meals, doing the stuff I have trouble with. I always try to work alongside the home help, so that way we get a lot more done.
    I had about an hour's rest (while pots simmered) then I headed down to mother in law's (I had asked mother in law to make a bechamel sauce) and together we turned her bechamel, my bolognese and some fast-made fresh pasta sheets, into a lasagne.

    We got back home about an hour ago. The other pot has been slowly simmering now for about 8 hours, so it's time for me to finish it off then put it in the fridge overnight. When it's done it will be osso bucco. All good meals for a cold winter.

    I don't cook like this every day, only about one or two days a week. A good casserole tastes even better the day after it was cooked.

    Enjoy your Thursday.